RHOBH Carlton Gebbia Denies Having Sexual Relationship With Nanny


Carlton Gebbia appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Making her Clubhouse debut, Carlton seemed shy except for when the topic of her religion, sexuality, and her opinions of a couple of her cast mates. Viewers seemed to have a lot of questions for Carlton about her relationship with her nanny, Elizy, who was in the WWHL audience. Carlton has admitted she likes to surround herself with beautiful women, has said she finds Brandi Glanville to be very sexy and told one fan she would never hire and “older” nanny because she is not threatened by attractive women.

So, the big question… does Carlton have more than a friendship with her children’s nanny? One viewer called in, noting that Carlton and Elizy seem to have great chemistry, and asked if they have ever had sexual relations. Carlton laughed off the allegation, said that Elizy is one of her best friends and answered with a “no,” adding “there hasn’t been any bumping and grinding” between her and Elizy.

However, a lot of viewer questions for Carlton seemed to reference sex. One caller asked the mother of three, ‘What did Brandi’s kiss taste like?’ Carlton coyly replied, “Sweet.” Another caller asked Carlton if she has ever done porn, if she ever would and if she has a crush on Brandi, Carlton replied, “Ok, um no never did porn. Only in my bedroom. Do I have a crush on Brandi? No. Girlfriend? Yes.”

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7 Replies to “RHOBH Carlton Gebbia Denies Having Sexual Relationship With Nanny”

  1. This witch is a real downer. She and Brandi are disgusting in the way they talk, act and dress. They have really lowered the standards of prime time television. This show should only be seen on adult only channels.

  2. Oh please Carlton is so hot for Brandi she cannot think of nothing but sex and if she did not have feelings for Brandi why say her kiss tasted sweet, she could have said like a kiss. And PLEASE you know there is something going on with her and the nanny and I bet a 3 some at times. I would never act like that with my employer.

  3. Carlton is disgusting inside & out. She hates Kyle bc Brandi disliked Kyle at one point and secondly, she hates Kyle bc Kyle doesn’t kiss her blackhearted a$$. Bravo, please don’t bring this boring witch back!

  4. I LOVE Carlton. I think she is a total improvement to that boring RHOBH cast. She is fascinating! So what if she thinks Brandi is an attractive woman and wants to kiss her on occasion. I think that’s the extreme of it. Who cares! She stated her nanny is her BFF and I don’t believe they have orgies on the daily. People are so crazy! I love that she is not a prude and talks about sex. Her potty mouth is of no offense either. Relax people…if the “f” word offends you, you are a bit wound tight!

  5. Unfortunately the F word is used much too frequently these days but I still feel that using it is tasteless and classless. Talking about sex is fine when talking with your friends but also tasteless on national TV at 8 PM in the evening.

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