Carlton Gebbia Defends Lisa Vanderpump’s Sense Of Humor


Carlton Gebbia is taking to her Bravo Blog to call out Brandi Glanville for dishing on their make out session and also how Brandi treated Lisa Vanderpump during the RHOBH reunion. Carlton blames Brandi’s comment about Lisa’s bankruptcy on Kyle and explains Lisa’s sense of humor.

Carlton writes, “Let’s face it, I think I have said all I have had to say this whole bloody season. Nothing held back. I really don’t want to repeat it again. Honestly I have no regrets. I’ve said everything that was on my mind. Made it abundantly clear who I like and who are trolls that belong under a bridge. I wished deep in my heart that you had truly gotten an enlightened view about my faith and beliefs, without the dumb background music. Introduced you properly to my incredible husband and family on the level that I deal with everyday, my beautiful and talented girlfriends who I love and only want the very f—ing best for, and my gorgeous nanny who I trust the lives with all of our three children.

Brandi, let’s be clear, you honestly still didn’t have the right to say what you said. It was my choice not yours. We have a great relationship, and I consider you a lovely friend — but it wasn’t OK. That’s all. And I am still not having an affair with my nanny although she is beautiful and has a mind of her own. . .

I do think Lisa had to deal with a lot of envy from people from being the first Housewife on Dancing With the Stars. Pretending to faint — I seriously doubt that. It wasn’t cool watching the reenactment with Kyle and Kim. It’s pretty disrespectful, especially from a so-called friend! Again, who needs enemies? I certainly know that Kyle wouldn’t have thought that was harmless humor and blown it off. God knows she’d be demanding an apology riiiight about now. Doesn’t Lisa have a history with low blood sugar anyway?

Listen, Lisa’s sense of humor is wickedly British to the core. Unfortunately some women in this group take offense to it because they don’t understand it. Maybe they’re looking for a reason not to. Possibly? From my own personal experience with Lisa whenever we are around one another we are constantly taking the piss out of each other — without being dramatically insulted or offended. That’s because it doesn’t come from a bad place. So lighten up and take the sticks out your arses ladies. Maybe my broomstick got lodged up one of their derrieres.

Another telling (but not shocking) moment, Kyle acts innocent about telling Brandi that while Lisa supposedly lived in the Valley, she also filed for bankruptcy. Interesting how it became all about Brandi with this information, yet it spawned from Kyle. Oh and by the way, there’s nothing wrong with Calabasas! I have lived there and have built and we have sold many houses there (from $8-12 million). Just saying. Our family lives in Hidden Hills — old school class and obviously affluent.”

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7 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia Defends Lisa Vanderpump’s Sense Of Humor”

  1. I refused to watch the reunion because I knew Brandi would make it about her and because I can’t stand to look at the face of evil who wrote this blog. If there are any trolls on this show, this blog writer is the biggest. Goodbye RHOBH, IT WAS FUN FOR A WHILE.

  2. I concur with Carlton about the British sense of humor which is similar to the NY sense of humor which is sardonic. The Housewives are too precious to live in a sophisticated society. Most of LA was settled by mid-westerners. YAWN!!

  3. These women (kyle, kim, brandi & yolanda) do understand Lisa’s british humor and banter—–however they have never seen a real woman in action who has it all; adoring husband, successful marriage, beautiful children, successful career, class and beauty (all of which she has worked very hard for). They are all consumed with adolescent jealousy, they like Lisa, admire her, want to be her when they grow up (which will never happen), so they try to destroy her. This is what children do in junior high……..
    yoda needed to shut her trap, she looked like a pumpkin, brandi looked like a giant tranny, kim – irrelevant again, kyle overly smug again.

  4. I agree with Cashel about everything she said about the women she mentioned except for Kyle. I’ve always liked her and think the others are the reason for the biggest conflict. Kyle and Lisa were friends for longer than the others and unfortunately she is too easily influenced by these witches.

  5. Nah! These women don’t relate to the British sense of humour. As a native New Yorker currently living in LA I can tell you the lack of understanding of nuance that these country bumpkins have is obvious. It’s fine. It’s just the way it is. Ciao!!

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