Carlton Gebbia Reveals She Does Not Have An S&M Fetish, Explains “Adult” Room


Carlton Gebbia is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain her adult room. Viewers were shocked when Carlton’s nanny found a chest of S&M sex toys and Carlton is explaining why she owns them and why she wanted a private room for her and her husband. Carlton writes, “Burlesque room. . .I am sooo excited to do this surprise room for my husband. Our home is so open plan with very few doors, so not much room for privacy with our kiddies. With this room at least we are home, but safely locked away downstairs. I want it to have a burlesque feel with a platform, as David loves to watch me dance so this would be perfect. Years ago I used to dance (ballet and modern mainly). I love to make our relationship fun and sexy, and, 18 years later, I think we’ve done a pretty good job.

Yes well, Elizy discovers a box of naughty toys, but seriously most of those were given to me as shock value gifts way back from my bachelorette party night. Half I’ve never used — but are hysterical memories! Sadly didn’t keep the blow up doll from that night. I’m not into hardcore toys. No S&M or fetish for me! Not that there is anything wrong with that. No pneumatic drills or anything that will to chip my teeth, only pain free naughtiness.

I got an opportunity to go and see Lisa in action on her job site of her new restaurant. First off she looks amazing in a pink hard hat, but she’s truly hands on and it’s her vision. That day Lisa was placing these beautiful huge olive trees. Got to say this woman knows what she wants. I get very excited being on a job site because this is what I’ve been doing for the last ten years with my brother-in-law John. From buying the land to designing the floor plan and the style of the house to every single interior detail to the landscape. Of course, you have to surround yourself with talented contractors and their crew too, which we have. Nothing more rewarding than seeing an idea on paper take life and materialize. There’s always a beginning, middle, and end.

Proper etiquette with regards to Yolanda’s dinner. . .Yes, in retrospect, I should have called earlier. But I really did want to go to! I wanted to see Yolanda and knew it would be an amazing night — and I also wanted to see what David Foster does best. I was sure he would have some fun talented surprises. So when I got sick, compliments of having children who bring germs home, I selfishly thought I would feel better later that day. But I didn’t, and the closer it got to leaving my husband said I looked ill and should stay in bed.

Also with respect to Yolanda’s fragile immune system, going there sick wouldn’t be fair or right. So yes. . .I delayed the bloody inevitable and cancelled last minute! At that point it wasn’t about etiquette and being somewhere I said I would go. I was sick. It was about Yolanda and I didn’t want to be ill around David’s wife no matter how much I wanted to be there. Now there’s a conundrum, not so black and white after all. But I really appreciated that Lisa understood.

The dinner party looked exquisite and Yolanda’s toast was moving. David’s surprise was this amazing group of four boys called “The Tenors.” Of course I was sad I couldn’t be there, it was reminiscent of a charity event that my David and I went to on Rodeo Drive with the superior Andrea Bocelli performing. This music fills my soul and effects me on such a deep and emotional level.

Apparently I’m on the “Dream Team” although Joyce renamed it ” The Nightmare Team,” but oddly that does sound wonderful too. Thank you. Hmmm. . .Just four woman who are a force to be reckoned with. Yes, I could see how that could be your nightmare.

This dinner was by far the funniest and most enjoyable to watch. The one where Brandi gets confused as to which “Baby” Joyce is referring to. Was it the real “baby” children or the man “baby”? It was f—ing hysterical — especially his expression, priceless!

OMFG and Joyce’s talking head with no breaths to be heard “He is my baby and if you’re upset you don’t have a baby then go find a baby and maybe if you acted different you’d have a baby of your own!” Baby, baby, baby. Good God give it a rest!

Brandi actually has two real babies, not a man baby. Joyce calling him a baby and then he’s calling her his “little girl”! I am sensing a theme here. Sorry it’s a little creepy. Just an observation.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    No one is more creepy than you are.

    • Binky

      Absolutely agree Aunt Bee – she’s beyond scary.

  • yaya

    OK.. this chick is very strange and it seems that sex is always on her mind, don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy lovemaking with my husband, but, with carlie it seems that’s all she ever talks about… What else has she shared with this group while being filmed?
    1) strange kids names
    2) she dislikes seating head of table
    3) she has a thing for Brandi
    4) numerous short witch stories
    5) she loves nature/animals
    She doesnt have very much to say at all, its like pulling teeth for her to share fun, interesting, lavish social life adventures, who signed her up for this show anyway?????? Talk about watching paint dry!. Is she involved in any community events/charities????? She’s odd and just drawn to s e x- nature- things…. Eeeck! Yuck!

  • sirena

    I agree with u Aunt Bee… Carlton even had the nerve to say that “Joyce was creepy for calling her husband BABY”… There are a lot of people who call their marriage mate or significant other BABY….Carlton hates Joyce & Kyle but excuse Brandi’s bad behavior… Nobody cares about her sex life.. Carlton’s kids will see this 1 day…. How sad!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well the other women LOOK like women. That’s likely first on her list for hating them. Brandy she wanted to take into her “adult room” Not only adults now that she explained it for her kids to see. I guess it is private that she kissed Brandy but not so that she built a room her kids weren’t supposed to have a key to. Now that they know, like any teen ager they will do anything necessary to get in. Gosh she just makes me SICK.
      She would be a great friend for someone who wanted to be the prettiest girl at a party if Carl was with her.

  • Elizabeth

    Does Carlton not realize that ball gags are instruments in S&M. SMH. Surely she’s not that dumb and not dumb enough to think anyone believes her. She’s a foul mouthed, scary looking, over-tanned, poor example for any child to be around mean girl. She, Brandi and Yolanda have brought the RHOBH down…way down. And Lisa? I’m glad her true colors are showing brightly this season….instigating two-faced witch.

  • Good grief

    Oh no! After reading the other comments, I realize I am on my own island. I really enjoy Carlton because she speaks her mind and says things that other people are thinking but are too scared to say. Which is also why I love watching Brandi. We probably would have a blast together until they turned on me and eviscerated me.

    The thing that is bugging me about Carlton is that she loves the shock value, but then acts horrified when you notice it or question her on it. It’s like someone with face tattoos and piercings – you know they are doing it to be shocking and different, but if you stare at them or question them about it, they want to kill you for pointing out the obvious. So, you look at the sky a lot and try to avoid the massive elephant in the room, which is that I want to inspect your face and ask you all kinds of questions about it because it’s obviously different….not that that’s what you were going for?!? And then to NOT notice it is equally insulting because you don’t “get” them. I think it’s a lose-lose situation with Carlton. She scares people into becoming who she wants them to be. It’s obvious which role she plays in her adult room.

  • Aunt Bee

    You have a point, Good Grief.

  • getreal

    All I can say is that this person looks better with her face covered up. She needs to keep wearing that mask thing. Yes, the gag seems appropriate as well.

  • Coochie-Coochie

    To each his/her own

    Get your freak on, Carlton !