Carlton Gebbia Tells Brandi Glanville She Would Return To RHOBH


This week on her podcast, Brandi Glanville and guest co-star Carlton Gebbia dished about their time together on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Carlton revealed that she felt validated when Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump agreed that she had gotten a bad edit during season 4, and Gebbia shared that she was happy Andy publicly apologized to her.

When Brandi asked Carlton if she would ever return to the show, Gebbia said, “Yes, I would. After Andy being public about it and he said he put it in his book as well. I absolutely would.”

“Yes, it was a positive experience because it was my own experience,” Carlton said of her time on RHOBH. “It was my journey.”

For a more detailed recap of Brandi’s podcast featuring Carlton, click here.

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13 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia Tells Brandi Glanville She Would Return To RHOBH”

  1. Well she def was portrayed in a very odd way. I am sure there is more to her than meets the eye. BUT, having that strange party with naked people running around and constantly talking about being a witch? That sure doesn’t help. Perhaps the OTHER side of her face can come back.

  2. It probably was edited pretty bad, but some of the things were obviously real life because we saw it. The weird party, the sex room, her saying she was a witch…so she was odd. I didn’t have a problem with her though, I’d watch her again….unless she comes bk as a big Brandi buddy….I probably couldn’t watch that.

  3. You know what, Andy did admit that Carlton had a bad edit and that Bravo withheld footage that showed parts of her life that was more palatable, but that still doesn’t mean that the in your face sex pot witchy poo take no prisoners attitude Carlton showed us wasn’t real either. That part – as admitted by Carlton herself was very real- and was not well received by viewers. In fact she was much reviled. And since Carlton hated Kyle and since Brandi hates Kyle and has pretty much burned all her bridges already with all the other ladies on the show she would love to have Carlton back. But I don’t think negativeness is the way to go.

  4. When she had that luncheon at her “house” she did everything in her power to put Kyle on the spot. Whether someone likes Kyle or not, she was asking normal questions anyone would be curious when they see a Catholic confessional. Naturally she had to relate the fact that she had sex in there, maybe with her husband and maybe her nanny, or…. She purposely and cruelly made Kyle as uncomfortable as possible, and did a nice job of it. I would have left myself after the 3rd or 4th time she got that nasty look on her ugly face. Then it was telling of the way Kim never stands up for Kyle when BG started in on the hurtful gossip in the rags. Anyone could see how much that hurt Kyle, love her or hate her for Carlton to allow someone to be made to feel like that at her table and encouraging it just shows what a real witch bitch she was. Kim just sat there and let her sister practically start crying, one woman to another, Kyle didnt’ deserve that from Carlltonn. Why wouldn’t Kyle have wondered if she was anti-semetic. She treated her like shit from the first moment. She won’t be back.

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