Are Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita Returning to RHONJ Season 9?

Part one of this season of the RHONJ reunion has aired and there are already intense rumors about a cast shakeup. A new report reveals that producers are considering approaching Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita to return to season nine.

When US Weekly asked Caroline if she had been approached by producers for a return, she said on January 17, “It’s not a no and it’s certainly not a yes. It’s a who knows.”

With Siggy Flicker’s departure this would certainly make sense to help ratings, which suffered this year, in my opinion.

Caroline admitted that she hasn’t been watching the show since she left after season five. She said “because once I left, I left,” but added she does keep in touch with some of the ladies.

“I speak to Jacqueline,” Caroline continued. “I’m friends with Dolores [Catania]. We’ve been friends for 30 plus years so her and I are ride or die. We don’t speak every day but if she called me right now and said she needed me I’d go running and vice versa. Her family is very very close with the Manzo family but beyond that, no, I see Kathy [Wakile] every once in a while and it’s always good to see her and I think she’s a wonderful person. Melissa [Gorga] I don’t have any issues with but she hasn’t lived by me. She lives about a half hour away from me. And Teresa [Giudice] is Teresa, that’s no secret there.”

This would be an epic cast… I hope it happens!


9 Replies to “Are Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita Returning to RHONJ Season 9?”

  1. Oh dear God, no. The cast combination would be too toxic, and that was the point of having cast changes in the first place.

  2. Jacqueline coming back is the only way I’d watch another season and I don’t think Jacqueline is stable enough emotionally to do a full season without Caroline so I’m here for it. I like Caroline in small doses. I’d love Jacqueline back full-time with Caroline as friend/family of Jacqueline. I can’t watch Teresa & Melissa contrive conflict between a bunch of followers who are so desperate to be on TV that they will cosign any and all of Teresa’s psychological disorders.

  3. I didn’t watch this season. I only like Siggy and Dolores. After season 1, I was turned off of Teresa and it’s still that way. I may be in the minority but I like Caroline and Jacqueline but until she’s in a good place again, I can’t take her again. I always liked Melissa but after Teresa got jailed, sorrry sent to sleep away camp, I’ve turned off of her. She’s too eager to show Teresa she’s in the family camp now and has lost her essence. I’m over the two of them. In the end this may be the end of this show. No skin off my nose…..

  4. Hell No! No Manzos. No Jacqueline. If they want to go down that road they may as well hire KimD. If it’s toxic you want, you’ll get it with these witches. I don’t think Teresa would stand for it and she’s undoubtedly the one calling the shots on RHONJ.

  5. Watching Caroline be the most co-dependent person is depressing to watch. Her kids can’t get out from under her teets! They would probably have careers if it weren’t for her co-dendency.

  6. My guess is they will indeed return. As Danielle’s return clearly indicates, they apparently are attempting to recapture the glory days of the show. Personally I thoroughly enjoyed this past season and actually hope they can persuade Ciggy to come back. Bitch is nuts, but she makes good TV.

  7. I will not be happy if Caroline or Jacqueline returns, especially Caroline who, in my opinion is a confusionist in the name of peace.
    As for Jacqueline, her self inflicted pity party was beyond my tolerance.
    NO, NO,NO & PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! SERIOUSLY STOP THIS MADNESS. I guess is really is over for this series. If they come back I will enjoy the last gift RHONJ gave me #SoggyFlicker…I can not watch the (eye roll) Manzos and (yawn) Lauritas – I really hope this is a rumor. #RIPRHONJ

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