Carlton Gebbia: Kyle Richards Is A Vile Being


Carlton Gebbia is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her fight with Kyle Richards during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. Carlton says Kyle is a “vile being” for all the names she has called her and says that Kyle has had a problem with her religion from day one.

Carlton writes, “I refuse to start a shouting match with this grown woman who is overbearing and who is obviously extremely angry. What’s the bloody point when she wouldn’t allow me to answer any questions but just shouted over me?

When a person can call me such horrific names like anti-Semetic, compares my religion and symbol to serial killer Richard Ramirez, and then immediately admits that she did know what a pentagram looked like — why would I deal with such a vile being? The point is all the labels and false accusations that spew out of this toxic woman’s mouth are classic transference. She’s already admitted on national TV that when she heard about me she was less than thrilled. If anyone had an agenda going in it was obviously her, as every time I saw her my faith came up. This has been my whole experience with her. If she’s so obsessed with my religion, she had months to do the research, like any curious person, and educate herself instead of being so ignorant and provoking. I would however like her to say that she knew nothing about me before she met me that first night.

Then the sex toys comment comes out of her from nowhere. Yet another insult. For this whole season I said nothing about all the rumors regarding Mauricio, in fact I said ignore it and let it die already. Not judging anyone’s sexual preference, but let’s be honest maybe if she had had her own “toys” those nasty “alleged” rumors of her husband wouldn’t still be out there. Where there’s smoke in West Hollywood. . .

She keeps persecuting Lisa for the bloody tabloid drama. Yet again, demanding an apology. I think it’s that misplaced anger, judging by the senseless way she goes after Lisa so vehemently.

The ridiculous arguing about Lisa not going to Kim’s daughters party was definitely going in circles with no end in sight. I think Lisa’s explanation was more than sufficient and she didn’t need two other people explaining it for her either.

I truly appreciate Lisa’s defending me against Kyle calling me anti Semitic. Lisa, being the only business owner, really understood the severity of such a baseless accusation.”

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  1. Your hatred towards Kyle has been evident from the first episode. Kyle made numerous attempts to get to know you, asking about your children, your religion ( and no, not in a vicious way). I don’t recall you ever asking her about her kids or trying to get to know her. The comment you made in your blog about Mauricio was malicious and another example of why people want you off the show. We are tired of the nastiness, vulgarity and disrespect. Hopefully we will have seen the last of you. Having you on the show has been a huge mistake. You truly are a classless person.

    1. I totally agree with everything you said. She acted trashy and mean from day one. The only person who could ruin her reputation and that of her husbands family business is her. Fast forward is marvelous button when Carlton is on! She needs to go. She takes no blame for her attitude.

  2. Carlton you have made a complete fool of yourself on national television. It’s clear you were out for Kyle from day one with no real reason to always bitch at her. And now we know your friends with psycho Allison?! That’s the icing on the cake!

      1. Looking in the looking glass to this particular photo shows who is actually evile. Then she says she didn’t watch the show, what an absolute lie. And if that was true, then she just went after Kyle because she is a young, beautiful version of her self. I guess a woman who doesn’t feel fidelity is important or that poking at someone all during the time you are hosting a lunch just to hurt someone is okay they couldn’t wonder why they got the reputation as the witch. Holding a new acquaintance out to dry by being openly hostile at your own home shows who you are. Basically a jealous, insecure, ugly bitch.

  3. Car-low-ton…shut up….(shut- up…it is okay to say that to you as that is what you said to Joyce)…start packing and leave with the little dignity that you have left…I feel sorry for your daughters…they are going to see your lies and worse, your cover ups that do not make any sense….get ready to lie and cover up to them….

    1. OOhh, I like that, Car-low-ton. I had a private joke with someone on here that I met on another blog about something Tom Sandoval said on VPR about Jr. Hi moves and spelling, only me and her got the joke, now every time I mis-spell I get told about it!

  4. Carlton, I don’t think your religion or your exhibitionistic ways, and whether you weave erotica into the mix are truly the problem with your perception on the show.

    The problem I believe is your knee jerk fury and indignation upon any interest in asking you about your way of life. It is different. It isn’t mainstream, so why wouldn’t some women on the show be genuinely curious and interested in knowing you better and what you stand for.

