Carlton Gebbia: I Wish Viewers Could Have Seen Another Side Of Me


Carlton Gebbia is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the RHOBH reunion. Carlton explains that she wishes viewers could had seen another side of her throughout the season, and comments on who she thinks Kyle Richards really is.

Carlton writes, “Overall it was quite amusing sitting there and watching Kyle bouncing around on the couch like a caged animal ready to pounce, as she’s snarling at me and then at Lisa, blaming her for her husband’s tabloids. Slightly misplaced anger I say. Whining about how it could damage her life, her family, her husband and her business. Yes here it comes. . .Really??? You mean like calling someone Anti-Semitic! A deliberate and calculated attack on my character and family which only goes to prove my point about this vile woman.

It is interesting that when Kyle tells Lisa that whenever she’s talking Lisa interrupts because she doesn’t want people to hear the truth. But all I’ve witnessed is Kyle bellowing over Lisa and I whenever we want to answer or say anything. How can anyone get a word in, let alone a sentence with this crap. Seems like she’s the one who doesn’t want anyone to hear the truth. So yes I sit there wondering when this dull pain will be over. Some interception would have been nice too! Lisa made an excellent point to her (Kyle) about a popularity contest regarding me. God knows I wasn’t popular and yet Lisa befriended me waaaay before Puerto Rico. . .hmmmm?

But Kyle cant stop herself from insulting Lisa yet again about saying she had no one and no friends and that’s why she saw me after PR. In her mind, she has convinced herself that the only reason Lisa called me from PR upset was because Lisa knew in advance that we would be sitting next to each other on this couch today??? I’m thinking medication at this point and a really pretty white muumuu wrapped around really tightly.

As soon as I called out Kyle on her part in the obvious “gang up” she again resorts to name calling and (yet again) insulting my religious beliefs. That is why I called her a bigot — and deservedly so. This woman is completely incapable of showing any respect or tolerance for any religion that is different. I don’t believe in baseless labels, but when they are absolutely dead-on, then yes I will call someone out as that.

Then there’s Kyle viciously bellowing at Lisa “You did me wrong. I didn’t do you wrong.” Bloody Hell. Kyle why so angry? And to tell me, as I defend Lisa which obviously makes her taste blood, that “no one cares” about me and “neither does Lisa” and “be quiet.” She is trash! Kyle definitely has a Pack Mentality.

Yes so Yolanda twice tries to stop me from engaging or commenting. In retrospect I’m not OK with that. After 12 long hours, I wished I had said something. With all due respect, I didn’t need to be told “let them go at it” or “stay out of it” when I wanted to defend firstly my family’s name and then also Lisa. I’m involved in this argument and I didn’t like what was going down. I certainly didn’t need permission, as everyone else was interjecting.

I know Kyle is screaming about giving this tabloid drama a platform this whole season, but the only one who did that was Kyle herself. And Let’s be fair, Lisa was not the the one who brought up the tabloid rumors on camera at my luncheon nor was she the one who had the tabloid in her home.

Now I have to deal with this idiotic excuse of a man Michael as he also begins to insult my religious beliefs and chastise me. I’ve met this man maybe three or four times at best, maybe had a total of 10 minutes exchange of words. We’ve had no real interaction and unfortunately you don’t get to see him, Joyce, and Kyle all going at me at the same time. All three mouths shouting and insulting my religion yet again. Horrid beings to say the least. But I can assure you that this man would have been talking out of the other side of his face had my husband been there, who was away on business. But being the coward he is who just likes to argue and engage with only woman I doubt he would have uttered a word. There has been more than enough evidence that Michael prefers to argue and insult women rather than men.

Joyce now denying comparing gods is a blatant lie, evident by her talking head when she says “I have a God that is so much more powerful than any witch in the world.” Between the three of them, they have insulted and dismissed an organized religion where by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are practicing Pagans and Wiccans. A religion that is recognized in the United States Military. What are they not getting? It’s really not good karma to keep insulting my religion Wicca and Paganism as they do.

Funny enough Michael has tried to engage with me before, but of course when I directed him to my husband, there was absolute silence. That alone spoke volumes to his character. I do think Michael is confused by his Housewife status. It must be very hard coming down from being an award winning producer to now just being the husband of a very young and pretty housewife. But at least he has Twitter to occupy his time now.

