Carole Radziwill Says Dorinda Medley is the Resident Tattle Tale of the Group


Carole Radziwill is taking to her blog to talk about LuAnn’s engagement party on last week’s episode of the RHONY. Radziwill thinks the other women are paranoid for questioning her motive for going to the party and she calls Dorinda Medley the resident tattle-tale of the group.

“Some of these women are so paranoid it makes me wonder what they are hiding. I didn’t go to Luann’s party to “spy” or ask investigative questions. If you don’t like my questions, then don’t sit next to me. Trust me, with the exception Bethenny, hell would freeze over before any of the women sit down next to me and say, “So Carole, what’s going on with you?” LOL…never happens. But, I digress.

Here is the thing, I ask questions because we need dialogue. I prefer straightforward conversations to the screaming and drunken pill-popping antics you see from others. I ask questions because it is polite. For instance: My girlfriend is getting engaged and loves yellow diamonds. So I ask Tom, “Do you have a good diamond dealer?” I watch, not “spy,” as Luann whirls around in her white gown bursting with love. It was nice to see her happy. I offer to change out of my white gown. I ask myself what the protocol is for wearing white to a friend’s engagement party. I decide it’s fine. I make polite chit chat while trying to ignore that Tom is cozying up then smelling Ramona’s neck. I ask Sonja to ask herself why she is so okay with a man who professes to be — at the very least a friend for 10 years and at most a sexual partner — yet he is rude and dismissive of her at the party. Not cool. I also counsel Sonja to not be her usual flirtatious self. Ladies, men are not the prize. We are the prize. Don’t forget that.

So you see, I went to Luann’s engagement party because:

1. I was genuinely happy for Luann.

2. I was curious about Tom given all the talk. (I’m sure all of you were too.)

3. I had nothing else going on that weekend.

I thought the party was a huge success! I loved Dorinda’s toast. I think it was something about love and second chances, but I’m not certain. Neither is she. We had lots of laughs, especially the morning recap of Ramona’s doomed short-lived relationship with the fiancé. A conversation, by the way, that was started by the resident tattle-tale. A conversation that any group of friends, anywhere in the world would have had the next morning. #keepingit100. And for the record, Ramona was never seriously interested in Tom. They dated, he flirted with her more than she ever did with him. R.S. + T.D. I mean, adorbs! Thing is, Ramona likes her relationships to be discreet and not papered all over the gossip pages. That is how I like them also. Luann likes something else.

Next week’s episode is so good I watched it twice, and I’ve never watched anything twice, except Saturday Night Fever, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Oh, and every episode of Game of Thrones, but that’s only because Adam falls asleep in the middle and makes me watch it over with him the next night. Xo #doubletrouble

P.S. I know you will ask…the black and pink bathrobe I wore in the morning on the boat is from Agent Provocateur.”

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23 Replies to “Carole Radziwill Says Dorinda Medley is the Resident Tattle Tale of the Group”

  1. Blah blah no one cares. You’re mean girl look detracts 100+ points from your overall attractiveness. And you’re a follower. Own it. Learn from it. And move on. It’s ok to be wrong & improve yourself.

    1. I always liked Carole, but she is changing. Her alliance with Bethenny and the mean girl persona does not suit her. She is bright, accomplished and has been through some tough times and grown from it, though in some ways now, she appears to be regressing.
      Oh, and her bathrobe is from a company that translates to trouble maker…somewhat. It is funny that she mentioned it, but I guess many like her clothing and want to look like her.
      I still wish her well. I just hope she is not trying to be Benjamin Button in some way…going back to younger and younger ways but not always with the best results in my opinion, and I am not talking about her wardrobe or her boyfriend, but rather the adolescent behavior at times.

      1. I liked Carole when she was Heather/ Carole. I don’t like seeing her regress either. She used to be laid back & fun. She also used to appear nonjudgmental. It’s a bummer watching her transformation. I also agree about dorinda but dorinda is more likable IMO. I also don’t like this constant pill popping reference Carole is making. I mean we get it- you call them out at the reunion. Let it unfold & stop prepping us.

