Carlton Gebbia Defends Lisa Vanderpump, Says Her Comments Had Nothing To Do With Why She Didn’t Accept Kyle’s Ring


Carlton Gebbia is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to explain that Lisa Vanderpump had nothing to do with her not accepting Kyle’s ring. Carlton says for Brandi to insinuate Lisa was stirring the pot is ridiculous and she was just as confused as Lisa was. Carlton also responds to Joyce and Kyle saying they do not believe in her faith…

Carlton writes, “Of course on the negative side there’s Kyle and Joyce, yet again bashing my religion. These two are like dogs with a bone they just can’t stop themselves from consistently insulting and mocking my faith. I don’t care if they believe or don’t believe, I don’t want to hear it. It makes no difference to me. For the last time I am not here to change anyone’s religious or spiritual beliefs, nor am I recruiting thank god. You will never hear me challenge their religions, which I actually have respect for. But evidently, with their limited narrow minds, they are having a hard time understanding that concept. What’s so telling about both of their characters is when Kyle tells Joyce nonchalantly that she called me anti-Semetic and Joyce has no bloody reaction not even a flinch. I appreciate that Yolanda agreed that it was ignorant too.

Anti-Semite is ust another word in her arsenal of reckless labels without any accountability. The problem with people like her is that it has become second nature to be rude and dismissive, spewing out hateful remarks means nothing because they’ve gotten away with it for so long.

So telling that Joyce says she doesn’t believe in Wiccan. Really? What is it exactly about the Wicca faith that she doesn’t believe? Did she really just deny it’s entire existence of which millions of people world wide are practicing Wiccans. Wicca is a recognized religion in the military! How can she seriously be that ignorant? Do they both understand that I am not the only practicing Wiccan out there, that they desperately feel the constant need to be so offensive about this particular faith. I am quite sure that I’m not the only one insulted by their gross antics. In fact I know this to be only too true.

With regards to Puerto Rico, Joyce and I had that lunch where by we agreed to move on. Sort of the way her and Brandi moved on. They weren’t close either but Brandi was invited by Kyle. The disinviting by Joyce specifically, well only one word comes to mind “hypocrite.” Joyce never had the courtesy to call and let me know that because of Kyle she was withdrawing the invitation. Yolanda was the one who was kind enough to give me the heads up at Gigi’s party. And again Kyle was never invited by myself or my husband to his StockCross party and now suddenly Joyce’s trip became Kyle and Joyce. Laughable, but thank you for that after what I heard you did to Lisa down there.

Yolanda invited David and I to her daughter Gigi’s celebration, of which I assured Yolanda I was purely there for her and her family and there was no way I would deal with Kyle if she engaged me. It was also great meeting Mohamed and his gorgeous fiancé. I had heard so many great things about them and his house is unbelievably stunning. We had a good giggle about the tattoo, too.

What does Kyle expect? Of course, I have a hard time looking at her. I was cordial I said “hello,” but I have no interest in engaging with her whatsoever. I can’t fake liking her after her slanderous accusation. And yet again in her talking head, she makes more negative and mocking digs about my practice. Hardly shocking anymore — just vile.

This is where it gets odd. I want to explain the bizarreness of this situation and what was going through my mind at that moment. David and I stood up to leave, Kyle and Brandi still sitting there. I turn to kiss Lisa and Ken goodnight, turn back and literally they’ve both disappeared within seconds. That was odd and I thought maybe she was avoiding saying goodbye (thankfully). We walk up the steps and suddenly there’s Brandi’s with this ring and a really confusing explanation. I honestly felt like I was being ambushed in that moment, it was a little surreal.

I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Why would Kyle, who was just there moments ago, run and hide and send in Brandi immediately on our way out with a gold ring that apparently went with the neckless, which was blue. Lisa and I felt the same, completely confused with Brandi’s reason. It didn’t make sense. In that moment all these thoughts are rushing though my mind. I stood there completely at a loss and thank god my incredible husband saw I was struggling and he was there to snap me out of it.

If Kyle was giving it as a peace offering then she should have done it herself and explained the connection between the two pieces rather than having someone else do it for her which seems to be her obvious M.O. But on the other hand if she didn’t want it then throw the bloody thing out. Didn’t she just uninvite me that same night to Puerto Rico which was Joyce’s trip originally? Why would I expect anything else? Just more stupid setups and games.

