Caroline Manzo Believes Lauren And Vito Will Be Engaged Soon


Caroline Manzo is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal that she believes her daughter, Lauren, will be getting engaged very soon to her boyfriend of four years, Vito! Caroline says Vito is a wonderful guy for Lauren and that she and Albert are very happy to have him join the Manzo family.

Caroline writes, “Lauren and Vito are a great couple, and they’re still going strong after four years of dating. I often tell Lauren that she can be a little harsh on her delivery at times. I know the pot is calling the kettle black right now, but I’m a Virgo, that’s in my make up! All kidding aside, they adore each other and I have a suspicion that an engagement ring may be in her very near future, don’t say I told you! If you do, I’ll deny it, you didn’t hear it from me! Vito is a wonderful guy and Al and I are very happy to have him as part of our family. As a parent you wish for your children to find someone that loves them completely and unconditionally, and I think Lauren has found that with Vito.”

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  1. Caroline please do something with your hair. The long straight look just isn’t for you. I loved it when it was short and curley.. Your hair last night looks like you do nothing to it.

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