Caroline Manzo Opens Up About Struggle With Weight and Eating Healthy

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo is getting candid about her weight and the struggles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Manzo opened up about the topic on Instagram.

“What you put in your body counts. Exactly One year ago today I was down 30+ pounds by exercising and eating healthy foods that were compatible to my body make up. That meant no pork, no beef, no sugar, no dairy, no bread or rice. It sounds awful but I never felt better or had more energy,” she wrote. “Fast forward to January where I unceremoniously fell off the wagon, and just like that the pounds are back. Well, here we go again. I refuse to let poor eating habits take my energy and confidence away. Back on the wagon we go, three pounds down. Wish me luck.”

Caroline also spoke about her journey in fall of 2016 after a health scare. “I have to lose the weight that I put on because I’m only 5’1″ and I was 154 pounds. That’s 40 pounds overweight. That, number one, because it affects everything, your blood pressure, your sugar, things like that. I just felt awful. I just felt terrible,” she told The Daily Dish last year. “So now that I’m back on my feet, I have to lose the weight that I gained.”

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  1. I know all too well that losing weight is a struggle. I was losing weight and feeling so good about myself and then the holidays happened and I gained about 25 pounds back. It took about 6-7 months before I started eating healthy and losing weight and now the holidays are almost here again. (sigh)

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