Carlton Gebbia Returning To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?


Carlton Gebbia was fired after appearing on season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because Bravo felt she did not connect with viewers. But TMZ is reporting that Bravo ended up begging Carlton to return to the show after they fired her.

Sources tell the site that Gebbia had a meeting with Bravo execs where they asked her to make a few appearances this season, but Carlton made it very clear she had absolutely no interest in returning to the show.

This week, Andy Cohen publicly apologized to Carlton on Watch What Happens Live. He said that they made a mistake by portraying her as a wicked witch when she’s actually a devoted mom, a fun wife and a savvy businesswoman.

Now, Carlton tells TMZ that she would be open to returning to RHOBH.

What are your feelings about Carlton? Did you like her on RHOBH? How would you feel if she returned? Sound off in our comments section!

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94 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia Returning To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?”

    1. You’re absolutely right. She was boring, self-righteous, & mean! I’d actually like to see them bring Joyce back — she was fun & kind-hearted (& didn’t put up with Brandi’s BS)! Better yet, for Joyce’s own good, it’d be best if she didn’t return. ☺

    2. How do you know that? Is it only because of what Bravo decided to show you? Hence why they want her back to portray the real side of her and not the villainous.

  1. The thought of her returning makes me sick. Her nastiness and negativity were disgusting as was her constant thoughts on sex and nudity.

    1. I’m with you. Glad to see a non xtian/jew/muslim who has the huevos to tout their spirituality. I’d be MORE on board than watching boring brandi and drinky mcglug glug kim.

  2. Why Bravo can’t find girls that are fun? Carleton is such a mean bore. Drop rhe religious stuff it is sickening. We don’t watch the shows (RHOs) for religious or political insights so please don’t bring it into the mix. Can we get back to outlandish trips and husband’s with wives they love or hate.

    Thank you very much!

  3. Didn’t really like or dislike her honestly. I never knew why she hated Kyle so much…that’s probably because I didn’t pay much attention to her. But who knows, maybe she’d be Ok……undecided.

    1. it was as if she had watched all the previous seasons and was desperate to get into the “cool people clique” of lisa and brandi. her hypocrisy annoyed me.

  4. Disliked her the entire season. If she comes back, I will not watch. I’ll find something else to watch. No biggie. If I remember correctly, most bashed her on all blogs, she had a very small following, Bravo and AC are fools.
    If this reptile comes back I hope she gets her arse kicked by one of the newbies certainly Kyle doesn’t have the gumption to put her in her place and keep her squashed.
    Carl is a witch plain & simple, by her past behavior she does play with black magic.

  5. Carlton was offensive. She was negative and so ready to take offense at anything. I love all of the housewives shows, but, if Carlton comes back I will NOT watch the show.

  6. I felt sorry for Her. Bring Her back to show the other side of Her. At least She called Kyle out apart from Lisa no one else had. At least up until now with Brandi.

    1. Yoyce was stupid. She was whiney and annoying flipping her long hair around all the time. Her husband was an even bigger weenie than she was. Talk about someone looking to be offended at every turn.

  7. I love the idea. The horrible haters above forgot that AC specifically said he wants her back on because THEY did a horrible job of portraying her and showed her in a negative light. She got the shaft and they feel she needs another chance.

    All of you morons forget that without people like Brandi from BH or Tamra from OC, THERE WOULDNT BE A SHOW.

    1. Who are you calling ‘morons’, Ricky? You’re watching a dumb reality show (as are the rest of us), and you’re spending precious time posting your deep thoughts on same (as are we). Intelligence isn’t determined by who likes or dislikes whom. Those are referred to as opinions.

    2. Hey Ricky- why do you have to be such a hater and call people names? This, just in case you didn’t know, is a blog where peeps are encouraged to give their opinions about the shows and the people on them. That is all part of the game- just like having the “good” and “bad” or “naughty” housewives on the shows are. You seem to get that part of the deal but then get incensed when fans voice an opinion that doesn’t match up with yours. Then ironically you spew your hate at the “haters” …. too funny. 😉

  8. I find it funny of those that say they won’t watch. Stop saying that because it’s not true. This franchise is just too addictive and we all know it. Have your opinion and keep it moving. That’s all!

    1. I honestly haven’t watched RHBH since the middle of last season, and then I dumped it. Carlton and Brandi were completely repellent to me. A network that so clearly loves to upset their viewership, doesn’t deserve any.

    2. I DVR every episode so I can fast forward during the commercials and Brandi. I’ll just do the same to the witch if they bring her back (God forbid).

    3. Seems like Carlton wins – she can create all of this drama? That is exactly what RHW is looking for so you are the ones who are bringing her back by popular drama demand

  9. Bravo isn’t looking for us to love each and every one of them. They keep the ones (good or bad) that keep us engaged and talking. That said, I don’t care either way. 🙂

  10. Well one thing is for certain, Carlyon is like a lighting rod- she is polarizing. I think she definitely tried way too hard last year to portray herself as this edgy sexy woman and Bravo took advantage of that- which the fans, for the most part rejected. So what’s Bravo’s game? With this season classed back up again (except of course for Brandi) are they going to “edit” a rehabbed Carlton and just show the money, glamor and her willingness to confront?

  11. I always liked her. She was weird at times, but always interesting. She absolutely called bs which I crave around the truly evll and bs covered Richards sisters.

  12. I wish Andy/Bravo execs actually read site comments like these.. Carlton was hard to watch and such a turn-off.. I don’t get why the execs liked her to begin with to put her on the show when she’s so hard to relate to..


