Carlton Gebbia Separated From Husband


According to a new report, former RHOBH star Carlton Gebbia and her husband David have been separated for over a year and are “living together and raising their children under the same roof.”

“She wants her children to have a solid foundation and not be living in two homes,” the source tells ET. “They’ve been married for 18 years. There’s no reason they can’t raise they’re children together.”

You might have seen reports that Carlton was hospitalized last week.

Last Friday night, the source says the estranged couple had a “horrid argument” over their “pending divorce and money.”

According to TMZ, Gebbia was reportedly hospitalized on Friday following an incident at the Los Angeles nightclub, Bootsy Bellows. Paramedics were called out to the establishment and Gebbia was seen being placed in a wheelchair before she was taken out on a stretcher to the ambulance.

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    1. I totally agree. I understand why keeping the children with both parents seems like a great idea, but then again, where is all this arguing taking place…hopefully not in front of the children. It does not sound good.
      They seemed to have a not so ordinary marriage of sorts, or at least it appeared like they may have had threesomes…from what I was seeing, anyway. I don’t think it was boring in their bedroom based on what we were shown, but who knows what kind of marriage they really had. It was a long marriage, especially for California standards. I am surprised, even her MIL seemed to get along with her, and she did seem like she might not be the woman most women would choose for their sons. Oh well. I do hope the kids are not too traumatized by all of it.

  1. I agree with the above 2 posts. Being in the same house & separated cannot be a peaceful atmosphere for the kids. They’d both be dry & cold with set faces & no communication probably, and that cannot be easy. Kids are not stupid. Carlton was a very raw woman & did have a spirit of darkness while on the show. Hope her home life had some light. She kind of scared me, so I was glad when she was not a returner.

  2. Well, I always found her very strange. I feel bad for the kids. I can’t remember how old they were then and how old they would be now.

  3. I found this from when Carleton was on BH:
    Carlton takes great pride in having designed their Gothic-inspired home where they currently reside in Beverly Hills. Carlton will say her greatest accomplishments are her three children, Destiny (11), Mysteri (10), and Cross (2) with her husband, David, whom she describes as “truly her soul-mate.”

    1. Can you imagine being saddled with the name “Mysteri”? A 1990’s stripper name. Like Destiny was in the 70’s. Oh…wait…

      1. Carleton did say, “Don’t mess with my kids’ names”, and she seemed to mean it. I don’t understand all of the names. Destiny seems fine. Mystery could be Mysty for a girl, anyway, and Cross really is the most difficult name. She said, “He’s Cross,” then corrected to say,
        “His name is Cross” or something like that. Cross meaning angry or the actual cross…well…that could be very difficult. The problem is that the child did not choose these name, and when anyone does say something about them, it does affect the child, especially if he or she is reading this online. Others have survived with names that are not the norm and actually thrived, maybe because they had these names? I knew a doctor named Carol, and he was a male, and although not very tall, he was a very powerful person who was a great cardiologist and a strong personality.
        I did choose names that have been around for a very long time and are short and easy to spell for my sons, although today, girls have names that used to be only for boys and vice versa, and parents have chosen different names, not that we have to love them. Some names should be forbidden though, and I think there are some that are not allowed. I do agree that these names are quite different, and yet, both parents must have agreed to them.
        I never was in love with Carleton, though she was never boring. She seemed like a dark soul.

          1. Morning Suze and Sandy , I like unusual names , so I do like her children’s names . Suze I do agree about apple . .. can’t stand that name for a child . Hope all is going good ladies . Have a great Sunday

            1. Gwyneth Paltrow said it was Chris Martin who named Apple, and they split up now, I believe, but she also stated in one article that Apple loves her name.
              I thought it was different to name a child the name of a fruit. I was thinking Zucchini might be different too. Banana. Plum. Pineapple. Mango. Papaya. Hmm.
              On that note, when I first started working part time while I was attending college, I worked weekends at a hospital in the cashier’s office. Discharged patients would be wheeled in and I would make sure they paid for their TV charges, etc if possible before they left. At that time someone came in and said that one of the maternity moms looked up at a sign in her room after giving birth and named her son, Nosmoking. She pronounced it nozmo king. It was a No Smoking sign. I heard it all that day, and apparently, she did name him that name. I wonder now what happened to Nosmoking…that was many years ago…. 😉

              1. Sandy , that is so funny . I wonder what he thinks of his name . I’ve actually known a few people that named their dog apple. I’m thinking I may change my name to coconut . Got to keep up with the time’s ha ha

                  1. My French grandmother named me but my father’s surname is Spanish. I always wondered why no one thought that was odd but they obviously didn’t because my grandmother named my sister a French name too.
                    You would think based on that I would have been more intuned to names but apparently not. My first child’s name makes people think of a stripper (yet two of my cousins named their daughters the same name), my 2nd daughter’s name is mispronounced every single time without fail and with my son’s name I get, “like the car?!”

                    1. Hi Michelle , my sister has a Spanish first name and we have an Irish last name . Most people mispronounce her first name and our last name . No joke my dad named my sis after his ex girlfriend

                    2. Daisy, I guess I don’t have anything to complain about considering your sister was named after an ex! I hope her name is truly beautiful and she loves it too. By the way, how did he get that past your mum?

