Carlton Gebbia & Joyce Giraud Sign On RHOBH Full-Time! Taylor Armstrong Demoted!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are currently filming Season 4, and E! News confirms Carlton Gebbia (right) and Joyce Giruad (left) have officially joined the cast and will be full-time Housewives. Production sources reveal to E! That Joyce Giraud has quickly become enemies with Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump, but has become a good friend of Kim and Kyle Richards.

“Joyce is definitely Team Kyle,” a source explains. “But she gets on the nerves of nearly everyone else. She’s very ‘me, me, me.’ She makes every situation about her. It’s insensitive and exhausting.”

As for Carlton Gebbia, she has yet to take sides between Lisa and Kyle’s feud, but sources tell E! that Lisa is ready to take Gebbia under her wing.

E! has also been confirmed that Taylor Armstrong has been demoted to a “Friend of the Housewives” role in Season 4. “Taylor’s been filming, but barely,” the insider says. “And she’s no longer on salary. Her current deal is pay-for-play. She only gets paid for the days that she shoots. As of now, that hasn’t been a lot.”

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6 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia & Joyce Giraud Sign On RHOBH Full-Time! Taylor Armstrong Demoted!”

    1. I’ve always been team Kyle and I think Lisa hooking up with trash like Brandi just shows her true colors and lack of character…

  1. Now that Carlton is on the show, it has become so trashy and CREEPY, WEIRD!! My friends and I will no longer watch HWOBH! It used to be a fun hour, but it sure has gone DOWNHILL! Who is responsible for this debacle? By the way, Joyce should be out the door with Carlton and your writers(??) also.

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