Carole Radziwill Says Last Week’s RHONY Episode is One of the Top Three Most Amazing of All Time


Carole Radziwill is taking to her blog to tell viewers that she is absolutely speechless about last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City. She wonders who will get out of Dorinda’s house alive and asks what are they doing in the Berkshires without Sonja Morgan?

“That’s really all I can say about this episode. I’m speechless. Everything that needed saying was most definitely said — again and again and again. It will probably be on my list of top three most amazing episodes of all time.

There is something about Dorinda’s house…maybe it’s the schizophrenic decor? One room is Victorian, another Mid-evilish, another is Hello Kitty inspired and at the end of the hall hangs a blue plastic marlin circa 1950s Key West. A sort of Animal House meets Hot Tub Time Machine.

The Billiard Room, The Blue Room, The Attic Room, The Dining Room, The Black Hall — all with wallpapered closets! You can argue in one room then sneak through a secret passage to another. It reminds me of the game Clue. So I asked my good pal and cartoonist, Laurie Sandell, to draw us all up as Clue — each with our appropriate weapon.

Which of us will be murdered in the Billiard Room? Who of us will get out alive? Will Dorinda ever have a drama-free party? Who spilled their lasagna in the Ballroom? Tune in next week to find out.”

Photo: Laurie Sandell
Photo: Laurie Sandell

Photo Credit: Bravo


15 Replies to “Carole Radziwill Says Last Week’s RHONY Episode is One of the Top Three Most Amazing of All Time”

  1. Did Andy Cohen issue “talking points” to Carole and Bethenny? All three are singing the same tired, deluded tune.

  2. Everything is marketing to Bethenny and her minion. They are passing out the Skinnycult kool-aid and telling the viewers what we should all think about what we saw. Carole knew Luann was coming. Dorinda told her Luann was coming at Bethenny’s Elsa-Shaming Caviar party….she shouldn’t have come if she wanted to make snide comments and hide in closets and bedrooms…which she is now making fun of. The same for Bethenny. If she can’t act like a normal person, stay home. Who the hell enters someone else’s house and rips into another one of the invited guests because she doesn’t “like how she lives” and thinks she is a hypocrite. What qualifies Bethenny to comment on everyone else’s life. I guess they are all getting paid to be ridiculous…and deserve what they get…but I hate bullies.
    I always have…

  3. Bethany has completely ruined this show…and ruined Carole, who used to be so interesting.
    All Bethany does is criticize everyone, and market her products, talking over everyone in that voice that’s like chalk on a blackboard.

  4. I just turned RHWNY off and will not turn back on until Bethany is gone. There is enough hate in the world without watching it for entertainment. Let me know when she is off, and I will return.

  5. I think Bethany’s rant on LuAnn was hilarious and richly deserved. As B said, I’m the only one with the balls to tell you what everyone else thinks. I totally agree with her.

  6. This episode was amazing to Carole because she cashed in on the Bethenny/Luann’s fight for air time, and probably had the most action she’ll see all season…hopefully this is the end of it, but I doubt it. She’ll be B’s side kick from here out until B lashes out on her for something.

  7. Yes, Carole had changed from the laid back , care free spirit into a wannabe mean girl.

    Granted, I love B, but her annihilation of LuAnn was much. In reality, B was bashing Lu, because of Carole. Glad B apologized to Lu for calling her a slut, etc.

    Gotta give Lu credit, cause she didn’t let B see her sweat.

    1. I think it’s a “rejuvenator”…for a party of one… maybe she is sending it in her daughter’s care package.

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