Carlton Gebbia Slams Kyle Richards For Anti-Semintic Accusation


Carlton Gebbia is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her fight with Kyle Richards this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Carlton explains why she was offended by Kyle’s anti-seminitc accusation and continues to explain why she doesn’t like Kyle. Carlton also discusses her meeting with Joyce and Joyce’s questioning about “spells.”

Carlton writes, “No matter what my feelings were towards Joyce, upon her request which I respect, we had a lunch to sort out misconceptions and anything else. I was honest with her at lunch, I told her what I had said and felt about her and her husband’s comments the first time we met — plus some other truths. So there were no surprises or hypocrisy, she knew but maybe she forgot. I was truly upset at the idea that she thought I would put a spell on her family, especially her children, when what happened at Yolanda’s was a tongue-in-cheek reaction to her yet another ridiculous challenge.

Watching Kyle’s talking head as she’s constantly rude about Lisa (her friend) only compounds and confirms my feelings towards her. Talk about smiling at one’s face and then stabbing them in the back. But I guess that’s her M.O. I know I’m not wrong about her, and I definitely know I’m not the only one who feels this.

Lisa’s dinner. . .Please understand the only reason we went was for Ken and Lisa. David and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa and Ken, he has a wonderful dry sense of humor and we always have a good giggle. I apologized, of course, to Lisa for the next theatrics! Definitely not my intention for this hideous argument to ensue but when goaded consistently, yeah, eventually I am going to bite. . .Reaching this crescendo of digs, insults, innuendos, and challenges — yep now I’m done!

The very minute our arses touch the chairs she brings up Nipple-Gate. So why now do that? Of course she knows that we are going to argue. If she can be that disrespectful by bringing up the nipple deal again at dinner the minute we sit down and then constantly referring to me disrespectfully as “she” and “her,” of which you only heard a few, there were many more! Then WTF do you think I’m going to sit there with a fake grin? Really. No of course predictably she goads me one more time and off we go.

Again need I have to prove my point further that Kyle had already known about me before I stepped into this arena and that she was the one guilty of having preconceived notions about me and my non-traditional faith! Wow this is bloody exhausting!!! This is why I knew she didn’t like me beforehand.

Kyle told someone in front of a “large group of people” that when she heard that I was going to join the group, her exact comment was “Are you crazy, I’m like, we have enough problems, now we’ve got a witch to be scared about.” Really?

You had already made your mind up about me long before I honestly met you and naturally got your number. When I came in you pretended you had no idea of what my faith or beliefs were. . .constantly! And that is why my senses were heightened around you, just waiting for the next insult, dig, or potential set up.

In this day and age why do I have to keep defending my Faith. It’s mind boggling to me. I have never once brought my religion up, they have and I’ve never insulted their religion, nor would I but they feel the desperate need to insult mine.

So when she called me that horrific name it was honestly devastating to me. I have never been called anything so hateful so I immediately covered it with anger, until I got home and it turned to tears. It took a while to get past that for me. You can call me a bitch, witch, or whatever but one thing I’m not is prejudice, it was shocking to me. To say that my disdain for her is because of her religion that she converted to and not the truth. I just don’t think she’s a good person. She is seriously crossing a line.

For me it says a lot about the character of a person who can say such a hateful thing without conscience. A total BASELESS defamatory accusation. This heinous word resonates with people that understand (and some still alive today remember it) and brings to mindthe atrocities and pain and evil linked with it.  And she throws it around like its a word of the day, obviously having no respect for her adopted faith!  She just tried to condemn me to millions of persecuted people and their religious convictions! A word filled with insurmountable pain and hatred that can be so flippantly thrown out with no consequence. As my friends would say: “Tit ba yeshee lach!” “Shame on you!””

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9 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia Slams Kyle Richards For Anti-Semintic Accusation”

  1. Carlton, “you can’t handle the truth”!!! truth is, Bravo was crazy for bringing you on. forget Kyle’s comment, attitude or anything else about her. we have come to our own conclusions just watching YOU!!! if you had any confidence in yourself and religion, then you’d know that people don’t arrive at their opinion by others on the show, we come to them by watching that individual, alone. Stop blaming Kyle or anyone else for your horrible actions and behavior. Its all on you, just admit it that you failed horribly and leave the show before we leave the show completely. PLZ!

  2. Breath deeply Carlton… we are not watching this show to see you have a complete meltdown… Your husband looks like he is doing steriods… maybe you are too… that would be a good excuse for your behavior.

  3. Be careful Cathy, she may put a spell on you! But, I agree with you. How can she be offended by nipples, with entertainment she had at her party and showing the world her sex toys and room? She craves attention.

  4. Cathy I agree with you 100%. Carlton came on with an attitude and was looking for a target to get her airtime. Lucky Kyle was it. This witch has a serious problem and it has nothing to do with her religion. She is just plain hateful.

  5. I think Carlton is a hypocrite. After Kyle gave her that necklace and Carlton accepted it, seemingly graciously, the very next thing we see is Carlton talking crap about Kyle saying that she thinks Kyle is talking about her behind her back. Really, Carlton?

    She has had it in for Kyle since the beginning and this is one housewife I would be glad to see GONE.

  6. It’s obvious why Bravo brought angry Carlton on – she has no manners, is totally self-absorbed and too insecure to ever get along with anyone. She never came back from ‘the darkside,’ and whoever told that skank she has anything to offer anyone, lied big-time.

  7. Carlton is real and the others are intimidated. Kyle is VERY fake. She could easily pass for Michael Douglas in drag. Brandi?? What’s up?? Choose a mood and choose a friend, make up your mind???? Lisa is just being Mom-Like. It is her character. She has a lot of responsibilities with her work. She is used to bossing people. Cut her some slack. Kyle is calculating and will jump on the fence with anyone that will help her husband sell a house. Really??

  8. Hey Lisa you must be a friend of Carltons, As you see you are the only one that likes her. I agree with all the other comments. Carlton is so jealous of Kyle and she should be, no competition there. Agree

    Kyle, Carlton does look like a witch

  9. Sorry for the late reply. I have a life……….

    No. I do not know Carlton. I just call a spade a spade and I have been in the business long enough to spot a fake. Kyle is FAKE. Carlton is just different and I think it throws small minded people in a spin. Do your research.

    Carlton has a great career and is more wealthy and, sorry, has a rocking hot body. Pay attention, she has never slammed anyone on the show, just for the heck of it. Kyle stir the pot, because she is sad and is a throw back…………….

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