Caroline Manzo Dishes On RHONJ Season 5 & Danielle Staub’s Return!

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Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Caroline Manzo on March 21st at a Gilt City NYC party at the Gansevoort Park, where she was promoting her book, ‘Let Me Tell You Something.’ Caroline is dishing details on her book, and also on Season 5 of RHONJ. She explains the new Season will not disappoint viewers, and it believe it or not, it definitely tops Season 4!

Wetpaint Entertainment: How long did it take you to write the book?

Caroline Manzo: It took about six months. My co-writer is from California so we Skype around 11, 12 o’clock my time because I’m a night owl and I’d be up until three in the morning writing to him. It was fun.

Do you think you’ll ever write another book?

Who knew I’d do one! I’m never one to say never. If the book is a success and the viewers want more, of course I would. It was a fun experience and I’m having fun now and it was just another layer to the amazing aspect of my life right now.

You just got back from Arizona with some of your cast members. Anything you can tease for us?

New Jersey always delivers. I always say, ‘we’ll never top last season,’ but we did it again. That’s all I’m saying!

Would you say that this season is shaping up to be more lighthearted than seasons past, or is there still plenty of drama?

You’re gonna have those big moments, but you’re gonna have a lot of everything. This season from one minute to the next changes so drastically. It’s like a pendulum that just swings crazy, but there’s a lot of great stuff. I think it’s a really great season this year. And it’s very, very — for the viewers at least — unpredictable. I’ve sat and filmed some scenes that I thought was going to go one way, and then went another way. And then went back to something completely out of whack like ‘Where did that come out of?’ It’s a very interesting season.

Can you give us an update on Jacqueline and Nicholas: How are they doing?

Nicholas, my baby. Jacqueline’s got a road ahead of her but he’s surrounded by so much love and he’s doing amazing.

The women are still filming Season 5 and Wetpaint also asked Caroline about Danielle Staub’s reported return to the show. “I haven’t seen her, but that doesn’t mean anything,” Manzo revealed. “There are four other ladies, we’re still filming, but I haven’t seen her. I can’t answer that honestly because I don’t know the answer.”

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8 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Dishes On RHONJ Season 5 & Danielle Staub’s Return!”

  1. She is a poor advertisement of her daughter’s glamour skills. I cannot stand her and her joke of a book is full of crap. What advice could a woman who has raised bratty, impolite, inmature, mean, loser kids who suck of mommy for money and opportunity. She has alienated half of her blood family and siblings and directs Jaco with every move – instead of getting her therapy and the help she really needs. This woman bashed Tre & Joe for infidelity but keeps her adultress husband. She is a poor role model for mothers and women everywhere. I suspect Gov Christie would agree with every word I’ve stated and why doesn’t anyone ever press her about her lies and crap in real life – so shady and fake.

  2. I wasn’t looking forward of another season of RHONJ screaming, yelling, and vulgarity, but if Danielle Staub is going to be lurking around then I’ll be watching!

    1. I will take Danielle Staub ANY DAY, over this bullsh*t Gorga vs Guidice vs Manzo/Laurita storyline. I’m so sick of ‘the family’ bullsh*t (I’m sounding like Caroline Manzo here, but okay). They shouldn’t have gotten rid of Danielle so soon…in my opinion.

    1. She loves her brother’s son….how evil of Caroline to love her nephew and affectionately call him ‘my baby’????!!! That Caroline is sooooo evil….

  3. Personally I like Caroline. I like her honesty. I think often Caroline’s honesty and impatience with stupidity is misread as being controlling and bitchy. I think once most women pass the age of 40, most lose patience when disagreements become petty and nonproductive. Our life experience becomes irrepressible and we have to display our dismay or we explode….and you can usually see it coming on our face.

  4. I like Caroline Manzo….always have. She can mean (when pushed), but most of the time she has no patience for people’s BS! I’m 38 years old and can relate. I hate how the people who make good damn sense, who don’t sugar coat things, who just come out and say what it is they mean, are the ones that people don’t like! I don’t get that, at all. I will always appreciate honesty over a fake smile, and a ‘go along with everyone else’ attitude. Caroline clearly hasn’t ‘gone along with everyone else’ in the last two seasons. I think she is TOO clingy with her family but she’s 50 and from a large family. Most older women from large families are very clingy (that’s been my experience with 50 and older ladies with lots of kids and siblings).

  5. I like Caroline and I like her children. They are respectful and fun. Leave her alone. She is the voice of reason on that show. She may appear controlling to some but I truly believe she is only trying to help where she sees a need.

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