Caroline Manzo Addresses Melissa Gorga Talking Behind Her Back!


Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Caroline Manzo is reacting to what’s happened in Season 5 so far, in a new interview with TV Guide. Caroline shares that so far, we have only seen a recap of the family drama from the past two seasons, and that she is ready for more positive episodes to air!  “At this point, it’s still a recap of what last year was. So, for me I look at it and I get nauseous and I just want it to go away. So, I’m excited to see it move forward,” Caroline shares.

“Teresa and I have a very strange relationship where we’re able to battle, but also sit on a couch together with an understanding of each other,” Caroline says of her recent sit down with Teresa. “I wasn’t at all worried about meeting her and I don’t think she was at all worried about going to meet me.”

Caroline also shares that she has been disappointed in some of the things she’s heard Melissa Gorga say behind her back this season, especially in Melissa’s interviews. “I was definitely very surprised and hurt by it because it was never addressed to me,” Caroline says of Melissa saying she should butt-out of the family drama. “I wish it was because I would’ve explained myself. She said time after time, ‘Don’t put me in the middle of it,’ so I just respected her feelings. But it’s not something I’m going to dwell on. She certainly has a right to feel the way she feels.”

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2 Replies to “Caroline Manzo Addresses Melissa Gorga Talking Behind Her Back!”

  1. Sorry, Caroline. You’ve made a few comments to Melissa that conveyed your belief that she’s equally responsible for not getting along with Teresa. I’d be miffed at you, too, for going to my husband. Intentionally or not, that was getting between a husband and a wife’s business, and that’s not cool. Either you’re not aware or don’t care that Teresa tries to undermine that marriage every chance she gets, but all Melissa ever does is try to defend herself.

  2. Like said from TIME an TIME again Melissa is nothing but a LIER an she always will be in a lot of us cuz we see right throw her and the way she is to everyone, She’s so FAKE an its aways about her an only her that’s the way she is.. I can’t believe how jealous Melissa is of TERESA it’s so SAD that she had to come between an loving brother an sister that were so closes at one time I really feel so bad , Maybe Joe will see the light an make up with Teresa an it Go’s both ways Teresa as well, Not have Melissa there with them for once. It would be nice for their mom an dad too see their son an daughter together again ….

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