Caroline Manzo Defends Dina By Shunning Amber Marchese?


As we previously reported, Bravo producers are trying to convince Caroline Manzo to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey and it according to a new report, Manzo was “cold as ice” when she ran into Amber Marchese at a recent Bravo event.

“Caroline met Amber Marchese at the premiere for Girlfriends Guide To Divorce in New York City a few weeks ago,” a source who was present at the event tells RadarOnline, adding that Manzo was “as cold as ice” to Marchese.

Why the tension? The insider claims it could have to do with Caroline’s sister Dina’s issues with the Marcheses.

“Dina had issues with Amber this past season both on and off the show, so it’s possible now that Dina reconciled with Caroline that Caroline has something against Amber,” the source said.

“Furthermore,” the source continued, “Dina has been known to try to make alliances on the show. Dina is a complete opportunist, and it seems likely she reconciled with her family only to have an alliance and some protection against people she doesn’t get along with, like Amber.”

Radar approached Marchese for a comment, and Amber said: “The one time I met Caroline, she didn’t strike me as an unintelligent woman or someone who would come to conclusions without hearing both sides of the story. I cannot comment as to the intentions in someone else’s heart; however, it is nice to see this have happened. It says a lot about Dina’s family to welcome her back with open arms.”

“I truly hope and pray Dina find peace and love in her heart,” Amber added.

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13 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Defends Dina By Shunning Amber Marchese?”

  1. I don’t think that any one is trying to convince Caroline to re-join rhnj. She already said that she wants lauren to be a housewife of nj. She also said that she would come back to the housewives show if lauren is cast as a housewife. i think it is still in the air what bravo intends to do with nj. I’m sure that Andy has had numerous calls about casting nj, and hoping that bravo airs a new nj with season 1 cast.

    1. No, no, no not Carolyn. I think she is just low. The way she turned on Tre, saying that she had done things for years that she was morally opposed to and ganging up on her at that reunion. It was despicable the way they all jumped on her. She sat there and defended herself and I think Theresa is doing what she should. Once people pay for the crime, they should be paid up. Why is it every other social program is worth fighting for, putting killers and molesters back on the street, but oh no, not Theresa. Hypocrites.

  2. Hey, Amber’s husband Jim was pretty damn bike to Dina and Amber always backed Jim up, so of course Caroline is going to be cool towards Amber. Family loyalty. Now I’m not so sure Dina would have had Caroline’s back, but that’s another story.

  3. If Caroline comes back it’s bye for me! I really dislike hypocrites like her, especially when they put out that they are sincere. She is not!!

    1. Thank you, sumack. Why is it that we all back social programs for felons and now that it is someone who had money and fame it’s over. Carolyn said she loved Theresa until someone else got in her ear. They gang raped her at that reunion trying to out things they say she had done for their entire friendship. That is hypocrisy at it’s fullest to go along when it’s good for you and turn on her like a snake. What does everyone expect Tre to do? Lay down and die? When people “pay for their crime”, they should be paid up. We love you Theresa, you go girl.

  4. We all hate Jim, that’s no secret to Amber but she still tried to be friends with everyone. I didn’t know Amber and Dina were arguing. I like Dina and Caroline and Amber away from Jim. Caroline coming bk to the show…. I’m not sure, she’s kinda boring. Maybe Amber won’t be invited bk to the show. I have no idea what they’ll do to get this show bk up and going.

  5. I like him and I like Amber, for Caroline to be rude is bullshit in my opinion…HER sister has done nothing but talk Shit about her and her family, lied out her ass, and she’s gonna believe Dina now?

  6. I’d keep my distance from Amber and Jim too. Amber appears to stand by her weenie Jim so in my book that counts her out. They are repulsive, despicable people.

    1. I have to say as much as I’d be PO’d at my sister p, if I had a sister like Dina, if I were trying to build a bridge within my family, I’d stay away from Jim and Amber too. I know Dina and Jim had their issues, but he is venomous and utterly relentless. And Amber follows along. So I think it’s best to stay far far away.

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