                1. Speaking of Apple, I haven’t seen our poster, Apple, for quite a while. I think of Daisy Duke with Daisy and I loved that show when it was on. I can’t think of a snotty “Deborah” so I can not get who it is you were named after. But you are as far from stuck up as can be, so not to worry. I have an odd name, Marian, which is a really old fashioned name. I named my kids all with D’s, hence 3D’s Forever. I do think “Cross” is one of those ones they did for themselves, not the child. But, hey, they have the right to name him whatever they want and they certainly applied those rights with him. I believe Carlton went around purposely doing things and picking on little things simply to have something to be pissed off about. Maybe she thought it made her stand out. She was right, as the biggest, rudest, most unlikable housewife of all.

                  1. Hi 3 D’S . You have a lovely name . I was named after a collage friend of my mom’s . Thanks for saying that I’m not stuck up . That’s one of the last things I would aspire to be . I’ll take Daisy duke she was gorgeous

              2. I remember reading a book back in the 70’s, I think it was, and the man named their baby child number five or six…….Period. Meaning no more kids PERIOD!!

            2. Hi delightful Daisy! I didn’t mind Carletons kids names, we picked short classic names as our surname is typically Scottish and people in England where we lived had trouble with the spelling! I hope you are having a really good weekend!
              One of my favourite names for a girl is Daisy!

              1. Good day sweet Suze . I’m having a great day. I hope the same for you. My name is Deborah so I like unusual names mine is as basic as can be

                1. I love the name Deborah, are you a Deborah or a Debbie or Debs? I have or had friends with all three. At least it’s not as common as Susan! My hubbie is the only one who calls me that when the credit card bill comes in! Then I hide! Lol Xoxoxoxxo

                  1. I always hide when my bills come in. I have a huge dislike of my name as I can’t stand the stuck up b I was named after . I typically go by Deb or Deborah . Some people do call me Debbie but I normally don’t answer when they do . I love your name it’s very pretty and actually just as common as mine just prettier

                    1. When I was in senior school we had five Susan’s in my class! My sister in law is the only one apart from hubbie when he is cross who calls me Susan, normally it’s Sue, Suze or Susie depending where in my life people first knew me, I like Deb, Debs or Deborah not so keen on Debbie!

                    2. Hi 3 D’S , I hope this goes in the right place , I was named after the little Debbie cupcake girl . … no no just joking haha . I was named after a collage friend of my mother’s

        1. My Mom’s only brother was Carroll, the male version of the spelling. It is common really for his age. Carlton was awful and rude. Divorce is never easy for the kids, nowadays it’s over 50% isn’t it? That is a lot of sad kids.

          1. Like Carroll O’Connor, yes. This man had the girl’s spelling, Carol. When I was new at the hospital, I was looking for a female doctor, and then realized Carol was a man soon after. 😉

            1. I have the spelling thing with my name too, with it being “an” or “on” at the end. The female is “an” as you know. I really like Carroll O’Conner in the “In The Heat of The Night” series. It was such a different character than he played in that sitcom from back when.
              I would have to say Carlton is one of my 3 most disliked housewives of all times. She made it a point to make Kyle feel uncomfortable, being Kyle was an invited guest at her home. And she had all those religious symbols in her house, of all different faiths, it would be confusing for any lay person. No matter whether you are Jewish, Catholic or Methodist it would be a curious thing to see a bunch of symbols from all of them. Then Brandy made it worse by going along and making her feel even worse. The rude ones were them, not Kyle for asking. Usually folks are proud of their faith, at the very least they don’t put someone on the spot in such a rude manner for asking. She was just a bitch IMO.

  4. Very sad considering how long they were together. In one way it’s quite commendable that they are living together for the sake of continuity for the kids, but I don’t believe most couples can do that with respect and restraint. Good luck to them. Carlton was too over the top for me and I like quirky!

  5. This news came out of left field for me…I could never relate to Carlton at all…but the whole spiel about being carted out of clubs in L.A. twice now, at least, by ambulance is downright freaky…I can’t imagine being “separated” yet still living together, just too weird. Hws who have done this include Bethenny and Jason, Jules and Michael are reportedly living together and “separated” and now we hear the same with Carlton and David…just too weird, like everything about her really – way out there. It did seem like they were super happy like almost too happy. I did like Joyce.

  6. Hideous, mean-spirited lady who made a big show of licking a stripper pole at her husband’s business party but tried to blame Kyle for making her look bad over something stupid. I was repulsed by this vile, orange witch and really delighted she wasn’t asked back.

  7. Ah so….so this might explain (according to eyewitness accounts) why she was carried out of a club last week on a stretcher after imbibing copious amounts of alcohol…and it’s not the first time she’s done this in public. Can it be an imploding marriage that caused her to make these spectacles? I do remember on the show she has a lewd, party girl spirit about her, but drinking at high profile spots until you pass out and emergency services have to be called is just not a good thing. I hope the best for her children. Divorce is a terribly difficult transition for most families.

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