Carole Radziwill and Adam Kenworthy Break-Up?

RHONY star Luann de Lesseps isn’t the only one who is ending a relationship, Carole Radziwill seems to have ended her relationship with long time boyfriend Adam Kenworthy, according to US Weekly.

Apparently Carole recently unfollowed Adam on Instagram, which started the rumor that they aren’t a couple anymore.

A source said, “They didn’t quite break up. They are still together all the time. They are still friends. They aren’t as close as they used to be.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “Carole Radziwill and Adam Kenworthy Break-Up?”

  1. i’m sure Adam got tired of sharing their every waking hour with President Trump. you can’t spend that much time hating someone so publicly and still have time for love and romance. it’s so sad…i love Carole and wish the old one would come back. ☹️

    1. If that were the case then no journalist, political pundit, or investigative reporter would ever have love or romance in their life. It’s possible to be politically vocal, politically active, and have a private life. Besides, I’m pretty sure they are both on the same side of the political spectrum, and if you’ve ever followed them on social media, it’s pretty clear they were a closely aligned, very romantic couple with a lot of similar interests. But people come into our lives for different reasons and different seasons: some relationships simply come to an end because they’re just not meant to last forever.

  2. I figured once he moved out that things were not great between them anymore. carole didn’t look like she was happy.

  3. I think the shacking up ruined the once unique romance. Living with someone, lover or friend, frequently the friendship ends or is sorely tested. As Carole said she has had many wonderful men, but she is happy alone too. They spoke about this very thing when discussing the book they tried to write together, another mistake, IMO. They agreed that when & if they broke up, friends was all, no benefits.

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