Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita & Kathy Wakile Returning To RHONJ Full-Time?


After Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15-months in prison, producers of The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been scrambling, trying to figure out how to save season 7, and a new report claims they are considering making drastic casting changes.

“After all of the options were considered, Bravo did approach Teresa about filming prior to her heading off to prison with the intent of working her into the new season,” a source reveals. “However, she was insisting she wanted an astronomical paycheck. Much to her surprise, they turned her down.”

And while delaying filming until Teresa’s release is still a possibility, the network is exploring all of their options.

“Production is currently holding focus groups about moving forward without Teresa,” an insider confirmed. “They are trying to determine what the public perception was of the new cast and if any casting changes need to be made in regards to the new additions last season.”

You might remember, we exclusively reported this in November. So what about new Housewives; Amber Marchese, TerEsa Aprea and Nicole Naplitano?

“If Bravo finds out that the public perception of the current cast is positive, they will likely begin filming in February; however, they are also exploring the option of putting on the show on a hiatus until the fall,” the source continued. “This would allow them to play around with the cast if need be and film around the normal timeframe the show films in, which is typically the fall.”

As we previously reported, the network is considering bringing back Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita, and this insider reveals Kathy Wakile is also being considered as a full-time Housewife.

“Bravo is interested in bringing Kathy Wakile back to the franchise in a big way,” another insider revealed. “When she appeared with Jacqueline last season, ratings went up.”

“In addition, fans will be pleased to know production is exploring the idea of bringing Kathy’s sister, Rosie Pierri, on as a full time cast member,” the source claimed. “Fans love Rosie and it would give a new twist to the show.”

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46 Replies to “Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita & Kathy Wakile Returning To RHONJ Full-Time?”

  1. Personally I like the original cast- including Rosie- better than Amber and the twins. Especially with the men that come with the newer housewives- Blech!

    1. Please not Jaqo, Caro and Kato. I watch to see beautiful people with beautiful homes and the beautiful places they go. Every single event they attend turns into something ugly starting out when Joe Gorgeyourself turned into a raging bull at his own son’s christening. It is supposed to be fun and beautiful, not to see haw well a sickening sister-in-law can try and take someone down. They need to re-cast the entire show except Theresa. When she gets out she will “BE PAID IN FULL.” Her debt to society will be paid and I am giving her a chance to have the job she had before so she can show that she wants to pay the money judgement. People want to see her fall or be kicked to her knees in front of her children. Shame on you.

  2. Let the show go forward, it does not have to be always about Teresa, I am glad she will not be on, there is still a lot going on with all the other housewives. Rosie will be a great addition to the show, and with Caroline, Dina & Jacqueline friends again, what more do you need.

  3. Bring back Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy full time! If the twins or Amber are still part of the cast, let them be on PART TIME! Teresa Giudice is NOT needed for a successful season!

  4. wacko looks like she’s put on pounds too. besides both chris and wacko had millions of dollars fraud case against them too

  5. I would love it. I love them all but get rid of the new girls- bring Rosie full time and make that phony Melissa and her sex crazed toad of a husband minimal part time. I am sure the Gorga’s will face more criminal charges before the Lauritas. IMO

  6. By the way I watched the first episode of the first season on Bravo yesterday and heard Dina go on about how important family is, how much Teresa loved Caroline etc…
    I laughed until tears rolled down my face.

    1. I watched that episode too! I was kind of saddened by how close they used to be and how unaffected and innocent they used to be… What a long and twisted road it’s been.

  7. Rosie is a top choice for the comeback. Cathy should still be friend of a housewife. Rosie always made her storyline. Cathy should just complement her sister since she’s always been dull. Caroline said she was done with the franchise. Although Jacqueline would come back running, I’m over her crazy antics.

