Carole Radziwill is Tired of Passive Aggressive Insults


Carole Radziwill is taking to her blog to let everyone know she is tired of the passive aggressive insults from her RHONY co-stars and takes us down memory lane at some of the insults she’s let roll off her back.

“As Nietzsche once wrote… “She who stirs the sh–, should lick the spoon.”

Someone is talking behind everyone’s back and her name doesn’t start with a, B, C, or…wait a minute, it does start with a D! Who knew! The mother of all things nice is telling BS tales taller than a Dr. Seuss top hat. So apparently all it takes for Jules to scream like a toddler is a little second hand “she said/she said” gossip. Boo-hoo.

Over the past four years my integrity and character have been tested and questioned. I’ve let dozens of passive aggressive insults roll off my back. (Most recently, the mocking of my age and my earlier profession as a journalist by the two above.) I’ve been called a disgusting, pathetic, middle-aged horny woman by a woman I thought was my friend. I’ve been called a pedophile. I’ve endured insults hurled at people I love. I’ve listened to outright lies told by the Housewives about my business (remember the ghostwriter story! Whoo hoo!) and about me and my boyfriend (I broke up his relationship! Boo hoo!). And now…drum roll. Dorinda calls me “mean.” Uh, yeah, I’m good.

Wait until you see next week’s show…it’s amaaaaazing.”

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Truth hurt? If so, why not assess? No, you’re not a pedophile but you are a mean girl, and that is nurtured by Bethenny so take a note.

What did Carole do that was mean? I really didn’t see it and I watched more then once. When Jules told her and Bethenny about her illness, she said she needed her friends to watch her, basically. “So I don’t get away with this shit” were her exact words. So, is taking Addarall “getting away with shit?” YES. JUST BECAUSE A DOCTOR PRESCRIBED IT! Come on. A group here where I live who own a huge car lot recently got busted, along with the DOCTOR, for selling oxy out of the car lot that the doctor wrote the Rx for.… Read more »

Then why not stop making them…Carole 😀


Your post is exactly what I thought reading headline too!! She lives in a glass house, her “passive-aggressive” remarks to Jules @ pizza place don’t count?? Stop throwing stones Carole….

Hey Carole? Nietzsche also wrote “Be careful when you stare into the abyss, because it is staring back at you” so maybe YOU are seeing what YOU are really like. And yes, you are acting like a juvenile. And yes, you are dressing like a juvenile. And yes, you are dating/sleeping with someone young enough to be your son or GRANDSON for God’s sake. And yes, you are Igor to Bethenny’s Frankenstein so deal with the truth or stop putting yourself out there for all the world to see.

So true..!! I don’t when Carole started acting she was better than everyone else but she’s really annoying this season…get over yourself..! I know Jules can be a pain but she is so kind and has the best smile…I am totally in high school again watching Carole and Bethenny….mean mean girls…wait till they turn on each other…

My money is on Bethenny being the one to turn first when it happens.

Love this GIGI!

I think being on this show is the worst thing Carole has done. I’ve loved her since reading her first book WHAT REMAINS. I still like her but not what she has become on this show.

Agreed. All money is not good money.I still appreciate Carole Radziwill the author and journalist, but this “new” Carole character on RHoNY? The Sidesaddle Sally look she has riding shotgun with Bethenny is definitely a stain and a terrible influence. She’s never made less sense than when she opens her mouth now: with sentences like ‘all friends talk about each other when the other is not there’ (um, no M’am, Sam), or her recent Twitter comment that a statement about another person “is not mean if it’s true” . It’s rather appalling given that we know she’s an intelligent and… Read more »
I haven’t read her books. I had never heard of her or her books before this show. I have always simply thought she is boring. I understand she was one of those journalists who travel all over the world and report unusual happenings, and that she in fact did that with Anthony. I could Google it, but I don’t care enough. I did very much enjoy the episodes where her and Dorinda went to London, that was really a wonderful thing for them to share with us. I could give a rats ass who she sleeps with, I think she… Read more »

I can recommend What Remains. I re-read it this past winter while I seemed to be going through a terrible season of loss. Four deaths within 3 winter months, revisiting the memoir was a great comfort to me as I tried to navigate my own way with a similar experience of long term decay coupled with what felt like an onslaught of instantaneous deaths. It’s a heavy read, but a good one.

