Carole Radziwill’s Boyfriend Adam Talks LuAnn de Lesseps


Last season on the Real Housewives of New York City, Carole Radziwill surprised LuAnn de Lesseps when she told him she was dating her Chef, Adam Kenworthy. Not only was Adam LuAnn’s former Chef, but he also previously dated LuAnn’s niece and the drama began from there. Since Adam and Carole’s relationship is still going strong, Adam is dishing about how his relationship with his former boss stands.

“You know, I don’t really talk to Luann or see her around. I don’t really have any hard feelings toward her. I don’t think she has any hard feelings towards me,” Adam told the Daily Dish. “I think it’s just naturally what happens when you break up with someone, and naturally over time they get phased out and you’re not necessarily super close with their relatives anymore. But, you know, I still respect her and wish her the best.”

So it’s safe to say Adam won’t be getting any calls to cater any wedding events for LuAnn? “No, maybe,” he said with a laugh. “The irony would be great in that, but I don’t find it to be likely.”

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  1. He does seem odd to me also. Not my type if I were desperate enough to go for a guy young enough to be my son. Carole seems to be stuck in some sort of time-warp with her childish way of wording things, those bunny ears and shirts with sayings on them like she’s a 20 something. It’s pathetic actually. IMO

    1. I agree with comment regarding Carole… We all grow and evolve into adults….. her behavior reminds me of a 20 year old. I don’t think it’s attractive.

      1. Agreed. And to be frank, Luann was right about one thing in particular: Carole should not be scoffing at being compared to Sonja’s 23 year olds when Adam is closer in age to Sonja’s boy toys than he is to Carole! I’m not judging Carole but maybe Carole should stop judging Sonja because when it comes to choosing a mate she’s not much different… they both have no shame.

    2. Those juvenile shirts really got to me too. It is like Carole shops in those stores that are geared for teens. She is young at heart and silly maybe, and that is all fine. She just looks odd when trying too hard to look like she is still in high school.
      I know it cannot be easy to hide aging when you are with someone who is young enough to be your own son. That has to make her self conscious (not like I can get into her head because I would never date someone that much younger.) Skin is not the same, even with tons of Botox, fillers, etc., gravity still takes a toll, even if less so on the ultra thin, and aging cannot be stopped, even with hormones. Carole, I think, thought this was a temporary fling at first, just enjoying the company of a young man who is handsome and fun to be around. She really was all over him at Luann’s when she met him. She has had a great physical experience, most likely, and she is beaming. She plans for the future but lives for today, and I think she actually now wants a future with Adam, but she is still happy with today. After knowing about her life through her first book, I want her to be happy, and maybe she is recapturing her lost youth in some way. I just know in the end she may be hurt. At least she is enjoying today. That matters.

      1. I have to agree Real Sandy. Nothing makes you more self conscious about aging than dating a guy in his 20’s. I often wonder if that was part of the downfall of Demi and Ashton. Even if the younger guy doesn’t have a problem with you, it might make you crazier when you see wrinkles, body changes and hollowed skin. I’m sure she will have fun with it while it lasts.

        1. Yes, I agree about that, yet also I think Demi was a bit nutsy. Her daughters seemed to be more mature than she was. Demi starved herself thin when with Ashton too. I think Ashton stayed far longer than I thought he would too. Demi was clingy and in her mind, I still think she thought she was young. Maybe when her ex married so much younger, she thought it was her turn too. I don’t know.
          I am happy for Ashton and Mila. They were cute back when they costarred together on TV. I read they were expecting baby number two last summer but never heard if she had a child…I would think that child would be here. Well, i went off there…but they are a cute couple.

          1. They are a cute couple and probably what Demi feared the whole time. It’s inevitable that the younger guy is going to want someone closer to his age to raise a family and have more things in common (until he is about 50 in Hollywood and he ironically trades her in for a 20 year old..) vicious cycle but why put yourself in that situation to begin with when getting very serious with such a younger guy.

      2. That’s funny that Carole is accused of dressing from teen shops because outside of her sneaker days, her sense of style is very similar to any modern day French fashion editor (Caroline de Maigret & Marie: button down blouses, form fitting jeans, leather, with great boots, French designer stilettos ,with tees & sweatshirts dispersed here and there. She’s got great jackets as well. I’ve seen comments that she dresses out of Forever 21, when actually, to the trained eye it’s clear her pieces are carefully chosen between high end designers, classic Americana brands (like the various styles of $600 Frye Boots we see her in) , and of course, vintage…and she lives in downtown New York so she wears tees and sneakers. Who DOESN’T in a metropolis like Paris, London or New York?

