Carlton Gebbia Doesn’t Believe Joyce Giraud And Kyle Richards Are Good People


Carlton Gebbia had no idea just how wild her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast mates would be. In a new interview she is defending Brandi Glanville and explaining why she can’t stand the Richards sisters and Joyce Giraud. Carlton defended Brandi’s racial remark to Star Magazine, saying, “Brandi is known for being unfiltered and inappropriate, but I don’t think she’s a racist. She just made a stupid comment.” Adding, “She’s not judgmental.”

Carlton says Joyce is only stirring up the drama with Brandi because she wants attention. When asked if she believes the women are fighting for air-time on the show, Carlton said, “Definitely, especially Joyce.” Carlton added, “If the camera isn’t on her, she will cause drama for the sake of drama.”

Gebbia went on to explain why she dislikes the Richards sisters. “Kyle is not authentic. She is insincere. I don’t believe she has a loyal bone in her body. I think she’s incredibly calculating, and I honestly think she’s toxic,” she tells the magazine. “Kim is just Kim. I see a wonderful person and a loving mom in Kim.”

For Carlton, the hardest part of the show is “watching Kyle and Joyce make dangerous judgments about people. I don’t think they’re good people.”

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5 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia Doesn’t Believe Joyce Giraud And Kyle Richards Are Good People”

  1. I don’t want to even get into how much I do not like Carlton, the list is too long and frankly don’t want to give any attention to her.
    I will just say that “I LOVE KYLE” she’s great

    1. Agreed. I think Carlton is just mad because she can’t ever HAVE Kyle for herself! Kyle is so far beyond & above the likes of Carlton. She’s out of your league Carlton, but Brandi’s sitting on the same stoop as you. So there you go.

  2. Bravo needs to get rid of carlton and brandi glanville. These two women are a train wreck. They have no morals at all. Nobody wants to see these to women. Thier drunk,cussing and out of control. thier so offensive to everyone. I fon’t want them!!! Sharon

  3. Numer 1. Joyce and Kyle are by far the most beautiful; and they have
    Great personalities. The whole bunch Brandy, Low life Carlton,
    Yolanda, etc. are jealous.
    Brandi is ignorant, Carlton needs other women sexually to keep her
    husband— anything goes, you are not enough of a woman sicko.
    Yolanda thinks she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, ver

  4. I just came across this page and I am glad to see the Kyle fans here. I think Kyle is genuine, funny, classy and sweet. She might come off as insincere because she really does try to include everyone, including Brandy. She tried and tried with BG, but just like with Camille, she has a way, in her curiosity, of putting people off. Then of course, Brandy puts her on the spot and gets mean to put the spotlight even more on the discomfort. That first lunch at Carlto’s cauldren “house” Carlto went out of her way to make Kyle uncomfortable, when she was genuinely just interested. Kim just stood there and never defended her sister, no surprise there. The hag never gave her a chance and Brandy saw that and piled it on. I dislike it when anyone is ganged up on and BG is a mean drunk. She goes for the thing she knows hurts the most and delights in the pain she causes. More of it at Joyce’s party in Palm Springs where they were just awful, every one of them until Lisa finally steps in. KIm, as usual causes more trouble and never once backs up Kyle. So glad they might be gone from the show. Like the post above I can’t say how many things I don’t like about the 3 of them.

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