Carole Radziwill Reveals She’s No Longer Friends with Tinsley Mortimer

Carole Radziwill spoke about her departure from the Real Housewives of New York City in a new interview. She also revealed which of her co-stars she still speaks to, and her answer may shock you.

“Ramona [Singer] keeps in touch. Ramona, I’ll be honest, she’s a very good girlfriend. There’s a reason why she has 25 really close girlfriends that she’s accumulated,” Radziwill admitted. “She knows how to create and maintain friendships. So that’s a friendship that I’m sure I’ll see outside the show. That’s about it. I haven’t really talked to any of the … I’m not close to any of the other girls.”

Ramona and Carole have been friendly over Carole’s six seasons on the series, but the two women got closer during season 10 as Radziwill’s relationship with Bethenny Frankel, who has an on-off feud with Singer, took a turn. Fans of the series may be surprised to learn that Carole isn’t in touch with Tinsley Mortimer, who she went on double dates with and even traveled to Dubai with in May.

Carole also clarified that she barely knew Andy Cohen before joining the series, which may also come as a shock to viewers.

“I think that story’s blown up a bit. We did know each other. I don’t think I was in his Top 20 girlfriend list, but we did know each other socially, and still do,” she explained to US Weekly, noting they have texted since her exit. “I used to always be invited to his Christmas party for 10 years because we had the same group of friends. And then when I starred in Housewives, I got disinvited, so maybe I’ll be invited back to his Christmas party this year. … I wish him the best.”

And it seems Carole has had her run with reality tv.

“I would not do reality again. Not in the way that it was done. I think it’s a really interesting medium,” she explained. “I think it’s obviously a cultural phenomenon, especially the Housewives, but I’m not that … Once I’ve done something and I’ve had that experience, I move on to other things.”


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