Caroline Manzo Defends Dina By Shunning Amber Marchese?


As we previously reported, Bravo producers are trying to convince Caroline Manzo to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey and it according to a new report, Manzo was “cold as ice” when she ran into Amber Marchese at a recent Bravo event.

“Caroline met Amber Marchese at the premiere for Girlfriends Guide To Divorce in New York City a few weeks ago,” a source who was present at the event tells RadarOnline, adding that Manzo was “as cold as ice” to Marchese.

Why the tension? The insider claims it could have to do with Caroline’s sister Dina’s issues with the Marcheses.

“Dina had issues with Amber this past season both on and off the show, so it’s possible now that Dina reconciled with Caroline that Caroline has something against Amber,” the source said.

“Furthermore,” the source continued, “Dina has been known to try to make alliances on the show. Dina is a complete opportunist, and it seems likely she reconciled with her family only to have an alliance and some protection against people she doesn’t get along with, like Amber.”

Radar approached Marchese for a comment, and Amber said: “The one time I met Caroline, she didn’t strike me as an unintelligent woman or someone who would come to conclusions without hearing both sides of the story. I cannot comment as to the intentions in someone else’s heart; however, it is nice to see this have happened. It says a lot about Dina’s family to welcome her back with open arms.”

“I truly hope and pray Dina find peace and love in her heart,” Amber added.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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