Caroline And Dina Manzo End Their Three Year Feud, Dina Says Things Are “Totally Fine” And Reveals They’ve Spent Time Together


Real Housewives of New Jersey sisters Caroline and Dina Manzo have been feuding for as long  as we can remember, but Dina is telling In Touch that everything with Caroline is “totally fine,” adding that anger has been replaced by civility, not friendship. After three years of not speaking, Dina reveals, “When we see each other, we kiss each other hello. We just don’t hang out for Sunday dinner, that’s all.”

Now that their relationship is being mended, Dina also reveals she recently spent time with Caroline and her newly engaged niece, Lauren Manzo. “I will be at Lauren’s wedding. If Caroline needed me and called me tomorrow, I would be there. I love my sister. I will always love her.”

As we previously reported, an insider told us, EXCLUSIVELY, that sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita played a part in the feud.

“Jacqueline is always throwing jabs at Dina, remember the table flip?” our source recalls. “Jacqueline threw Dina under the bus about revealing the book about Danielle Staub. Jacqueline was smirking at Dina the whole time as Caroline was telling her the fighting was ‘killing their parents.’”

“After throwing Dina under the bus, Caroline stayed on the show with Jacqueline, and Dina felt like Caroline took Jacqueline’s side. Caroline justifies ‘supporting’ Jacqueline because she loves her brother, Chris, when everyone knows she stays on the show to get publicity for her children’s businesses.”

Are you surprised Dina and Caroline have ended their feud?

Photo Credit: Bravo