        1. YES. I agree. I also liked Heather. Carole has changed this season. Maybe she just does it for fun on the show. She did do the show just for fun really from the beginning. She and Bethenny probably talk it out before they do some of the stuff they do together, just for laughs, for some entertainment value, maybe. I don’t know for sure, but I am not a fan of this season’s Carole as I was in the past. I think Bethenny is often quite rude, and as a pair they are the worst. They are both brilliant, however…in their professional lives, anyway.

          1. Yes, I’ll give them that. They’re both intelligent & succesful. Apparently Carole has the most money out of all of them as well. Maybe that’s why B feels so comfortable with her. She knows Carole doesn’t need or want her earnings.

            1. Yes, I did not realize how much more. If the site I just looked at is right, Carole is worth double what Bethenny is, but 50 million versus 25 million…then neither of them needs this show, of course, and neither has to worry about the next paycheck, ever.

  2. I’ve always liked both Carole & Bethenny.. Admire them as successful business women & entrepreneurs along with enjoying them on the RHONY when I get a chance to watch…..JMO

  3. Oh, but I do agree with Carole about Dorinda being a tattletale. She couldn’t stop to eat before blabbing to everyone on that yacht. She is trouble with a capital T, and she is far worse when she is drunk…and that is often when “martinis are” her best friend or friends?! 😮

  4. Love Dorinda…she cracks me the hell up…but she needs to stop raising her arms after a few drinks when making a point… not attractive 😉
    I find Carol non threatening, mildly amusing and she seems like she could be a good friend. I also think Bethanny would be fun to have as a friend as well…love her quick wit.
    Actually enjoy them all but Luann has started to bug me A LOT… don’t see her and two-timing Tom lasting very long..something seems askew with those two. Like I’ve said before…he’s in it for the TV time

  5. So “cool Carole” not so cool…she is buzzing about her castmates (obviously) popping drugs…Yet, she is a drug user as well…(she admitted it on an episode).

  6. Yeah I agree about the “pill popping” comments…enough already! Carole is really worth that much? All from writing a book? Where’s my $58,000,000.00 Power Ball ticket I bought? I could be richer than all of them right now?!

    I do like Dorinda very much but this season she is definitely coming off like a tattletale. And no, I don’t like the “Carole & Bethenny Show”. Bethenny is not bringing out the best in Carole.

    As far as poor Sonja is concerned…….aww I do love that wack job but she does lead too much with the sex. If Tom saw her more as a friend than a booty call, she might’ve been the one with the diamond ring. If it’s always about sex then it can’t possibly be of any substance, right? She deserves a nice man and not someone older than dirt either and looks like dirt too. What’s with these women and ugly men? I don’t care how much money you have, if you’re ugly you’re a turn off!

    1. Sonja doesn’t want a nice man. She wants all the men. She didn’t want a ring from Tom she just doesn’t want Luann to have one either.

  7. I’ve always like Carole, was sorry when Heather left, they were a great team. But I also like Bethenny & Carole as good friends too. Love Dorinda, with & without the martinis

  8. Dorinda this Season is the pot stirrer, Bethenney & Carole are the mean Bobbsey twins. Ramona as usual acts like an innocent know it all.. Sonja is acting a little more sane this
    season, and I love LuAnn the most because the lady does what she wants, gets what she
    wants, and if she returns next season she will be the only married housewife.

  9. Carole, you are boring. I doubt you’ve ever had an original thought about anything. You have turned into an aging, sagging mean girl who is dating a boy who is young enough to be your son and it’s not a pretty sight. You say one thing in your talking head and then say another thing here. I am at the point where you are too embarrassing to watch.

  10. Carole, aside from being incredibly narrow-minded & unoriginal, you are little more than a dull, mean-girl follower of Bethenny who is fast becoming the most unpopular HW. The two of you are petty women who should share a burger and NOT with a disgusting Skinnygirl Margarita. Have a milkshake and open up your narrow little mind while your at it!

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