If he got sick it’s probably more accurate to assume he needs to change his dietary habits, rather than give me the credit. And if this insulting excuse of a man thinks that what I believe in and practice since I was a child is done for shock valve, then I guess the jokes on him. Wasn’t he the one having his house blessed by a pastor and a rabbi and wasn’t he wearing a talisman for protection? There is no end to the dumb remarks this man makes. Saying that I embarrass my religion? How dare he make that determination from not even knowing me at all. I don’t know what faith he is nor do I care. Yes my faith is one of harmony, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit and be quiet and listen to an onslaught of insults and turn the other cheek. I do not wish harm on anyone irregardless of my religion or otherwise. I just rely on karma for that. I’ve had a lot of Wiccas and Pagans reach out to me horrified and equally insulted by Michael, Kyle, and Joyce’s attacks on my faith.

Oh and now suddenly he personally knows Wiccans. Sure of that as much as I believe in his near home invasion story.

I look back at the despicable behavior of Kyle Richards and am now not surprised by her asinine behavior. After all, why would I be shocked by what she’s called me when she can publicly humiliate her own sister, her own flesh and blood, Kim by viciously outing her on camera for the world to view. That is exactly who Kyle is, no moral compass what so ever.

Please understand I didn’t discuss my religion until this journey began other than family and close friends purely for the reasons I’m dealing with: ignorance and prejudice. People for the most part fear what they don’t understand. Even as a young as seven, I remember getting taunted at school for being different, being called “witchy.” My grandmother told me to keep quiet. So I did until my late teens. I never wore my beliefs on my sleeve, so to speak, but if I was asked I wouldn’t deny it either. As I got older people were more receptive, but It is shocking to me that I’m dealing with such bloody mindedness at my age with these three. Sadly there will always be religious bigotry and intolerance.

So the end of a very interesting and challenging experience. I will say I have really enjoyed getting to know Lisa. I love her sense of humor and style and we have definitely had our giggles on and off camera. Ken and Lisa have always been very kind and supportive and my husband has enjoyed getting to know them too.

I also have enjoyed Yolanda and have great respect for the way she has raised such sweet and well-adjusted children — and of course having spent time with Brandi and her lovely boys, she really is a great mum and at the end of the day that is all that matters. My personal experience with Kim has always been a positive one and I really like her too.

If I could change anything, it would have been that your introduction to me was more than the one-dimensional being that you saw. I never wanted my faith to be such a focal point and definitely not for it to be treated so disrespectfully constantly. I would have loved to have introduced you to a more educational and insightful view of the beauty of Wicca and Paganism. I would have liked to have had more fun with this group — but that was a tough one. Maybe to have shown the more glamorous side of Beverly Hills. And definitely for you to have seen a little more of my gorgeous husband David and our magical children, Destiny, Mysteri and Cross.

No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, one should never be judged based upon that. there are no reasons why all religions cannot coexist.

Whatever the outcome I have met some wonderful women and so many amazing tweeting gorgeous souls along the way because of this journey.”

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20 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia: I Wish Viewers Could Have Seen Another Side Of Me”

  1. Sorry Creepyton…you are evil. You did not portray your beliefs well. You are wrong regarding your comments on Michael. He was very calm in his response to Andy’s question and sincere regarding his opinions based on what he learned from others practicing the religion you claim to have and rightfully compared it to your behavior and actions.

    Creepyton was wrong on her treatment of Kyle and sweet joyce all season long. Creepyton’s f-you on the the tattoo cross she has is insulting many others. Bye bye bully

  2. Oh Carlton, there is no way after your nastiness towards so many that we could find anything you say truthful or interesting. Bye, bye!

  3. Really, Carlton? You wish viewers could see another side of you? What side would that be? I speak only for myself, but I have a feeling others will agree, I’ve seen all of you I ever want to see.

    Your first comment here shows how nasty you are: “…Kyle bouncing around on the couch like a caged animal ready to pounce, as she’s snarling at me and then at Lisa…” I watched the show. Caged animal? Ready to pounce? Snarling? Exaggerate much, Carlton?

    And this comment: “…Lisa was not the the one who brought up the tabloid rumors on camera…” Yes, she was. She mentioned it in the very first episode.

