Caroline Manzo Believes Nothing Has Been Resolved Between Teresa And Melissa


In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey the cast is celebrating Melissa Gorga’s birthday over dinner and drinks when Melissa decides to make a toast to the group. She thanks everyone for being there and Caroline thinks by Melissa acknowledging everyone but Teresa in the toast, nothing between the sister-in-laws has gotten resolved.

“I’m happy to be spending my birthday with all of you,” Melissa toasts. “And my newer friends that are becoming my older friends. I feel like I know you guys a lot better now. And Kathy I need you to know that I appreciate you and your friendship. You know I love you, Rich, you’re great with my kids, you always hug them, love them and play with them.”

“Joe and Joe really bonded I think,” Melissa continues. “And Rosie I think we all fell more in love with you than we already were. So, thank you guys for coming, cheers, let’s eat cake.”

“I don’t know if that was a deliberate snub,” Caroline Manzo says in her interview. “But that moment just clarified to me that I was right all along. Nothing got resolved. It was just ‘Let’s do this so we can say we did it. We went to therapy we went to Arizona.'”

“It’s not going to work,” Caroline insists. “It’s not going to work because nobody is telling the truth.”

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5 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Believes Nothing Has Been Resolved Between Teresa And Melissa”

  1. I agree with Caroline. I think M isn’t making a move until T does. T even said in the show at the end that she DIDNT pick up the horses foot. So, is she lieing on the show??

  2. Teresa thinks Caroline was criticizing her but I think she was aiming at Melissa for not thanking Teresa during her toast. Tre always sees the negative with people who don’t fall on their knees in adoration.

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