Carlton Gebbia Explains Her Core Religious Beliefs


New Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Carlton Gebbia is opening up about her controversial Wiccan religion in a new interview with the Daily Beast. “There’s a lot of debate about what I supposedly practice, because Wicca and other religions are covered under the umbrella of Paganism. I’m Celtic, which is my ancestry,” she explained. “And I practice witchcraft. My grandmother was a Pagan. There are so many branches of Paganism and there are also different ways to practice these faiths.”

“There’s no one defined answer,” she said. Carlton labeled her religion as “fantastic” and “incredibly positive” before she explained more of her core beliefs.

“We believe that the spirit lies in everything around us and I believe that spiritual growth is related to the cycles of the earth,” she explains. “I believe in the moon phases as well.”

Gebbia explained that she never watched The Real Housewives before joining the cast. “I never really watched a lot of reality television, but then once I knew this was going to materialize, I did catch up on some episodes, just to kind of get a general idea of what I was walking into,” she said. “It was ill-prepared.”

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