    And what about these: “…this idiotic excuse of a man Michael…” “…this insulting excuse of a man…” “…That is exactly who Kyle is, no moral compass what so ever.” You know something, Carlton? Name-calling is the same as “labeling”.

    And this “Yes my faith is one of harmony…” Then maybe you try some of that. You say “I do not wish harm on anyone irregardless of my religion or otherwise. I just rely on karma for that.” You do know, don’t you, that KARMA works both ways? I’m guessing you should expect a visit or two from Karma yourself for your horrible behavior this season.

    BTW, “irregardless” is NOT a word.

    1. You spent your whole blog ranting and raving about Kyle! GET OVER IT! I cannot truly believe that you watched one episode this season and actually saw yourself act this way and did not feel any kind of remorse. I would be totally embarrassed for the things you said and did and not want to make amends. You showed no respect for your husband or his family name by your actions. Honestly, I know there are some dumb housewives, but you just took the crown for the meanest, most insecure, BULLY, of all the seasons! Good riddance to you!

  4. Yes, Carlton, it would have been nice to have seen another side of you on national television, other than a darkened ambiguous woman who displayed a raunch factor the likes I’ve rarely seen (and that’s saying a lot) on supposedly the highest decorated housewife franchise. I would rather not have viewed you weekly grinding on your motherinlaw, trading double entendres with your twisted nanny, watching you erect a romping room for S&M for your husband (and whomever you had a crush on at that moment), blast away at anyone who asked you a normal question about yourself, and not had to have listened to a 50ish, yes, no, sorry I don’t believe you’re in your 40’s, woman and mother of three using the “f” word every other sentence as though it were a beautiful descriptive adjective. Let’s see, I could go on but I’m getting bored.

    Here’s my thought. Did you think maybe deep in your mind that you were going to elevate this show with your special brand of earthiness and become a runaway hit with viewers ? And when it backfired big time you started pointing your jealous fingers at particularly your biggest rival Kyle ? And project all of your hate and darkness onto a woman who has a huge moral compass by the way and who has some dignity and enough grace to keep her womanhood private behind closed doors and thinks about her children and husband first before she would embarrass and make them feel ashamed?

    Carlton. Fucking way to go love. *”yaaaay”*

  5. All I have ever seen from you is hatred and I find you disgusting. If your husband was so wonderful why wasn’t he there to defend you. I think both your husband and David Foster are ashamed of their wives participation on this show. I should think family is more important that BUSINESS. Hope you broom away and are never heard from again.

  6. I like Carlton. I would totally hang out with her. There’s something really raw and natural about her that I find appealing. I appreciate her spirituality. Well, even if it’s for one season, I’m glad I got the opportunity to “meet” her on this show.

  7. We saw enough of you as it is, with all of your toys and that skanky party you put on. And you were worried about what your children would think about you making out with Brandi PLEASE.

  8. I had the opportunity MANY, MANY times to show a diff side of u but u never seemed to want to. Your fault, plain & simple. I’m glad your mouth piece & wack adoo, Allison Dubrois, has said u def won’t b coming back. The only good that came from u being on this season is meeting your husband & kids. All of them seemed to be very nice & sweet.

  9. Carlton would have been a lot of fun if she would have just hung back a bit when she was at Yolanda’s party talking about her dreams of Kyle! That was the turning point for me… started to dislike her NOT for religion but because she seemed petty and was CREATING drama!

  10. Please do not take Carlton back next season, Bravo.
    you spread massive amount of negative energy around you, and your problems with kyle seems to be jealousy more than anything else. You have been incredible rude since day one, so please take your issues and negativity and stay out of the show.
    You are definitely the WORST housewife of this Beverly Hills season!

  11. Carlton, what a big fat liar you turned out to be!!! As it turned out you were a friend of the loonie tune, Allison. You had a hidden agenda all along which was to GET KYLE! You made yourself and your religion look absolutely ridiculous. I’m sure those in the Wicca Community are ashamed to be associated with you! You portrayed yourself as a bitter sadistic sex obsessed OLD witch. What I found hilarious is you were worried about what your husband’s potential clients might think by you being labeled Anti-Semitic. RHOBH, please bring back the class and get rid of the trash!

  12. LocoforBravo

    I’m with you. Of course she was out to get Kyle because of her sick association with Allison. But let’s not forget that Camile Grammar is the one who brought the psychic. Do we really want Camile back?

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