        I wear print tees. My husband wears print tees. My daily uniform generally consists of Converse sneakers and a pair of fitted jeans. I’m generally told that I’m rather sober, and my guy’s daily demeanor is as serious as a heart attack. Guess what? We’re middle aged creatives. We don’t do suits or formal clothing unless it’s appropriate for a particular work or social setting. Choosing to wear “streetwear” or vintage simply means you like streetwear or vintage, and is reflective of the life you lead. People dress according to their lifestyle and locale, and not every lifestyle requires strict formality in wardrobe choices. Try having a look at how different people dress in different cities around the globe, different neighborhoods, different runways designers, magazine editors, ect. The rules of fashion are not universal and are meant to be applied to what makes sense for your own INDIVIDUAL life. By the logic of what’s considered “juvenile” fashion in this forum public figures like artists-musician Kim Gordon, pro skater Tony Hawk, and Manahttan radio executive Ebro Darden should be dragged to the town square and stoned for not wearing conservative clothing. That makes no sense in the paradigm of the people who lead lives different than your own.

        1. Gotcha. I was talking about the cartoon print tops. I love her laid back style of casual attire otherwise, and I do feel it looked too much like she was dressing too young with those tops. It is okay that you do not agree with me about that topic.
          I know Europe is different, and I do not profess to be a fashionista or anything myself. You are far more knowledgable and fashion is your career. I admire you, too.
          I happen to like Carole. I really like her most of the time. I don’t like those particular tops on her, but she does have a figure to wear a bikini and whatever else, and she can pull it all off.

        2. Artists are artists, pure and simple. They can dress outlandishly or different. It is fine. I don’t judge a person by their clothing. It is a matter of personal preference. Why do seem so offended. It was never an attack on you. I just think at a certain age, it looks a bit off to wear a print like Hello Kitty for example, but people do it all the time. I still like Carole.

    3. She doesn’t have children, though. I think that might make a difference with the age thing. He is a little bohemian but to each his own. I find Carole boring is all. I zip her whenever it’s her with Adam or in her house. Only if she is with the other ladies do I watch her. At least she quit cracking up laughing most of the time after she speaks in talking head. She must have thought, before, that everything she said was hilarious, like Wretchen. Someone else to, oh yeah, Rinna. No one is that funny, and it shows a certain lack of confidence, IMO, when a person has to laugh after they speak, but it’s annoying mostly.

  2. I wonder if Carole called Luann or her niece to tell her she was dating Manbun…you know, like Luann was told she should have called Ramona about her now fiancé, Tom?

    1. Adam told her. I was ironically just watching last season on my computer. I am doing a spectacular, complicated piece of art, so I have to have something to look away from the page at. I choose housewives! He told her before they went on the dig or whatever they went to do in Guatemala. Luann’s entire schtik was stupid. Her niece and Adam didn’t have a hostile break, or a long time serious relationship. They remained friends, which is very difficult if it had been the other way.
      Luann wanted to be on camera, that is one of the times I actually saw a story be made up entirely of crap and turned into something it wasn’t for camera time.
      Her refusal to admit her wrong doing, admit the truth that she was the only one who said mean hurtful things, publicly and privately, was beyond. I have never liked her. She is a pompous hypocrite, still. No one gives a s*** how many guys she bangs or how old they are, but to absolutely deny things Bethenny and others have seen with their own eyes is getting old.
      It’s not as if these are little snippets of rumors, this is good old facts that she denies. It is really HARD to believe that the guy who was sleeping beside you in the am, or being seen creeping out of her room at the wee hours on vacation, was just there “talking.” Puleeze. She is just daring someone like Bethenny to take a photo. Please don’t, Bethenny. We already know.

      1. Adam told the Daily Dish. “I think it’s just naturally what happens when you break up with someone, and naturally over time they get phased out and you’re not necessarily super close with their relatives anymore. But, you know, I still respect her and wish her the best.”

        Sounds like they were in a relationship to me. There is another side to this story. Carole knew the niece. She was in her wedding….and because there is a picture of Adam and Nicole Nadeau together taken the same month that Carole began to slobber all over him in Luann’s kitchen…I can’t just write it off as Luann jockeying for more camera time.

        Look, I don’t think Luann should have gotten involved and the pedophile thing was ridiculous …it was between the niece and Adam….and frankly I think the niece is better off without him…but we cannot just pick one side of the story and declare it “fact.”

  3. Luanne needs to STFU. It is NONE OF HER BUSINESS. She is not her nieces keeper and NOT ONCE has her niece made a comment or commented that she was distressed by Adam and Carole being together. I could care less that Carole is with Adam and more power to her. My grandmother married a man (her 7th husband) who was 25 years her junior and they were together for a very long time until his death. Age is a number that is it. It means nothing. Love and happiness trump age. Luanne is just jealous of Carole if she wasn’t she would just shut her mouth and stay out of the situation. This is not about protecting her niece it’s just about putting the focus on Carole as if she has done something wrong. Her niece is a big girl and if she has issues she can take it up with Adam on her own. Luann stop sticking your nose in other people’s business.

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