Carole Reveals How She Made Up With Dorinda Medley

You never know what will happen between the cast of The Real Housewives between seasons, that’s why we are always are surprised how their relationships can change so quickly when the cameras pick back up.

In case you don’t remember, there is tension between Carole and Dorinda after the reunion since Dorinda called Carole a “mean girl” for saying that there are ghosts in her Berkshires estate because of her late husband’s, Richard Medley, possessions still there.

But since the reunion, Carole and Dorinda seem to be in a much better place. “My friendship with Dorinda kind of got off-track last season. This season, we come back together. It was nice. I always enjoyed spending time with Dorinda. From the moment I met her, I thought, ‘Oh, she’s a woman that I could have a good time with and talk to and have fun with.’ And she’s very clever and very intense and very interesting,” Carole recently told The Daily Dish. “So it was nice to reconnect with Dorinda. And we do that right in the beginning of the season. And then our friendship grows over the course of the season, so that was nice.”

“To be honest, a big part of this sort of rift you saw with Dorinda was because of Jules [Wainstein] — not because of Jules, it was her fault — but I think Dorinda was, understandably, very protective of Jules, and because I wasn’t vibing with her at all, it really came in the way of Dorinda and I being able to sit down,” Carole explained. “And maybe at some point, we should’ve sat down and said, ‘Listen, I think your friend is great. She’s just a little too much going on there, and I want to pull back a little, but I love you, and let’s hang out separately. But we never have that conversation, so this year, we had that conversation.”

And it seems like the election really brought the two together. “It’s not the most politically minded group of women, but Dorinda, it turns out, is very political, a little quieter than I am about it, but she came in hard and strong on the election,” Carole said. “So that was a nice piece of it. Every time we got together, we would talk about the election, to the dismay of the other women in the group, but that was another nice connection that we had.”

“If there was any baggage on her part, she dropped it. If there was any baggage on my part, I let it go,” Carole said. “We’re grown-ups now, and we’ve moved on very easily, because ultimately underneath it, we really do like each other. Underneath all of that, there’s a mutual basis of respect and friendship.”

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