Carole Radziwill On Her Political Feud With Ramona Singer

Carole Radziwill was all about the election while filming this season of The Real Housewives of New York City and she’s sharing her thoughts and opinions and her clear support for Hilary Clinton, by calling Donald Trump a “bafoon,” in one episode. Some of her co-stars aka Bethenny Frankel get sick of Carole constantly talking about politics, but it seems like it’s only going to get worse as election day approaches!

In this week’s episode, Carole found herself in a heated debate with Ramona Singer about who was the most informed about everything surrounding the 2016 presidential election.

“I say with 100 percent certainty and clarity that Ramona Singer does not know more than I know about politics or of the political campaign, that campaign or any campaign. And I say that lovingly. I don’t try to say that I’m smarter than her. I just know more about the political machinations than Ramona. Just as she knows more about tennis than I do,” Carole recently told The Daily Dish. “But she would not admit that I perhaps have a little more knowledge than she did about the political season. And that’s what kind of pissed me off more than anything, her inability to say, ‘Well, tell me, what do you think?’ or, ‘Why do you think this? And what does this mean?’ It’s just something that happens, I think, when people don’t follow politics, but they kind of think it’s important.”

Carole also said that the dispute bothered her so much because politics has been a real passion of hers for years. “But if you’re not gonna follow it, don’t go around with your friends and don’t tell me how much you know, because I guarantee you you just don’t know. Even if you’re reading The New York Times or you’re reading online stuff, it’s just you don’t know as much as someone who’s really invested in it,” she explained. “And I was really invested in it. And I have been for most of my adult life. I know more than Ramona Singer. Sorry.”

“When I first met Ramona, I liked her. There was something about her that I thought was really genuine and authentic. And when you come to a show like this, that’s at least, for me, what I was looking for in all the different women, like who’s being real and who’s putting on airs, because those people just make me nervous because you never know what they’re gonna say or do,” Carole said. “Ramona’s been pretty consistent, and we’ve developed a nice friendship over the course of five years.”

However is there going to be a change for Ramona and Carole’s friendship? There’s also a moment in the Season 9 supertease where Ramona tells Carole, “You’re not my friend anymore.”

“This year we took a little turn for the worse because, I think, she was not happy with my political stance. And she either didn’t want to talk about it or she did want to talk about it. There were some parties that she was maybe invited then disinvited then invited then disinvited, and that did not sit well with her,” Carole teased about the course her friendship with Ramona may take this season. “We muddle through, and we manage to make it OK. I was taking no prisoners as far as the politics goes, and you’ll see that, especially in the beginning of the season.”

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28 Replies to “Carole Radziwill On Her Political Feud With Ramona Singer”

  1. The thing is….i dont recall ramona saying she does….i recall you saying you do in an uppity way…regardless of whether it is true or not…so rude! And carol….youre not like a politican or economist or academic….youre a journalist so recognize the limitations of what you know too because you look a little foolish professing your knowledge…

    1. she does look a little full of herself saying that, but on the other hand, journalists are a little smarter than the next person IMO, so Carol probably does know more about politics than Ramona.

      1. Ramona has only and will only care about what is 5ft from her and that’s that. Other then her daughter and that 5ft that’s it.

      2. Carole’s field work in journalism that has not only earned her Emmys and a Peabody, it actually impacted and helped re-direct Southeast Asian foreign policy in Cambodia in the 90s. In her time sitting across from military generals and guerilla leaders talking policy in undisclosed locations of various jungles in the word, I think it’s safe to say she does have a more intensive grasp of politics on a deeper level than most people on the RHoNY cast.

        1. didn’t know all that, haven’t really been interested in her career, but yeah, that sounds like she knows wha she’s talking about.

    2. Didn’t anyone teach that socialite that it is impolite to discuss politics or religion in social settings? She also seems to think that it is appropriate to insult others viewpoints in an arrogant and condescending way. She is on a reality TV show so she should keep her political views to herself!

  2. Probably, most people who watch HW, do not want to hear anymore about the election…but if Carole was as secure in her level of expertise regarding all things political as she says she is, why not let Ramona talk…and explain why she thinks Ramona is misinformed after she is finished. This shouldn’t have become a contest about who was more “informed”….and is just another example of a missed opportunity to discuss different perspectives and try to understand each other better.

    1. Fair points. But I think we’ll just have to buckle down and tread through it patiently as viewers, as after all, the shows that are being aired were taped during the heat of the race. I’m not looking forward to reliving the election and how divisive it was, but…

  3. Ramona knows or understands about politics as much as I do about crocheting or Pakistani medieval literature…on the other hand, Carole was a journalist and knows a thing or two about politics, so my money is on Carole, that being said, the election is over, Trumpo is in power and people has to deal with the buffoon they elected as POTUS…it will be a bumpy road so watch your lady parts or they will be grabbed.

      1. Good one, Bee. I just realized maybe that’s why GIGICAT hasn’t been around, because she is a Trump follower, and thought he would be best for President. She maybe didn’t want to see all the hate for him here?

    1. She could have been team Bernie. I know a lot of Bernie fans who are really upset about the election. They feel it was stolen from him.

      1. Oh, you’re right. I guess I assumed only a trump voter could use the ‘I can’t wait for them to release the emails’ thing as an argument haha…

  4. Carole sounded like a pompous prig when she was talking about politics. Gee, she actually reads the articles in the NYT.

    1. Carole reads NYT, The Monthly Atlantic, The Economist….Ramona reads Breitbart, Newsmax and The National Enquirer…I’ll leave it at that

  5. This election has made people crazy and nasty! Carole is not ordinarily so, but how does she not realize that (regardless of how informed or ill informed Ramona may be) there are people that are FAR more informed than she is and insiders to boot that disagree with her. Does that mean she’s supposed to shut up and change her mind in the presence of a Conservative scholar? Carole is a typical partisan who knows ONE SIDE very well, and thinks that’s all there is to know, but her arguments show she is either ignorant of any competing theories or prefers to be blind to the fact they exist.

    1. Fair points, but in this instance she is not referring to being more informed than a Conservative scholar, she’s talking about Ramona Singer.

      1. My point was Carole is no scholar. If Carole thinks Ramona should just shut up, listen and agree because Carole “knows” more, then would Carole shut up, listen, and agree if speaking with someone who definitely knows more that thinks she’s wrong? No. She’s an angry advocate who has no interest in learning what she doesn’t know. That was evidenced by her arguments, which showed she didn’t know anything about the other side.

    2. All politics are personal…which it is why they are generally not a good choice of topic for garden parties. Carole didn’t spend enough time around the Kennedys, I guess.

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