Carlton Gebbia Says Her Kiss With Brandi Glanville Was Harmless


Carlton Gebbia is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on her kiss with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Brandi Glanville. Carlton admits it was weird seeing Brandi tell Lisa they made out, but she explains that it was harmless. Carlton also shares that she doesn’t quite understand why Kyle Richards can’t let the cheating scandal die.

Carlton writes, “Well I’m trying not to be insensitive here as this is a very touchy and emotional subject. But I am soooo over hearing about “The Scandal.”

My experence has been if you want to move on from a negative situation, then one should stop shinning a bloody spotlight on it. Just stop talking about it. At this point you have flogged it to death. Stop adding fuel to an almost out fire. So the tabloids lied and said her husband cheated with a woman. Well a president really “did” get a bloody blow job and we have moved on as a nation.

Seriously the only thing of true value here is that they seem to have a really great marriage and obviously beautiful children — and that is the only support they should need.

And moving right along to a nice little eye opener for me. Oh fantastic! Yes watching Brandi tell Lisa that we made out was a little surprising — and maybe if I had known her better I might not have been shocked. But like she said, it was just a kiss, no torrid affair. We didn’t elope. I make no apologies for having kissed girlfriends. It’s bloody harmless.”

Photo Credit: Bravo