Caroline Manzo Promises RHONJ Season 5 Will Be “A Really Good Show, But A Roller Coaster Ride!”

Caroline Manzo

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Caroline Manzo is promoting her newly released book, ‘Let Me Tell You Something.’ She chatted with Fox & Friends recently and she revealed she didn’t think she was going to get the job on RHONJ! “These are real [points to her boobs] and I love my husband,” she told Bravo producers, and the rest is history!

“I never envisioned in a million years it would turn into what it is; lots of heartache, lots of insanity but lots of really great things. So I have no regrets,” Caroline shared.  Caroline reveals her motivation for writing ‘Let Me Tell You Something’ came from viewers. Caroline describes her book as a compilation of stories that define her life along with advice to readers based on questions she is asked by them about family, friendship, marriage, and more. “I’m no Dr. Phil,” Caroline insists, “but it’s nice to know, especially in reality television, that I’ve broken the mold.”

Caroline says that she has been inspired by her RHONJ cast mates. “For all our dysfunctions, theres a lot of lessons in there,” she said. “I think it takes a lot of courage for us to do what we do. So I am the one that’s defying everybody who says ‘That’s trash TV.’ No it’s not, theres lessons to be learned there.”

Caroline shares that Season 5 of RHONJ will be different from past Seasons. “There’s a lot of self-reflection on a lot of our parts,” she reveals. “There’s a lot of drama, obviously, lot of good times.” She compares this season to a “roller coaster ride,” Caroline promises, “It’s a good thing. I believe it’s a good show, a really, really good show this year.”

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  1. Yikes I cannot stand this messy woman. Read the comments on her new book at amazon. They pretty much say what the viewers feel about Caroline and her book of fiction.

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