But as for Kyle and Brandi to blame Lisa for her stating the obvious confusion and for my subsequent actions refusing the ring is bloody ridiculous. I did not want the ring. It was my choice. Lisa had nothing to do with that and she certainly wasn’t acting sneaky or inserting herself into anything that didn’t concern her. It wasn’t Kyle who tried to give me the ring, she had Brandi do it for her. Look I like Brandi, but I didn’t like what was happening. My husband saw exactly what was going on and didn’t like it either and that’s when I woke up to the bulls—.

It seems to me that every chance Kyle can blame Lisa for something even if Lisa isn’t the main focus of a problem Kyle will find a way to do it. However Lisa I feel is completely desensitized to Kyle’s constant setups and jealousy. These relationships are so painfully and unnecessarily complicated.

Oh here’s a Spanish idiom that sums up Kyle’s character “to throw the stone and hide the hand” maybe she’s heard of that one.”

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12 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia Defends Lisa Vanderpump, Says Her Comments Had Nothing To Do With Why She Didn’t Accept Kyle’s Ring”

  1. The most negative person on this show is Carlton. I don’t remember her being invited to Puerto Rico. Did Joyce invite her? I must have missed that part. Who would want her on a trip anyway. She is a Debbie downer ALL THE TIME? This woman and her ugliness offends me in every way.

  2. Carlton is soooo two faced when it comes to Kyle…Carlton; you are obsessed with Kyle…All you can do is write paragraphs of pettiness … you dis-invited Kyle and said her husband can still attend, what?…then when Joyce is trying to be a good friend to Kyle and not invite drama and negativity (you should thank Joyce for making the decision for you) you can not pick that up…. I think you only showed up for GiGi’s party to save your face after your bad behavior at Lisa’s…the fact you left early proves that…Give Kyle a break…You did not want to sit next to her (you made that very obvious)… why would Kyle approach you that night…maybe her intentions was to give it to you directly…but your behavior told her that would have caused more drama…I do not think Kyle was very smart in letting Brandi be the peace-maker…Brandi does not know how make peace just to disturb peace…..

  3. “To throw the stone and hide the hand” is EXACTLY what Kyle does. She smiles when face to face with each woman, cozies up by slandering whoever isn’t there, and then move on to the next one doing the same.

  4. Oh Lord. Carlton. Carlton. Carlton….

    Does anyone observing this woman honestly buy her carefully crafted weavings of denial’isms and self-satisfied raptures of grandiosity and victimization?

    All anyone with some acuity has to do is start with the first episodes of this season and look at Carlton’s face – the eyes have it; those bulbous frightful fearfully hateful eyes when she obviously dislikes the company she’s in and therefore feels threatened.

    She gave daggers upon meeting Kyle. Plain to see and true. This woman most definitely came onto the show with preconceived ill notions about Kyle there’s no doubt about that.

    So. What’s worse, Carlton.

    Prejudice ? or Intolerance ?

    You choose and own both.

    Your religion isn’t the problem, dear. It never was.

    It’s your sense of entitlement and ego.

  5. Foxstar is right on with her insights into Carlton. Carlton is a witch in every sense of the word. You rock Foxstar. You too Margot.

  6. Carleton is scary and domineering to the extreme. Its all ways her way or the highway and total hypocrisy as she has it out for some of the women and others can act like pigs and she digs it. To me your moral code and standards should be consistent and make some common sense.and hers are so arbitrary. So obvious she’s not very spiritual and totally played wirh the dark side as she puts out so much negative energy. I tried to like her and not judge but I can’t as I don’t Like her delusional nasty rants. She makes no effort to see the others point of view and is rude and harsh. She never takes the gentle kind route. I wouldn’t have tried as hard as kyle to be her friend who needs that shit! If her family is so great why be so horrid she should be happy.

  7. I can’t stand carelton. What a self satisfied delusional piece of work. Both kyle and joyce made an effort to get along with this woman. I wouldn’t have bothered as she’s the type to own you and make you bow down and lick her boots and say she’s awesome when she’s spewing nonsense.

  8. Right you are Juicy. This witch came in with preconceived notions about cast members and right from the start Kyle was target # one.

  9. Carlton, please get off your paranoid high horse for just one second and actually HEAR what Joyce said. She said she “doesn’t believe in Wiccan” and that is offensive to you? Come on, get real. Could she possibly be saying that she doesn’t believe in Wiccan, much like I would say, I don’t believe in Moslem. I certainly am not saying that there aren’t Moslems, just that I don’t, personally, believe in their religion.

    By the way, necklace is spelled “necklace” not neckless. I am offended that you spelled it wrong because I make necklaces and that is offensive to me that you spelled it like you didI See how silly I sound? That is about as silly as you sound.

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