Carlton Gebbia On Kyle And Brandi’s Behavior At Her Lunch


Carlton Gebbia is breaking down this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her Bravo Blog. Carlton is dishing about having the ladies over to her home and speaking out about her dislike for Kyle Richards. She says that Kyle’s comments show how ignorant she is, and compares how Brandi’s use of the c-word is different from Kyle asking about her religious beliefs.

Carlton writes, “I met Brandi, Kim, Joyce and Kyle with smiles honestly hoping that we (Kyle, Joyce, and I) had just got off to an unfortunate start. I was happy to see Brandi, as she was another I immediately clicked with. She’s completely uncensored, and I appreciated her humor when we first met at the BHCC. But what’s impressive is how after divorce she has been able to take care of herself financially.

Anyway we barely had walked into the barroom when immediately Kyle asks if I was raised Catholic?Oh bloody hell here we go! Maybe it’s me, but when I’m welcomed into the home of someone I’m relatively new to meeting, religion is not usually the first question I lead with. At least my girlfriend AC and I got a giggle. But it was a probable indication as to how the rest of the day would go with this one. . .Oh joy.

No shock here but Kyle, Kim, and Joyce got creeped out by my gorgeous collection of dolls. . . that did make me laugh. Hey girls two words for you “Puppet Master!”

We joined Lisa outside, and Kim asks about what she refers to as the “magic balls.” Throughout my house and garden I have witches’ balls, gazing balls, glass reflective spheres and crystal balls, which have been around since the 13th century. (Well not these actual ones, but they are absolutely fascinating and equally is their story.)

A witch ball is made from brightly colored glass with strands of glass inside, it’s believed to entrap any negative energy enticed by its colors. It’s also used for protection to ward off evil spells, sickness, and ill fortune — plus any negative energy threatening a home’s tranquility. Witch balls traditionally were hung in an east window, but I think you can decide where you prefer to place it. Gazing balls are usually mirrored and are predominately solid in color. They were used to scare away negative spirits caused by forcing the spirits to see their own reflections.

And then Kyle out of the blue, actually probably on cue for her, asks “Have you ever explored with witchcraft?” Oh for f— sakes! I honestly have no problem answering any questions about my faith as long as I feel comfortable that you are coming from a genuine place of interest. But when it’s obvious you’re intending to ask for shock value only, amongst a group of girls that I’m just getting to know, and that you actually dont give a toss. . .Um bite me.

I’m really not surprised with Kyle’s primitive and disparaging remarks about witchcraft, brooms, and spells etc. What’s surprising is that she wasn’t sucked into one of the witch balls. But alas they are probably not big enough for that kind of dense energy (still smiling). Seriously what’s disheartening is considering how far we have evolved as a society with respect to religion, sexual preference, and ethnicity with all this progress made — when did it suddenly become OK to have such an overt prejudice against someone’s non-traditional religion? If she made those type of offensive remarks about any other traditional religion she would be in hot bloody water! And I’m not talking a cauldron!

Shockingly, there were one or two moments where Kyle and I did laugh for a second, which was a shred of encouragement — until we commenced on a house tour. We enter my bedroom and just when I think there may be a glimmer of hope for us she speaks “Do you feel guilty having sex with a cross above your bed?” And, “this house makes me want to get the Ouija board out.” And poof. . .there goes the hope.

We are all having lunch and unfiltered Brandi compliments me with the “c word.”  I didn’t find it offensive because I have friends that use that word. I’m not a huge fan of it, but it’s nothing I haven’t heard. I’m bloody English. It’s not that unusual. It just depends on the way it’s intended. So why wasn’t I up in arms by what she said? Well it’s quite simple, I like Brandi. Kyle, on the other hand, feels the need to consistently and blatantly throw insults combined with her show of utter-disrespect and obvious prejudice for my faith. It’s just a constant indicator of what an ignoramus she is, so it is rather simple.

All seems to be well with Joyce, we are all having a giggle about vajayjays and then she happily tells us all how “proud” she is of her “baby” because he’s so “big!” No, she does not mean, her cute little three-year-old child, as one would assume. Nope her “baby” man and his “big” pee pee! OMG! I thought we had made progress here. No more seared retinas. Ewww again! Side note: Kim didn’t seem to relish in the baby comment either.

Suddenly it gets heavy at the table when Brandi asks Kyle about the tabloid rumors of her husbands cheating. But Kyle isn’t comfortable being put on the spot in front of everyone regarding such a personal subject. . .Interesting I muse, double standard me thinks. Lisa subsequently gives kyle great advice about letting it go when it comes to negative publicity or rumors. I personally think if there’s negativity out there about you, of course it’s hard not to be hurt and affected. But don’t give it any energy. Just focus on what’s truly important, your loving and supportive family. There will always be people out there wishing you ill. Just don’t feed it.

Believe it or not I have made allowances for Kyle’s negative behavior towards me, as I know she’s obviously going through a hard time with the alleged cheating rumors, and I’m sure its taken a troll on her in many ways.”

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4 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia On Kyle And Brandi’s Behavior At Her Lunch”

  1. OK I’m done – this show is unwatchable. Carlton & her house are so disturbing, I’m at a loss for words. The whole series needs to be revamped…

  2. Ok I wanted to start out by saying that I do not think Kyle was trying to create shock value by asking if Carlton was raised catholic or if she practices witchcraft. Carlton you have decorated your entire home as a gothic Catholic Church; that I may add is tastefully decorated and expect that no one ask questions. My home is decorated with pictures and scripture, I always have questions asked regarding faith. Carlton does practice witchcraft, and for Kyle to inquire should not be offensive. It should open the door for conversation. I welcome questions and use them as a launching pad to save souls. Witchcraft is not something I believe in at all but would defiantly have no problem asking questions and sharing my faith as well. I’m not ashamed of my Baptist faith by no means. If I thought someone was being pretentious in asking questions about my faith; I would still use that to share my testimony and my love for Christ.
    As far as Brandi is concerned; she has a filthy mouth and in no circumstance is it cute or funny to use the language she uses. I’m sure she is a nice lady, but the potty mouth just lowers her IQ. I’m sure she’s a smart lady; just come across as someone who couldn’t come up with a better vocabulary to express herself. I know no one is perfect and the occasional bad word falls from our lips from time to time. I understand that. Brandi and others choose to use vulgar words for attention. Brandi is beautiful and would love to see her come across classy. As far as Carlton excepting Brandi’s vulgar mouth and criticizing Kyle and the other ladies is just silly. Carlton simply made a snap judgment regarding Kyle. I do agree that no mater what Kyle says will be anodized and deemed rude. If you were to take what ever Kyle says and let it to come out of Brandi’s mouth it would be just fine with Carlton.

  3. Carlton has shown her true colors by not being tolerable of questions, period. Kyle is simply just asking questions, what’s the big deal?!? Carlton has a broomstick up her a.rse. Chill out chick..Its not that serious.

    1. I think her original teeth are up her ass. Those giant, blindingly white bordering on blue, fake wooden teeth are what’s replaced her original teeth :/

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