Carole Radziwill Celebrates Birthday


Real Housewives of New York City star Carole Radziwill does NOT look a day over 50 especially now that the reality star celebrated a birthday last weekend. The weekend consisted of hanging out with a Buddhist monk, a trip to the Hamptons, and then Pennsylvania for a meet and greet with fans at a car dealership! Boyfriend Adam Kentworthy was also a part of the celebration along with some of the author’s closest friends.  Take a look at the pics of Carole’s fabulous weekend.

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18 Replies to “Carole Radziwill Celebrates Birthday”

  1. Maybe she shouldn’t believe everything Adam told her about his relationship with Nicole…his story doesn’t match hers… and men have been known to lie…
    just saying.

    1. Was she trying to be a fictional character? I don’t think she is anything like her. I don’t see her in frilly dresses and ultra high heels on a daily basis at all. She seems to have a more relaxed vibe. Oh, she does live in NYC. Carrie dated good looking guys…sometimes too!

  2. each to their own… I – myself – would prefer to wake up in the morning with someone who is my age and looks as bad as I do in the morning than with a young, fresh face!!!

  3. Wait. What? Why do monks care about Carole? This whole thing is so fake. Years ago my husband bought her book “What Remains”, I just found it in the back of a closet the other day while cleaning and leafed through it. What a load of name-dropping crap. She name drops more than Sonja. Always was a wanna-be.

    1. Maybe you should have read it instead of skimming through a few pages. Your husband did from what you wrote. He seemed interested. Does that bother you?
      If you actually knew her story, you would know the truth. What is fake? She has known and does know influential people. She married the cousin of John and Caroline Kennedy and was best friends with John’s wife, Carolyn. She is still friends with influential people and famous people. She even knew Andy before she got on RHNY.
      BTH I read the book and so did my husband.

      1. Just ordered it for my holiday next week! Really looking forward to it!
        It has to be better than Andy Cohens Diaries, biggest load of rubbish I have ever read!

        1. It may surprise you. I liked it. It gave me more insight into who Carole is, knowing a bit about how she grew up, her family…etc.

    2. You ought to read the book! It’s the story of her leaving home to go to work as a journalist, traveling as a journalist AND meeting and marrying her husband Whether she had a ghost writer or not, you should read it before you criticize

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