Caroline Manzo Is Proud Of Her Sons, Albie And Chris


Caroline Manzo is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal how proud she is of her son’s for opening their own restaurant. Caroline says life is funny because the restaurant business is in their blood and she enjoyed seeing Albert’s reaction and pride the night of the opening.

Caroline writes, “The Little Town Grand Opening was awesome. I am so proud of my boys. They’ve got the restaurant business in their blood, and I loved that they value Al’s opinion the way they do. Life is funny — they always said they never wanted to be in the food business and here they are, right smack in the middle of a food and beverage world. They work very hard, and as a parent, watching them make a name for themselves doing what they love to do is a wonderful, wonderful feeling.

The whole Teresa and Melissa issue has been so full of ups, downs, twists, and turns that I think Great Adventure should name a roller coaster after it. I wouldn’t go on it because I’m still dizzy from the real life scenario.”

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4 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Is Proud Of Her Sons, Albie And Chris”

  1. when your son came out and said, he doesn’t care about the customers,because they were getting free drinks and food. does he mean it for only that one night, if im going out to eat, i want to expect it all the time, not just to prove something to my father. people are not going to spend money just to see the manzo’s, they want more for hard earned money,like good food.tell him to watch what they say on tv

    1. I think those 2 *ahem* men, Albie and Chris, are banking on their name. I mean – don’t ya know they are the greatest thing next to sliced bread???? *insert sarcastic side eye here*. I read on another blog site that the restaurant wasn’t doing too well.

      1. i live close to hoboken, wouldn’t go to that resturant at all,we have so many good places,that have been in business for yrs. besides food doesn’t look tempting lol. now if teresa invited us over, lol that would be fun.can play with the kids as she cooked lol

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