Carlton Gebbia Explains Why She Is Fed Up With Kyle Richards


Carlton Gebbia is taking to her Bravo Blog to blast Kyle Richards and explain why she is so fed up with her. Carlton explains why she felt so disrespected by Kyle’s comment about the star of David and says she makes no apologizes, she’s done with giving Kyle anymore chances.

Carlton writes, “David and I were really happy with the outcome of our party despite a couple of irritants. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see the amazing and gorgeous all male Aussie band, London Cries, with stunning Toby Rand or my girl Ancorneil sing. As with all our parties, our guests range from our stockbrokers to our athletes that we represent to actors, musicians, and amazing friends. It’s always such a diverse guest list, I wish you had gotten to see that.

As far as the uncomfortable hug with Joyce, seconds before that she was waiving both of her jazz hands 12” from my face for me to notice her, because I wasn’t looking as she made her grand entrance. Sorry you didn’t get to see that either. Oh, Joyce wasn’t getting the attention she so desperately craves. And yes that’s exactly my reaction when some one manically waves their hands in my face and then has the desperate need to hug. It’s odd and uncomfortable.

The systematic disrespect from Kyle is extremely calculated, and if it isn’t obvious to some of you, why not take a look at her behavior. She’s always accused me of having preconceived ideas about her when I entered this lair, but this is a classic example of transference. Seems she was the one with the preconceived notions before I ever met her, then lying in her pathetic way asking “innocent” questions about my beliefs in Palm Desert in the pool, at my house for lunch, at my pool party to name a few. She may play the dumb, innocent victim with people, but I saw her for who she really is from day one. She exists in a make believe world and believes her own hype.

Let’s be very clear here: I reacted so sharply because for one moment I thought she had a genuine interest in my tattoo that I’d told NO ONE about or shown, but she just happened to know about it. And then she starts and lays her pathetic groundwork for a very clear and dangerous setup.

First off converting as she did to a beautiful faith, she truly does Judaism an incredible disservice if she can’t tell the difference between our two symbols. My bikini strap was not covering up my large tattoo. The point is she’s known from day one what my religion is and consistently goads me. I may believe in love and light, but I will not be quiet when I’m being insulted either. Nothing that comes out of her mouth is honest or authentic.

In my moment of possibilities I briefly thought the necklace was a memento of starting fresh. God knows I had been honest with her in the gym shop, but that didn’t pan out. Clearly she doesn’t like honesty. So yes, I graciously accepted this beautiful piece of jewelry hoping we could move forward. Cut to after she left early and I can’t explain the loo scene with Kyle, but I had more than two people come up to me saying that she and the other one were talking negatively about my home and my guests, plus I did have a dream, which I pay heed to. This is the way I live my life, and I make no apologies. I’m so done giving one more chance. Some people are just destined to dislike one another, and this one I can do without.

Yolanda’s, yes, completely hungover… OMG! We were there for a good hour at least, so yes, the minutes you see totally look like I’m obsessing. It was really beautiful up there though, and I loved the idea of painting tiles for Yolanda’s daughter, Gigi. As far as Jacqueline consistently challenging my religion, of course I’m going to react, but I must say I giggled when I watched her scene with Kim. It was so entertaining, and for someone who doesn’t believe, she sure gives me a lot of credit.”

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10 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia Explains Why She Is Fed Up With Kyle Richards”

  1. This woman is the most paranoid person I have ever seen. I cannot stand her constant negativity. She gives witches everywhere a bad name.

  2. huge chip on her shoulder…. wonder why she wants to fight with anyone who mentions her ”religion”… why not calmy educate…. she gives a negativity to her ”witch”.

  3. “God knows I had been honest with her in the gym shop” < That's kinda funny Carlton, you don't believe in God remember? U think God is the earth and a woman. You have no idea, what God is…You are pathetic! It's obvious your completely jealous of those who challenge you. (Joyce and Kyle) Your negativity and rudeness towards others who are not Porn Stars or Lucifer Worshipers is beyond frustrating. Umm I'm pretty sure you only have Brandi in your corner, everyone else just tolerates you. Brandi has nothing valid to ever say anyways, so you both compliment each other. Bravo needs to really evaluate the Real House Wives of Beverley Hills, because it's becoming more of: White Trash Housewives starring you (Carlton) and Brandi…..

  4. What show is she watching?….All she did trying to explain herself is make herself into a liar…did anyone catch the childish dig in her blog by calling Joyce, Jacqueline?…

  5. It is hard to educate an imbecile, Carlton is a forward thinker on a higher plane of life than Kyle so why waste her time and energy on someone that does not get it or never will. I appreciate it when someone speaks up front and not behind one’s back like Kyle. Re-watch this years episodes watch her in action always speaking under her breath she is very rude with all the ignorant comments.

    Kyles GAME is to play one person against the other she cannot handle people getting along. She likes to put them in compartments and hoping they never share… only to be centre stage!

    Carlton can read Kyle all to well I love the British invasion. I like this lady and love the fact she likes attractive women she is secure not jealous of other women like Kyle.

  6. Carlton was the one with pre conceived notions of Kyle (who is genuinely trying to get to know her), Carlton was on the attack from day one. You are so phony and embarrassing to yourself and your religion. It obvious your jealous and defensive. So glad you were cut from show. Your argument is ridiculous, it sounds like your talking about yourself. Better to judge Kyle for asking questions than judge your lifestyle and porn your children grow up around.

  7. Talking negatively about her home and her party. She winced when she walked into the bathroom because someone had used the bathroom and it hadn’t aired out yet. That isn’t” Talking negatively about her home” tits on an ant is the perfect description of what Carlowton does. One time Kyle did something kind of rude at her house when Carlow-tons was going on and on about a cat going for a bird. She was nervous and she did do that. To go after her all year and make something of every little thing someone says is just pettie. She wanted to knock Kyle off the top rung, but that can’t be done. A few have tried. The only thing that I can see as something someone wouldn’t like is her being friends with Faye. But even that, maybe they were friends for a long time. She sticks by her friends maybe. That lunch, that party at the pool, that dinner with Joyce, always forget where that was, in the desert somewhere. All of those times, then Mauricio’s and Ken’s BD party, every time she made some big thing out of nothing, or like all cowards, jumped on when others were angry with Kyle. When a person has a lot to say, and an opinion that isn’t always popular like Kyle, I guess they will take some flak for it. I read that Carl is still trying to get back on BH, and it reminded me why I can’t stand her.

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