Carole Radziwill, “Who’s Jill Zarin?” Her Reaction To Jill’s Comments!

Real Housewife of New York City, Carole Radziwill, appeared on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night. A viewer asked Carole what her thoughts were on Jill Zarin saying the new Housewives of New York should be fired. Carole replied with a perplexed look, “Who’s Jill Zarin?” Andy couldn’t help but laugh and try to explain who Jill was, Carole caught on, laughed and answered, “I don’t have any thoughts about Jill Zarin’s comments.” Andy said “I think ‘Who’s Jill Zarin’ was enough,” and Carole quickly agreed and said, “That’s my thought.” Insinuating she didn’t even realize who Jill was and was clearly not affected by her comments.

Tell Us- What do you think of Carole’s reaction?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Sue

    LOVE IT!

  • gina

    Carole is too stoned to know where she is let alone who jill zarin is. Before this show no one ever heard of Carole. She acts as if she is a Kennedy for pete’s sake. What kind of person uses her dead husband and his family as a stepping stone to fame and prestige. Btw, I can’t stand the way she writes…. what a smug snob. blech

    • Debred

      Carole actually has gone out of her way to not capitolize on her connections. She could be called by a title that is much more impressive than LuAnns’ outgrown Countess one. She’s very smart, down to earth and interesting. Love her honesty.

  • Anastasia

    LOVE carole! She is beyond witty. Stoned or not, she’s a joy to watch

  • Iris

    I think she’s great!

  • Aunt Bee

    Anyone who can put down the Countess is ok in my book