Carole Radziwill Dishes On Dating Younger Men And RHONY Season 7


Real Housewives of New York City star Carole Radziwill is opening up about her return to season seven in a brand new interview. Radziwill is happy to reveal that this year will be a lot different than last season.

“Last year was toxic for a lot of us. It was just more obvious with me, but it wasn’t a great environment. It got very nasty and dark. Clearly the audience was not into that,” she tells E! News. “This year it’s more Shakespearean. It’s highs and lows with a thread of comedy going through the whole thing. There are a lot of women, first of all, and there’s a lot of emotion. A lot of crying —even I cried! [Laughs] Emotions ran really deep and it was real. But then there were really fun times, too.”

So now that #BookGate and Aviva Drescher are no longer on the show how does Carole feel? “I think the audience is relieved,” Carole admits. “I think it’s probably best for her not to be on television. She doesn’t do herself any favors. I’m sure in her real life, off camera, she’s doing well.”

“Well, I was aware when I signed on again that certain people would not be part of the cast, so that was something. I felt like last year, last season was really unpleasant and honestly, I thought about it. Like, ‘I can’t do this again. These women are just not like me and we don’t have anything in common. I can’t go through this again.’ I went through all of that in my head, but I didn’t want that feeling to be the final feeling, you know what I mean? I didn’t want to end on this very dark note, so that was one piece of it,” she explained.

But the new cast has a completely different vibe, she explained. “It felt natural that we’d all be friends. I just thought I’m going to do it again and see what happens,” Carole said. “I’m glad I did, I had a really good time this season. It was fun, even though there was drama and silliness and tears.”

In another new interview with People Magazine, Carole revealed that she is not surprised her ex-boyfriend George Clooney got married and dishes on her current dating life.

When asked by her friend and right hand man Eric Goldie if Clooney is a good kisser, she says, “What do you think? … He’s very sweet.”

Carole admits that she’s not surprised Clooney finally settled down, asking, “Have you seen his wife? She’s a trilingual, gorgeous human rights attorney. I would have married her if I met her first.”

Goldie reveals that this season on RHONY we will see Carole dating a 29-year old guy that is a chef. “He’s gotten me to change my eating habits a little, which is astounding,” Radzi admits, defending the title of being a cougar. “There are certain younger men who are predisposed to be interested in older women. Perhaps they are a little more of old souls or they’re just more curious about all sorts of women.”

Carole also dishes what she’s learned from dating a younger man. She reveals that young men pursue older women if they are interested in them, they still believe in chemistry between men and women because there’s a purity to them and that they are in much better shape than older men.

Radziwill also revealed she has finally deleted her Tinder account!

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4 Replies to “Carole Radziwill Dishes On Dating Younger Men And RHONY Season 7”

  1. I am glad Carole came back. I like her off beat, irreverent sensibilities. Plus, I HATED how that obnoxios cow Aviva treated her last year. So I’m looking forward to a happier Carole that is freer to be herself.

  2. Love Carole. Dorinda looks interesting. Love that her man is not a male model type but her daughter looks a little spoiled. Glad Aviva is gone, Sonya is still dillusional and Bethany still talks too fast. I’ll watch 2 more shows before I decide for sure if it is going to stayed programmed on my DVR. Sorry Bethany. But I won’t stand too much more homeless crap from you.

    1. SOooo glad the stank of Aviva is gone! And I agree, Dorinda seems like a great addition, but her daughter- spoiled! Ramona seems changed by her divorce- but for how long ? Sonja…yeah well she’s sill Sonja. But I enjoyed my first look into NY.

  3. I liked Carole her first season…. after that she was like all the rest of them…. and what’s this George Clooney thing with her…. name droppping… just not impressed anymore. Maybe this season will be different and I’ll see the Carole that I like so much in her first season.

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