Caroline And Albert Manzo’s Marriage On The Rocks?


Caroline Manzo has been married to Albert for 29 years, but with Al’s indiscretions being exposed, is their marriage on the rocks? Sources tell Perez Hilton that Caroline and Al’s marriage is seriously on the rocks and that Caroline is forcing Albert to spend time with her. “Caroline was distraught and terrified that the rumors would become a story-line that would destroy her supposedly rock-solid marriage,” a source reveals. “Because of the leak Bravo allegedly offered Caroline the spinoff to prevent her from leaving the network.”

It seems Caroline and Al’s relationship has been rocky for some time, because of his hectic work schedule at the Brownstone. “Tensions started to rise between Caroline and Al over his work schedule. She thought it was important for Al to take time off from work to spend more time with the family,” the insider tells Perez. “It really frustrated Caroline that Al refused to listen to her. He would continuously put work before their relationship and his family.”

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  • Anonymous

    Oh Please! Woman like Caroline don’t leave because their man cheats. They expect it an learn to live with it in order to maintain their lifestyle.

  • Anonymous

    When you are married to a successful man and you have no real accomplishments of your own outside of the home you learn to be happy to be the “Queen Bee”
    The other woman may screw him. But as long as he comes home to his family who has the big house, the nice cars and the big bank account. You WIN, Game Over!

  • Aunt Bee

    It sounds to me like the Brownstone was Al’s mistress not another woman.

  • Binky

    It’s been reported on other sites, that Kim blurted out Al’s infidelities during the fight in the finale. I wondered why Caro freaked out so much; she literally went crazy! Must’ve hit a nerve!!!

  • Jodi

    Hopefully, they will work things out. Al seemed visibly annoyed with her this season. I am not a fan of hers, but I did feel really bad he was speaking to her so poorly.

    These show destroy so many families. Divorce is rampant with the housewives. I hope the new show bodes well for them and their relationship.

  • Melodie

    ENough is enough……. this is just ridiculous. Caroline haters leave it alone. This couple is no where near divorcing. They are doing a new reality show. We all know that Al working so much has been a source of contention between he and Caroline and I believe that it is only now that the kids are all gone and caroline has nothing to do. Im in the same place. My 4 kids are all grown up and out of the house and Im the same age as Caroline. Im looking for a bit more companionship from my husband but I also know he has a job to do. I now do volunteer work and other things in order to keep myself busy and we make sure we make time for each other it is part of the growing process. Of course she wants some attention from her husband. The fact that she is honest about her husband and him looking at other women just shows she is a realist. Does that mean he did it. of course not.
    Let’s let this one dry up and go away. There has got to be something better to discuss than this story. BORING!!!

    • Bobby

      No .. why should Caroline get a pass but she was TOTALLY FINE talking shit about Teresa’s marriage? Predicting theyd get divorced. Shes GROSS. I cant stand holier than thou Caroline and her degrading finger and demeanor. Cannot wait to see her gone! Good, bye bye now!

    • Justso

      Sounds more like this has hit a nerve with you, Melodie.

      • Melodie

        Nope no nerve……. I NEVER Heard one word about Al having any infidelities at anytime throughout the series. I agree with Aunt Bee I think the Brownstone is his mistress……I just think its all show talk. Caroline is kind of a boring character yes but no need to lie about cheating just to make a story line.

  • Melodie

    ANd Bobby can you tell me where Caroline discussed Teresa’s marriage? She has NEVER made comments about T’s marriage good or bad or cheating or anything. Juicy Joe creates all the stories about cheating himself. Jaq, melissa yes Ive heard them talk about it all the time but Caroline is a mature woman who talks common sense (and dont go telling me I am a Caroline lover yada yada yada.) As far as caroline getting a pass….. I have no idea what that comment means. If you mean her comment about Joe going away and teresa having to show her daughters that she is strong and will take care of her family herself. the was hypothetical it had nothing to do with T’s marriage. Listen you want to talk about being blind Juic called his wife the C word and she asks for Jewelry for an apology. Thats just stupid. That word would be engrained in my brain forever.
    Binky…. I saw the finale over and over and over and there is no discussion of caroline’s marriage. It was only about Teresa and Melissa and their conflicting stories. Caroline is the only smart one leaving RHONJ she wants away from all the drama…… She has her own show now with her family. DO I think it will last ….. probably no. They just don’t have enough of anything exciting to make show I don;t know who am I to comment on Bravo.

  • Iris

    Caroline and big Al are fine, Kim needs a good old fashion a$$ whopping, period. When a married man has an affair, or many, it certainly isn’t anyone’s business but their own, not some drug addict transvestite looking broad. Seriously, if I were Caroline, I would have beaten that woman to a pulp. Caroline and big Al are no different than a hard working husband in America who works to his bare knuckles to provide. Whatever haters, keep on keeping, meanwhile, life continues for the Manzos and new spinoff lmao