Carlton Gebbia Friends With Medium Allison DuBois


Carlton Gebbia went head-to-head with Kyle Richards at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion last night. With names like “bigot” and “witchy-poo,” the drama between the two Housewives definitely reached its boiling point. After the reunion aired, Kyle retweeted a photo of Gebbia with infamous RHOBH medium, Allison DuBois!

“Wow,” Kyle responded to the photo. You might remember Allison from Camille Grammer’s memorable Dinner Party From Hell in season 1.

Turns out the picture was originally shared last Thursday from Allison’s account, the unlikely duo appear to be having the time when photographed at the West Hollywood gay hotspot, The Abbey.

UPDATE: Carlton tells Bravo’s The Dish that she is in fact friends with the psychic. “Yes I would consider Allison a friend who I met about five or six years ago through very good friends of ours and godmother to our son, Perla and Slash,” Carlton says.

“I haven’t seen her since she moved a few years ago but as devastating as this may be for Kyle’s overinflated ego, she was never a topic of conversation for us,” Gebbia said.

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6 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia Friends With Medium Allison DuBois”

  1. OMG two of the weirdest women on earth together in one picture. Now I know there really is a devil. Two Kyle haters stirring the cauldron. Watch out Kyle you know you are their # 1 target.

  2. Worst comment made by Allison Dubois was insinuating Kylie’s kids get abducted and don’t bother calling her for their whereabouts. With her attitude and Creepyton’s insinuating she can cast spells on people, these two belong together

  3. Carlton is sooooo caught…that is why she was after Kyle from day one….she is lying that they never discussed Kyle…I am sure that Allison certainly discussed that dinner as it exposed her as a phony and was all over the web….I am sure she blamed everything on Kyle and Faye…Carlton was ought to make Kyle look bad…just like Allison tried for Camille and it back fired….Once again, Allison got the outcome wrong…..

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