  8. LOL ! YES Tre is this show…….it is exactly how Tre said over n over about Kathy, Mel, n Jaq……(you/we) DONT know them… many reports of funny style things going on behind the scene with the three of them n husbands….but all the funk got put on Tre’s back……IF ANY ONE NEEDS/SHOULD COME BACK FULL TIME IS ROSIE….(even though there were a few times I thought she should go) Rosie does light up the show……n yes I think that is a good idea to wait till fall to bring the show back…I would rather wait then to see the show ruined because Tre is not in it………Caroline had her chance at her own show with her dorky family…

  9. Ugh NO Kathy please. She’s so boring. And those twins need to go away. I’m indifferent to the rest of them.

  10. No twins. No Amber. Melissa is boring . Rosie and Teresa will make the show. Dina for Teresa to bounce off of. If the TWINS and AMBER come back I’m done with RHONJ. The Twins are classless Jacqueline is boring and Carolina predictable. Can’t we find new women to go along with Teresa and Rosie

  11. The only way I would watch without Teresa is if they brought Danielle back. I would love to see Caro/Jac/Dina vs Danielle. Also I’d love to see her expose Melissa. I honestly just don’t find any of the NJ housewives besides Danielle and Teresa interesting enough to carry the show.

  12. No Teresa, no NJ Housewives in my house! Teresa and Dina were the original housewives! Caroline was put on as filler and I never tuned in for her nor the messy Jacko Wacko. Rosie grew on me but not interesting. Kathy, to me is the worst of the bunch she came on like a lion wanting to take Teresa down as well as Melissa and Joe. Teresa was the star of the show, the reason I tuned in ans stayed faithful to the show. I will bypass all the others and wait until Teresa gets out of prison. I will pray for her and her family! Bravo needs to stick by Teresa! After all Corporate America forgave and stuck by Martha Stewart!!! Bravo, Teresa is one of the reasons you became so successful!

    1. J is one of Teresa’s minions…… or the crazies as we have been told. Teresa is a sad excuse for a woman, wife, mother, sister and friend. The entire world is against her. They have even gone as far as to lie on bankruptcy forms that of course she knew NOTHING about. Right…. keep talking the ten of you can write to Teresa in the pokey and become her little fan club. She broke the law you moron she lied, stole money, did not pay her bills, put businesses out of business, made our taxes go up when she decided not to pay hers. Prices in the stores go up because she decided to run up 20,000+ in credit cards and not pay them. I’ll stop here… you get the picture..

      1. Well, we see how everyone jumps on the hate gang. So, it’s Ok that Jaqo and her husband cheated just as many people because they have a sick child and haven’t been caught? People want to see Theresa kicked to her knees in front of her kids. What would you like her to do? Lay down and die. Not on your life. If she has the 9-5 job people seem to think she should it would be exactly never that the money judgement is paid. Jo is the criminal and she has stood by him in a big way and it is for her children. I actually don’t think she knew no matter what anyone says until it was too late. Once all of it came to light what exactly would you have done? I KNOW YOU WOULDN’T HAVE DONE IT AT ALL. But what if someone you love made a huge mistake? Never forgive? She never tried to hide money spending, she did go crazy with it and I don’t think if she knew they were supposed to be hiding millions she would have spent so publicly. I really don’t. When she has paid her debt to society, when she steps out of that prison she will be “PAID IN FULL.” And I am going to wait and see what she does. Why does everyone care so much? Just don’t watch. Just don’t buy. While your at it do the several years of investigating before you buy anything from most American stores. You think her crime was bad, look into where the stuff bought at so many discount stores are manufactured if you really want to be horrified.

    2. This whole sceniro of Teresa being the show, made be tse TRE huggers– here is a convicted felon couple who got caught lying and cheating the Government, financial institutions and businesses years before Bravo came on board–then blames Bravo and their own attorney for their consequences….would one still support their beloved “7th Heaven” star after he admits to molesting and/or underage sexual encounters with minor girls.

      1. J where the hell do you get your information that Teresa and DIna were the original housewives? Thats another stupid ridiculous excuse. Teresa was NOBODY until she flipped a table. There were 5 ladies on the show… Teresa, DIna, Caroline, Jaq and Danielle. To tell you the truth the subject that made everyone tune in was Danielle, even for season 2. Danielle’s strange and very uncomfortable lifestyle and her stalking and weird relationship with her kids was the entire story of her season. The focus was on her. There were 5 women and the stories were about 5 women. Your really not thinking correctly if you think TRHNJ was just about DIna and teresa. Go onto and re- watch season 1. You will be able to see everything about ALL of them. To tell you the truth… Dina’s relationship with her daughter was really creepy…. can you say obsessed with my child?