For one the episode I watched was disgusting! I was shocked to see the antics of Betheny and Carole and they seriously owe Dorinda and LuAnne an apology. Gross behavior!

So Carole is quoting Neitzsche. The one who thinks so highly of her intelligence quoted a man who wrote about WOMEN said “From the beginning, nothing has been more alien, repugnant, and hostile to woman than truth—her great art is the lie, her highest concern is mere appearance and beauty.” In section 6 in “Why I Write Such Excellent Books” and ” . . .the naiveté of her egoism, her uneducability and inner wildness, the incomprehensibility, scope, and movement of her desires and virtues.” (Beyond Good and Evil, section 239.) and let’s not forget that he claimed that “goodness” in… Read more »

Oh wait . . . Those DO describe Carole

I’m not put off by that. Before I made the life altering decision to pursue a meaningless and superficial life in the world of fashion, I was a poli-sci major. Read plenty o’ Nietzsche. I disagree with some of his writings, agree with others -not much unlike how I feel about Machiavelli, Milton Friedman, and other philosophers. Writers quote other writers to best illustrate the point that they’re making in a precise moment. It’s not an unusual practice and should probably be taken at face value. What I am put off by, however, is the relentless tag teaming this season… Read more »

Yeah can’t wait till these two turn on each other, Bethenny may start it cause she can’t
maintain female friendships for long.

You have to be very cautious with Scorpios, and particularly those who are not emotionally/spiritually balanced: they are loyal, territorial friends who are strategic and patient for your best interests, and absolutely will defend you to the death against any perceived threat..but if Carole ever makes the misstep to cross Bethenny in any way, mark my words and watch Bethenny metaphorically stomp her into that lovely Gazellian neck of hers with a Gucci Brogue stiletto.

Wow. I see nothing of what you see. I think all the girls need to act like they are Luann’s friend, though. I am not a fan, never was, but they call themselves that. So stop being mean, all of them, and rally behind your friend. If she is in fact making a mistake, big deal, it’s hers to make. They all need to be happy for her. I think Luann accepted Bethenny’s apology for her horrible behavior. I know B has said the same exact thing since the beginning to Luann, quit being a HYPOCRITE. And I believe Luann… Read more »

Carole’s true colors….. and it’s not nice…

I for one think that too much is being made about talking about people behind their backs. Carole is right, as females do talk about friends that are not around. It’s not a bad thing. If I am with one friend and bring up another it does not mean it is behind their back, it simply means that all of my friends are not there. So everyone has to be present at every conversation? I had a friend that was doing harmful things to herself and turned to another friend to ask how we could make a difference. By the… Read more »
For me, intention is everything. The scenario you just described actually intended to HELP your friend. Your conversations ended up being a blessing as they were positively intended to be an agent of change for them. Friends who are earnestly discussing another friend in their absence with legitimate concern, desire, and actual plan of action to help them in some way is an entirely different animal than what these women are doing on RHoNY. I am blessed to have a gaggle of good girlfriends in my life with whom I share my deepest intimacies and vice versa, and sorry, but… Read more »

Ironic that in addition to Jules the only other people obsessed over her eating disorder are two women that look like THEY have eating disorders – Carol & Bethenny. They are probably mean because they are so hungry! When I saw Carole’s thighs at the skating rink, I gasped. Like pipe cleaners!

I really like Carole and I like reading her blogs. I feel like Carole was showing real concern for Jules. If Jules did not want her eating disorder talked about, she should never have brought it up. And, has Jules never watched a housewives show before? Everybody talks about everybody behind their backs. That’s what keep the drama coming. Grow up Jules, and grown some thicker skin.