Caroline Manzo Does NOT Miss RHONJ, Manzo’d With Children Wraps Filming


As we previously reported, Caroline Manzo will not be returning for season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and in a new interview with Fashion & Style she reveals she does not miss filming with the other women. The Bravo star also revealed some exclusive details about her upcoming spin-off show, Manzo’d With Children.

Caroline attended the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on February 20th to watch the “Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents LEGENDS” circus show along with her family. On the red carpet, when we asked did she miss filming with the cast, she said, “No.” Adding, “You know, I knew it was something that I had in mind for a while. I knew that I have given the show all I could. You know, when you have no more to give its time to go. I made this decision and I’m at peace with it, and I’m cool. I’m happy. I don’t miss it.”

When asked for scoop about her family’s show, Caroline said, “I wish you had scoop to tell me! It’s all filmed, it’s ready to go.” She continued, “We had an absolutely blast filming it. It’s fun. It’s lighthearted. You really get the picture of who we are as a family, so we’ll see what happens.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • joleeface

    I would never watch this show.

  • only1me

    we won’t miss your red faced rants at teresa either, won’t watch any of your new show, so hope ratings are poor.

    • Anonymous

      That was rude….Watch out for carma

      • only1me

        its rude, when caroline screams in persons face on top of her lungs,and turns red as a beet.now she did it more than once.she is pushing her new show and sons business. do you really think,i;ll drive 90 min, to have dinnerer there. for the past few yrs, we saw a big change in her, from a nice woman,to a nasty person. her family changed too.changes were not cute or funny, so you watch her, but i will not support her, by the way,i live in jersey

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  • And the viewer’s do not miss this hag—uggg, please go away work on you’re marriage with you’re cheating corrupt hubby and let them damn children grow up. Stop being a busy body and fix your own problems, no-one would ever want to listen to advice from this loser……

  • Another show with this awful woman is enough to stop watching bravo !
    This woman needs to go away, shut up, get a make-over, and let her grown children go.
    THE VIEWERS WILL NOT MISS THIS MORON….and her ridiculously cottled children……

    • Mama J

      Lovely picture. She looks glamorous. I will miss seeing her on RHONJ. I felt she was sensible and not over the top with her actions. I wish her good luck.

  • Ann

    Bye bye interfering bitch.

  • Gosh, I hope this show bombs — viewer’s got way too much of this horrible woman and her children who refuse to grow up and get real jobs—-she is the most obnoxious woman especially when she opens her piehole…………

  • ceebee

    Good to know, Caroline. We won’t miss you, either.