Carole Radziwill Calls LuAnn “The Housewife Narcissist”


Carole Radziwill has a warning about LuAnn de Lesseps… she writes in her blog this week to beware of a Housewife that has “moved on.” Radziwill says that she believes the term “moving on” is a concept that was invented by Housewives. She also calls the Countess “The Housewife Narcissist” and says she is committed to her superficiality.

““Move on,” says the woman who still calls herself a Countess more than a half-decade after her marriage ended. If she was going for comedy, I’d laugh. Really, I would. We’d all laugh, but she isn’t.

“Moving on” is a concept invented by Housewives. Housewives who behave so appallingly all they can do is say they are moving on, preferably in a place where everyone can hear them. To stay put and acknowledge that their actions have consequences and to accept responsibility is simply too painful for this particular brand of narcissist. And not only do they say they’ve moved on, they actually brag about it. They are proud of their ability to move on. “Look how evolved I am,” they seem to be saying, “I can simply move on without regrets.” LOL. It’s Housewife speak for: I said something rude and don’t want to admit it by apologizing or even risk bringing it up again but I am obligated to see you so I’ll say I’ve moved on. The fans and viewers of the show are not stupid. Delusion and denial does not equal an apology.

But “The Housewife Narcissist” is committed to her superficiality. She banks on her ability to scratch her surface and see only more surface. THN doesn’t live in the past — for her there is no past because you are accountable for your past –- the good, the bad, and the ugly. For THN there is only, “What am I doing right now?” THN has a lifetime of experience running from one relationship to the next, one friend to another. Running from taking responsibility for what they do and what they say without ever looking back to witness the destruction they leave in their wake. They are always pointing their fingers toward someone else. Moving on.

Reality check, ladies. Your actions and your choices are yours alone.

Who calls a friend a pedophile — after making light of her having no children -– who continues with a list of misogynistic bullshit and then moves on without a modicum of regret or apology? Who continued to trash-talk me, my boyfriend, and my business until the very day, eight months later, when the cameras were turned back on and suddenly THN was chasing me around a birthday party with a hula-hoop asking me to move on with her. Thing is, I had moved on, long ago. I didn’t need her apology but I couldn’t believe she didn’t give one. Unlike THN, I live in the real world where it’s impossible to accept an imaginary apology.

To quote my mentor and idol, Taylor Swift, “Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes and she says sorry just for show.” Get it? Wink, Wink… #realgirlcode”

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14 Replies to “Carole Radziwill Calls LuAnn “The Housewife Narcissist””

  1. Ok, maybe it’s me but is this just a pointless rant? I’m asking as someone who has liked Carole in the past, read her book thought she was great but now she seems to have her head buried in Bethenny’s BTM! I always thought it was Heather following Carol around but now I’m doubting it maybe it was the other way round. I’m very disappointed in Carole.
    I also really dislike Luann so it has nothing to do with that, it will be interesting to read others comments later.

    1. I have to agree. She’s an interview chair and blog tough guy. And let’s be honest, her and Luann with their fair share of mud slinging last year. I think she keeps on the run from Luann because some of the stories out there are true. She did put Luann in quite the sticky situation between friends and family, which is why she was so spooked to tell Luann about it at first.
      Also, this whole blog seems really counterproductive to her whole “I didn’t do anything” speel when she’s been doing what she’s done for season upon season and bad mouth people behind their backs.
      I always thought she was the leech and Heather was the host because she would somehow always have Heather fight her battles. Now she’s latched on to a new strong personality. Eek.

    2. I know! What happened to Carole? Is being with a young guy making her think like a very hormonal mean girl now? I like Adam, so I don’t blame him, however, her alliance with Bethenny and latest behavior has me questioning why? I read her book too and always liked her, but this season, another Carole has emerged, and she is not at all like the Carole of before…and I mean this latest behavior with the laughing at others and just being inappropriate in the presence of others at Bethenny’s party and Jules’ brunch. Why, Carole? What’s up?

    3. Good morning lassie♥️ I too liked Carole from the start, she was so low key, witty and unaffected. I think that anyone who starts hanging with Bethenny is going to begin to lose their charm just by association. I’m still willing to believe that Carole can think for herself and not be sucked into Bethenny’s vortex as to lose her complete identity. My fingers are crossed, I’m cautiously optimistic.

      These housewives shows have turned into a Survivor game show for me….it’s all about how to outwit, outplay & outlast anymore. And I’m pooped out with it all.

    4. Oh my gosh Suze, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this episode as well. Carole needs to follow someone around because she is not outgoing enough herself (or at least to be on reality tv). She became a snarky bi*** and followed B around like a puppy dog. I know a lot of people do not like John but her remarks about him being misshapen and sweaty, were just uncalled for as she didn’t even have a dog in that fight.

  2. I’ve always been a Carole fan I can’t stand LuMann however we get it Carole move on! Word of advice to Carole it is HW’s suicide if you start not wanting to film with someone.

  3. Carole is bang on. Luann does want to “move on” when she wants to move on. No one tells the Countess what to do. Luann is a big bully. Luann attempts to look like Switzerland when she’s really more like Uganda under Idi Amin. Carole has every right to speak about this. I believe her comment about Luann suddenly moving on the very day the cameras came back. My only wish is that Carole wasn’t so timid and polite and would really tear a strip off of her. For Carole, the pen is mightier than the sword. Or the hula hoop.

    1. I wish Carole would tear into her and move on, LuMann just see’s herself and your right LuMann is only going to apologize for the cameras which is why Carole needs to just move on.

  4. Carole, grow the eff up already will you? You are ALLEGEDLY a weary world travelled journalist. I highly doubt someone like LuAnn could raise your eyebrow. (Maybe too much botox?)

  5. I love Carole and have never ever liked LuAnn. I understand a lot of what Carole says here but I now hope she just lets it go. I was also disappointed in her actions at Jules home. She needs to distance herself from Bethanny’s bad influence. Please Carole go back to being the Carole I love.

  6. I was never a Carole fan til this year I watched the first 3 seasons and a couple off and on when Carole started so I have to say I like Carole….LuAnn has had a problem with Carole for a long time I think before the whole Adam thing or else she would of been more Cool about Carole and Adam and would of been happy for her friend… LuAnne laid in wait

    1. Luann’s problems with Carole go way back. Lu was only a Countess, Carole was a Princess. Remember the trip to England? Luann started copying Carole’s wardrobe. In Turks and Caicos, Carole was the one who caught Luann with a man in the bedroom and she also speaks french and caught Luann on the phone getting someone to lie for her. Carole has called out Luann at every turn. The tension between these two is old, and it all stemmed from Luann.

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