Carole Radziwill Explains Why She Didn’t Accept LuAnn’s Apology


Viewers didn’t know what was going to happen this season when Carole Radziwill and LuAnn de Lesseps saw each other for the first time after their major feud last year over Carole’s boyfriend Adam.

During a recent appearance on WWHL, Radziwill explained why she didn’t accept LuAnn’s apology at Bethenny’s birthday party. “She didn’t apologize, and the birthday was eight months after she said lots of really nasty stuff,” she said, adding that she didn’t say negative things about the Countess during their feud. “I didn’t. With some of these women, you need evidence. I wish I had brought all of her tweets and her interviews.”

According to Carole, LuAnn broke “girl Code.” “It’s one thing if you say you don’t like my boyfriend or something, but she was age-shaming, she was female-bashing. It’s like that kind of misogynistic bullsh*t we hear from men all the time,” she explained. “You don’t need to hear it from a woman, let alone someone you considered a friend.”

“She never apologized, which was the funny thing. And moving on, I had so moved on,” she said. “I had told her, ‘Luann I have so moved on. You’re not in my life, and that’s OK.'”

Watch the clip below.

Whose side are you on?

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12 Replies to “Carole Radziwill Explains Why She Didn’t Accept LuAnn’s Apology”

  1. Carole had every right to be mad at Luann, but the way that she acted was completely immature and it was pathetic how she jumped on Bethanny’s coat tails. Also, is it me or does Carole’s face now resemble “Cher” in her aged and botoxed years? (no offense to Cher of course)

  2. But Carole she is in your life she’s your coworker I’ve said this before I can’t stand LuMann but if Carole doesn’t move on from this and can’t be around LuMann before you know it you’ll have people not wanting to film with each other and its happened before with NY and several housewives were fired which LuMann is aware of this that’s why she acts like everything is great even though she propably would like to take a hatchet to Carole. Please apologize to Carole’s face LuMann get it over with you beast!!

  3. I have a feeling Bethenny and Carole are going to be the mean girls this season….I’m not defending Luann but Carol is full of crap when she says she doesn’t say anything mean about Luann…she does and she can be nasty too…

    1. Ditto, PJ. She went as far as to ask at Bethenny’s BD party “what did I do to Carole?” after she had age shamed her, ( which, COME ON, IS PROVING WHAT A HYPOCRITE SHE IS TO THE END ) said nasty things like it made her sick to see them together, just on & on & on. Bethenny has had the same exact gripe about Luann from the first season, being a hypocrite. All the way to Dorinda’s party in the Berkshires, that was what she was angry about. She went a little nuts, but it had been building up for years. She wasn’t saying no one else has faults, only that Luann has not owned the truth about the fact that she likes sex, and with strangers and young guys. Big deal, too. On one hand she says it’s no one’s business, then the other lies about it always. So, which is it Countess? She owes Carole a private, sincere apology, and then a huge public one. Adam and Carole were both single when they hooked up, the rest are lies. It might be too alate, but it would still be the right thing to do.

  4. LuMann has only given an apology to the cameras in her talking head because the viewers tore her apart which she deserved, but its Carole she needs to apologize to not us.

  5. None of that whole Adam thing made sense to me…I couldn’t understand why Lu was all worked up about him dating Carole…and I still can’t understand why someone as smart and interesting as Carole was would want to be with someone more than 20 years younger than her…the whole gummy bear acid trip/vomit/bike ride thing alone was enough to turn me off…but now I think Carole is just very immature…and Adam helps her pretend she is still in her 20’s….and I find that kind of sad.

    1. I honestly, seriously think that LuAnne was jealous that Adam wanted Carole instead of her royal Countess. And I think Carole is just holding on to Adam to prove a point that she is cool, and attractive. It’s an ego boost for her after LuAnne’s attacks on her age.
      It is immature, like a teenage girl dating a boy just because her parents don’t like him and convinces herself that she’s in love just out of spite.

      1. Makes sense, Danielle…but that trip to the camera store seemed like a mother and son trip to me…and kinda creepy. Carole is also irritating me with her dog. She’s like a helicopter parent with that puppy.

  6. she didn’t accept her apology because Bethanny wouldn’t like it and she’s all about pleasing Bethanny.

  7. Carole acted like a child … How many apologies does she want…..????
    Too and she is way too old for her boyfriend,,,,

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