Carole Radziwill’s Boyfriend Adam Kenworthy Survives Plane Crash


Real Housewives of New York City star Carole Radziwill’s boyfriend Adam Kenworthy is lucky after he survived a small plane crash.

Adam was traveling with his 65-year-old dad, who was flying the plane, when they made a crash landing Thursday in Iowa. Law enforcement tells TMZ that Adam’s father reported engine problems shortly before the plane went down on a hillside.

Carole tells TMZ Adam was released from the hospital a few hours after the crash, and his mom says he suffered a few abrasions but will be fine.

Adam posted a video to his Instagram on Thursday from what we can guess was from the plane before the crash happened.

NYC ✈️ Iowa

A video posted by Adam Kenworthy (@adamkenworthy) on


“Adam was very lucky. He walked away from the crash,” Carole told The Daily Dish in a statement. “He was admitted to the hospital and was released last night. He is doing well.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/TMZ


15 Replies to “Carole Radziwill’s Boyfriend Adam Kenworthy Survives Plane Crash”

  1. Yikes. That would have brought all the memories of John and Caroline back for her. I hope she’s ok. Carole has always been one of my favourite housewives.

    1. That was my next question, Real Sandy, thanks for that & Thank God both survived. A prayer of thanksgiving.

  2. Carole’s best friend and cousin were killed in a place crash (John Kennedy Jr. and his wife Caroline) She was VERY emotional when SOnja pulled out a bunch of crap in Turks and Caicos….. I feel so bad for her. SHe must have been a mess. No more flying for Adam. I think his dad needs to ground his plane enough is enough

    1. Carolyn, John and Carolyn’s sister too were all killed when he took that flight from NJ one night. I also read Carole’s book. It was terrible since she lost her husband as well and not far apart from her best friend Carolyn and husband’s cousin, John. Sad.
      I hope Adam’s dad gets through this. I read somewhere that he was awake and talking but that he had the more serious injuries.

  3. I hate her. Adam is so friggin’ cute. Actually, though, I love Radzi and if there’s any reality to Lu Ann not approving of it, all the better. I’m glad he’s okay.

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