    I practice astrology and have been delineating charts for nearly 20 years. I have been called a pagan, asked if I were a witch, been denied in some work environments to not bring up the art so as not to ‘offend’ the Christians, and just plain been misunderstood.

    I took the time without anger and suspicion to explain just what it is that I do why I do and what I stand for and believe in. When asked. Other than that, my faith and love in The One, God, The Creator, The Universe, Gaia, whomever, is so unshakeable that that is the only protection I need to never feel offended or otherwise.
    Why? Because when you know deep in your soul that you’re Spirit first having a fallible human experience temporarily on this earth, you let many many arbitrary slights go.

    You have to learn that you don’t need to defend yourself like an angry warrior doing battle. Just let it be.

    A ‘love’ ing response no matter how difficult is the answer. That’s your sword and shield, per say.

  5. I am team Kyle but I do have a question for her. Why did you turn away from Carlton in the middle of her talk and see if the wine had chilled? That was rude on your part Kyle.

      1. How rude to say anything Kyle could do would be rude, intended or not. Kyle is perfection personified.

  6. Carlton and her psychic friend both need to get off of the real housewives show and start another psychic friends network. Both of those ladies are pathetic and have no business on this show even as a guest/friend.

  7. Carlton I for one think you’re a lovely, witty and genuine woman. I’m disappointed with all the hate that’s been levelled against you. Best wishes to you and your wonderful family.

  8. Carlton is the least self-aware person I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying something when it comes to the Real Housewives franchise). She clearly came in with preconceived notions about the women, especially Kyle. She abhors “labels”, yet is the first to label people. She’s clllllllllearly unstable. I wish someone would work some sweet black magic and make the witch disappear!

    1. That’s right Crzygal Carlton is so obsessed with the word label, but the thing is Carlton is the first one to label people.
      Carlton thinks it’s ok for her to label someone but it’s not ok for others to do it.
      Like when she told Kyle that Kyle had a gang mentality that’s labeling to me. Carlton is a sicko hypocrite, I’m so glad Carlton isn’t returnimg next season!!

  9. You still don’t make a lick of sense to me Carlton. You must not be too bright after all. Nothing you say has any logic! Why on earth should anyone go off and “research” your little known religion instead of simply asking you about it? What kind of sense does that make? You never, NEVER told anyone on any episode what your belief system as a Wiccan is!!! None of us know. You had the chance to educate a wide audience about something you defend so angrily, but refuse to answer any questions about, and go on a mad rage when KYLE specifically asks you any questions about it. You don’t know what her intentions were! To 99% of us, in light of the gothic cathedral you call home, your ambiguous and not so ambiguous tattoos, your nanny gate, kissing Brandi & your sex dungeon etc, your behavior is so contradictory and off the charts, your rages so uncalled for- we ALL question your “religion!” Get it? And you have yet to explain a thing about it! Either you made this up and don’t even know yourself what Wiccans believe, in which case, maybe YOU should have done the research if you were going to appear on this show & tout that as your “religion” Get it yet?
    Or maybe you just made up your own religion with the crystals and the bees and the f.u. Cross, confessional? Own it! I know a Wiccan, and this does NOT sound like her religion at all. Kyle asked because she was trying to figure it out! Good grief! A mature, sensible woman would want to inform people – if she knew what she was talking about, and was proud of it! You’re behavior is terribly unruly, out of line, loud and obnoxious, and frighteningly vengeful and paranoid. It is scary to watch you! You are the vile one! Even Kyle haters can’t stand the way you have treated this woman! I still say maybe you really have a crush on her!! Your girls are so cute. Why why why! would you ever act in such a horrid manner that they could see for themselves? It hurts me for them.
    What are you teaching them by this monstrous behavior? Please, please get off the show. We as a huge majority do not like you and can’t bear to watch You. There is nothing to like about you, nothing. Go away and leave Kyle alone you crazy woman. She has done nothing to you & you need help.

  10. I agree that when Kyle turned away in the middle of Carlo’s story was rude. But, no forgiveness? So, you put her on the spot to the point where she can’t even speak without that snotty look on your face. And what I noticed more than anything was how no one, not even Kim who wants complete support, came to her defense. Then at the table, Kim again didn’t tell her to shut her ugly mouth, and her bestie BG brings up the horrible cheating rumor, oh yeah, I keep forgetting, Bravo told her to be a vile, hurtful bitch. Tits on an ant. She nailed it with that.

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