  14. Seriously? Come on, bravo Is really gettin Into the trash.they enjoy that we hate her so much. Thats too bad.
    I will not be watching If she returns (and I mean that.) Ive already cut off new jersey and atlanta.its not that hard to stop watching.

  15. I think Carlon had a lot of potential, but two things screwed her over: 1. she was portrayed as a wacky nymphomaniac. Other new Housewives recently have pulled off wacky in their fist season (think Shannon from the OC), but the only HW I can think of who successfully pulled off both wacky and hyper-sexual in their first season is Sonja from NY. 2. Simultaneously, Carlton came on way too strong in her feud with Kyle, in a way that made it look like she took herself super seriously. Sot it was very difficult for anyone to reconcile and be attracted to a brand new castmember who was both nuts, and excessively pretentious.

    Despite that, Carlton was interesting and at times, funny. I also though her dynamics within the group (friends with both Lisa and Brandi) would have been interesting to moving forward. I think, if Brandi, Yolanda and Lisa are all back season 6, bringing Carlton in as a “friend” would be interesting. I agree that she’s not equipped to be a full Housewife though.

  16. I strongly disliked her. The mountain of a chip on her shoulder made her unbearable. As far as the way Bravo portrayed her, she had to actually do the things they showed in order for Bravo to show them. Bravo didn’t pull that disgusting stuff out of thin air. Maybe Bravo could have shown more of a different side of her than they did. But the fact remains that what they did show about her was repulsive and everyone has already been made aware of her “eccentricities.” It would be a huge mistake for Bravo to bring her back.

  17. Bravo is NOT bringing Carlton back. She put this out or had some1 do it & goes overboard perpetuating it. Andy’s comment about “feeling bad” that Carlton was shown one dimensional in his book & Q&A WWHL Youtube Exclusive have been exaggerated into Andy “deey apologized to Carlton on WWHL” (never happened) & she is now being “begged back.” Its the dumbest rumor I’ve ever heard & I cant believe all these blogs keep it going by repeating it without fact checking which would show all the inconsistencies in this. We are supposed to believe that Carlton is being begged to return wwhen 1. She was the most oddly disliked HW in that she was extrememly hated but in a weird way where she was still irrelevant & didnt gain notoriety like Brandi, Danielle Staub, Camille & every other overwhelmingly hated HW and 2. The ratings for the first 3 episodes this season are already beating the entire averagr of S4. Chant & incite a few more incantations Carlton & maybe that’ll come true…
    Carlton came on the show hating Kyle bc of Alison DuBois. Her need to keep begging for attention off RHOBH (4yrs after she appeared) resulted in exposing Carlton. She spent wks attacking Kyle, Lisa & Camille and when that garnered no attention she started posting “throwback” pics of her.& Carlton, telling tweeters they were longtime friends. Someone forwarded those tweets to Kyle & Camille who commented that it all made sense now & Alison promptly deleted the tweets. At the same time a blog ? Carlton about it, who anzwered yes they were old pals but even when joining the show, Alison never mentioned to Carlton she’d appeared on it before (PUHLEEZE). That same day Alison tweeted that her & Carlton hadnt seen each other in years. Which is then the story Carlton went with when ? by a blog from Bravo LOL. These two pals needed to at least spend 5 mins getting the same story straight to say. And even all that got picked up on by only like 3 blogs – thats how little anyone gives a crap to see her on the show or even talk about her. Thats what makes this story, the sudden re-reporting of it everywhere & anyone who believes it hysterical. One thing I’ll give Carlton- shes FINALLY gotten the most media coverage she’s been able to capture yet & is probably VERY excited, sitting by the phone for the new few weeks, thinking the producers are bound to call her & “beg her back” now!
    Dream on witchy poo

  18. And to the elegant & charming Ricky – is it your FT job to come on here & question ppls comments & opinions? And can you provide a link to this mysterious, apparently unaired episode of WWHL where Andy says “I want Carlton back on the show”? I see WWHL every Sun-Thurs & must have missed that one. He said on a YouTube extra Q&A with Lisa V he felt bad they only showed the witch stuff (which was generous considering thats all she gave them) – thats all. That simple comment was the strand used to spin this ridiculous fairy tale.
    Im not a moron & am well aware HWs like Brandi (who i like some times, dislike other times) & Tamra (who disgusts me) make the show talked about.- but that doesn’t negate the fact that Carlton is not one of them. (Oh and when I say dislike or disgust, I’m referring to the character of themselves they put out. Just wanted to spell that out since you take all the commentors words so literal to throw dirt at them & there wont be any confusion.)

    1. Yes I heard this as well when Andy says “I want Carlton back”
      so you think you are the end all be all of RHW? Maybe you feel it is your FT job to correct everyone?

  19. bring her back! I definitely think she deserves another shot even Andy Cohen said he felt bad that they edited her alot to make her look like a bad/crazy witch! So when even he apologizes then you know she didn’t get a fair shot. Bring her back and let us see if the real her is any different. if she proves to be the same person then I say she shouldnt come back after that

  20. If she comes back, this show will be deleted from my DVR. I found her to be mean, vulgar and offensive. Even more so than Brandi.

  21. I did not like her on the show but they was Bravo’s choosing to make her look the way they wanted her to look. Hard to judge anyone one about a half an hour of chosen video by someone other than yourself. I was very turned off by the sex and wicken focus.

  22. it’s good to have characters that fans love to hate.
    rhony has never recovered from getting rid of jill zarin.
    sure, she may have gotten under people’s skin…but it was good tv.

  23. So excited that Carlton Gebbia is coming!!!!!!! She is the only REAL one on there but most of America like fake people so this is why they love to hate her.

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