  13. I agree with some of you….. get rid of those twins and Amber they are just dumb as dirt. I thought the housewives franchise was supposed to be about wealth and glamourous lifestyles etc. Those twins and Amber are three of the most classless women ever. I agree the original cast is WAAAAAYYYY more interesting than those three morons.
    You have to admit that Caroline, Jaq, Kathy and Danielle would have some crazy moments we would enjoy. By the way about Jaqualine…… She is a very sad individual…. I look at her and see a woman who has such HUGE body image issues. She hides so her picture can’t be taken, she doesn’t want to go to a gym because people might look at her ass ( Jaq no one is interested in your ass… really for sure). She needs some serious therapy. The only way she can be self assured with her family is to be able to look in the mirror and like what she see’s. Every time she says “I hate my body” I hate having my picture taken” she puts herself deeper into this body issue.
    Bravo bring back the original cast. we can see some of what is going on in Teresa’s life if you get filming now.

  14. YES! Make Rosie a full-time housewife. It would be an interesting twist to the show and the ratings would be fantastic. Everyone loves Rosie! Other full time housewives should be Jacqueline, Kathy, Caroline, and Amber. Amber is apperently close with Jacqueline, and Caroline apperently can’t stand Amber so it would be interesting! Another great addition would be Lauren Manzo. She doesn’t hold back and speaks her mind.

  15. Will not watch if they bring back that bitter hag Caroline and her drunk narcissist side kick Jac. the twins are low class phonies and hard to watch… I think Amber and her husband are interesting so I’d like to see their story develop. If they bring back the manzo clan, I wont be watching.

  16. melissa and kathy? I rather watch paint dry than those two! as for rosie… I dont get it. she is stupid and drunk.. whats the attraction ? that she’s a lesbian ? idk , looks like this show is over without Teresa,. Hope she gets her own show when she gets out

  17. I’m with u, n. I hate melissa she really does not like her sister in law. U can see the smirk on her face at times. When she looked at Theresa.

  18. I’m with u. N I hate melissa . she hates Theresa u can see little smirk s on her face when Theresa was talking about things.I do believe her n Joe went on the show yo get. Theresa.

    1. I would hate my sister in law if she did what Teresa did to Melissa. I don’t think Melissa hates her at all. I think she does not like what she has done to soooooo many people but Hate nope I don’t believe it.

  19. My advice to Bravo is to not sink too much money into season 7. Treat the show like it’s the first season, that way, if ratings are horrible, they won’t be out a lot of money. Then, if the show does well, they will make extra money.

    Out of all the housewives, Jaq and Melissa need the income desperately to support their families. Kathy wants the income, she doesn’t necessarily need the income. Building a mansion in Franklin Lakes isn’t a necessity since they have a cozy home in Wayne already. So, let the Wakile’s go. All Kathy and Rich are good for is to bash Teresa and that is such an old, worn out storyline. Rich gives me the creeps and is so annoying at how he makes jokes at others people expense. He’s a coward who let what little fame he received go to his big, greasy head. Bravo let Teresa and Melissa interact with the twins and Amber. Why not see how Jaq, Caro and Danielle (maybe) interact with them?

    Melissa should be demoted because she has already proved that she is a trouble maker so why would any of the other women trust her with a secret? If she did have a storyline, like the Amber/Nicole storyline, where she stabbed someone in the back the only thing you can say to the lady she turned on is, “Why the H would you trust her with a secret? Look what she did to Teresa and Amber!” So, IMO, Melissa isn’t worth a quarter million. Plus, she is a lousy business woman who failed at singing, writing, jewelry designing, even selling vodka! Melissa is a waste of money for Bravo and her idiotic husband is psycho. Yet, I hope Bravo keeps them for one more season so they can at least have one more shot at selling a product. They have three kids plus the elder Gorga’s to support. Same with Jaq, I hope she gets one more paycheck and will endorse a successful product.

    This show was suppose to be about rich, privileged women living the good life. Yet, it seems to be about shallow women who pretend to be rich but in real life are struggling to make ends meet. That’s not fun to watch. It’s uncomfortable because of the poor innocent children that are probably confused. Somewhere, a sociologist or a psychologist are studying them to write a book later in life about the effects of being child of a reality tv star!

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