Caroline And Albert Manzo’s Marriage On The Rocks?


Caroline Manzo has been married to Albert for 29 years, but with Al’s indiscretions being exposed, is their marriage on the rocks? Sources tell Perez Hilton that Caroline and Al’s marriage is seriously on the rocks and that Caroline is forcing Albert to spend time with her. “Caroline was distraught and terrified that the rumors would become a story-line that would destroy her supposedly rock-solid marriage,” a source reveals. “Because of the leak Bravo allegedly offered Caroline the spinoff to prevent her from leaving the network.”

It seems Caroline and Al’s relationship has been rocky for some time, because of his hectic work schedule at the Brownstone. “Tensions started to rise between Caroline and Al over his work schedule. She thought it was important for Al to take time off from work to spend more time with the family,” the insider tells Perez. “It really frustrated Caroline that Al refused to listen to her. He would continuously put work before their relationship and his family.”

Photo Credit: Bravo