Caroline Manzo Explains Her Decision To Let Lauren’s Fiancè Vito Move In


Caroline Manzo is taking to her blog to dish about this week’s episode of Manzo’d With Children. During Sunday’s episode Caroline’s children wanted to give their mom a special Mother’s Day gift by recreating photos of themselves when they were children. Another big twist? Lauren’s fiancè Vito moved into the Manzo’s house. Caroline explains her decision to let Vito move in and dishes on catching up with Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, who both appeared in the episode.

“I absolutely loved the scrapbook the kids gave me, it was so much fun to see the photos recreated and I really enjoyed watching this week’s episode as they went through the process. I highly recommend this as a gift, I laughed until I cried. So much fun and the sentiment behind it is awesome.

I would imagine that many of you are saying that I’m trying to keep Lauren chained to the house by living there with Vito. That’s not the case at all. Lauren and Vito went apartment hunting and realized that renting an apartment is as much as paying a mortgage. The plan is to buy a home as soon as possible and renting at those rates would make it difficult to save money. So why not stay at the house where there is plenty of room for a few months allowing them to save money and get into a house faster. Makes sense, right? Lauren and Vito are currently in full house hunting mode and hopefully they will find something that suits their needs soon. Wish them luck!

We saw a little bit of my boys out with friends in Hoboken, I love seeing them have fun. They’re great guys and I love each and every one of them. You’ll be seeing more of them this season and I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do!

It was nice to catch up with Kathy and Rosie, they make me laugh. Rosie is always up to something and Kathy just goes with the flow. Lauren really does consider Kathy’s house to be her dream home, let’s see if she can convince Vito to consider it for the new Scalia home!”

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  • Sally

    Poor poor Vito! He knew what he was getting himself into so not getting a lot of sympathy from me! Lol

  • Apple

    I liked a lot of things in this episode…the way her kids tried to figure out what she would want for Mother’s Day…watching Caroline and Albie work on the stuff for Lauren’s shower in the garage…that Albie is still seeing the skanky girl…because he likes her….even though his sister and his mother don’t like her…the light switch in Albie’s bedroom without a switch plate…Rosie and Kathy asking about the preparations for the wedding and actually listening to the answers…because they care and are just nice people. Vito…I love everything about that guy. In fact, I like all these people. They feel real to me….and they always make me laugh.
    I think I would rather watch Caroline clean her refrigerator and argue with Lauren than watch Brandi flirt with the movers, or Teresa slobber all over Juicy Joe in the vineyard, or Tamra convince us her psychic was not a “set-up”.

    • Aunt Bee

      Totally agree with you Apple. They seem the most real of all the families in this franchise.

      • Sally

        Aunt Bee I think you are amazing! I disagree but politely and I still think you are great!!!!!

        • Aunt Bee

          You got to understand. I grew up on a dead end street that had 24 houses on it and 20 of them housed Italian families and we loved every one of them. Great neighbors and so generous with produce from their big gardens. The Manzo’s remind me of most of them. Walking home from church on a Sunday you could smell sauce (gravy) all up and down the street. That’s why I love Italian food instead of Polish.

          • Sally

            I do understand and Italian food is my favourite and Italy is my favourite country!

          • Apple

            I’ve had a similar experience, Aunt Bee…I grew up in a suburb about 20 minutes outside NYC with lots of first and second generation Americans as neighbors…. Irish, Polish, German, Italian…they were tough and resilient people and family was everything to them. We played stickball in the street after school sometimes and I remember once a kid caught a flyball…and his grandmother called him over to their stoop and asked in Italian why everyone was cheering…. and when he started to explain …in Italian….she slapped him and said “ina da english, Bobby”. Lol…I loved those people. Maybe the Manzos just remind me of them.

            • Aunt Bee

              Yes and our homes were close together usually separated by a driveway with a Mother on a porch. if one of us fell or accidentally got hit with a ball a mother or two would come running with comfort. I lived on that street for 50 years and when one of the older neighbors died a son or a grandchild took over the home. Our neighborhood was similar to yours with basically Irish, Italian and us Pollocks. It was great.

              • Apple

                It was great, wasn’t it? Never a dull moment. My mom had the only car during the day and she often picked up medicine or groceries for the other Moms and then I would deliver it to the homes after school….my goodness….the smell of the food being prepared for dinner…fabulous. I envy you the time you had there. We moved away when I was 12.

      • Apple

        I don’t really know them, of course…but I just don’t understand all the hatred and hostility. You would think they were mass murderers the way some react to everything they say and do. It seems so discordant in response to what I see on the show. There are certainly worse examples of parenting on Bravo than the Manzo, for example. I can understand if some viewers find them boring…but just don’t watch the show then.

  • geminigirl


    • Sally


  • Freda

    Far too much inbreeding for my taste….

  • Starlight

    Why do they even have a show

  • Ann

    I am hoping that they are looking for a house in Upstate NY, where Vito’s parents live. I believe that the parents
    live in Middletown. They have the Little Italy Deli in Monroe New York for years. Now they have added a
    Scalia restaurant right next door.
    Vito would be much better off in this area. They would get a lot more for the money and the tax dollar.
    But most of all they would be closer to his family. Which are normal, nice loving people.
    And the farther that they get away from the cut throat lying I love money Manzo’s the better for all.
    I would not want my grandchildren anywhere near them. Believe me I know them and have frequented theiDeli since it first opened in Federal Plaza, now located next to Shop Rite. Also, a lot shorter commute for Vito.

  • Tracy

    Her decision “to let” them move into her house? Oh, please. Caroline is all about Caroline. She has to remain someone’s “mommy” or who is she in this world. Crippling her kids keeps them close to her and Al’s pocketbook. God forbid that spoiled Lauren and her poor schlepp of a husband struggle for a few years until they can afford a modest home…remember, Lauren’s ‘Caface’ store doesn’t make a dime, and Vito makes mozzarella at his family’s deli –hardly breaking any income records, either one of them. Plus, without Lauren and Vito living there, and lying about where Chris and Albie live, they wouldn’t have Bravo paychecks.

  • I would not want Caroline to be my mother in law, let alone my sons. She’ll probably tell Lauren when to have a baby and when to stop having babies. Don’t watch the show, her children are adults and they are old enough to make their own decisions. Their show is boring. I’m Italian, but never an overbearing mother, although the best Italian food is in my house.

    • Sally

      Beth I agree with everything! I wish I could come to dinner!!!!