Carlton Gebbia Defends Lisa Vanderpump: She Was Distraught And Shaken


Carlton Gebbia is taking to her Bravo Blog to defend Lisa Vanderpump for what happened in Puerto Rico. Carlton believes Kyle should give the tabloid drama a rest and asks why she didn’t demand an apology from Brandi. Gebbia also explains she hurt for Lisa because she was so distraught and shaken after the trip.

Carlton writes, “Back to Puerto Rico. . . Kyle seems so hell bent on an apology from Lisa — for what? Is she seriously demanding this huge, blown-out-of-proportion apology from Lisa for allegedly saying “take the tabloid” regarding Kyle’s husbands alleged affair? Really, are you joking? Did you also demand that same apology from Brandi too? Just curious? Good God, give it a bloody rest.

I was at Brandi’s house on the day that Lisa and I drove down to Palm Desert together, and I was waiting outside with Yolanda and Brandi. Lisa was late, but when she arrived she came up and told Brandi to say goodbye to her dogs because Brandi was mad at them and literally was in and out in seconds. Never did I see a magazine. Then we left. Lisa and I drove together for two hours down to Palm Desert, never discussing the tabloid drama. With all due respect to Brandi, never did I see or hear about a tabloid from Lisa that day at her house. I honestly don’t know what else to say. For this stupid crap to end beautiful friendships is beyond ridiculous.

As far as Joyce saying that Lisa “looked childish and guilty” and that she should had stayed after Lisa left that night, she’s absolutely delusional! Would she have stayed, since she’s such an advocate against bullying? I think not. And in that vein, where was she in speaking up on Lisa’s behalf at that awful dinner and saying that it was enough when Lisa was outnumbered? Lisa owed you nothing. Let’s be honest it was never your trip.

Yes Michael you are soooo right. Mauricio “deserves an answer,” and as you prolifically said he “you might have your answer.” But who the hell are you to throw your weight around on that subject? Oh please, are you two seriously behaving like the eighth and ninth housewives? Mauricio is “so betrayed” that losing sleep — are you kidding!?! Grow a set! I swear, there must be something in the water. Betrayed by what? You are in a tabloid with a somewhat far-out accusation, please blow it off. Don’t give it energy, as Lisa already told Kyle at my luncheon. Lisa allegedly made a bloody comment “pack the tabloid,” like you were allegedly cheating. Soooo not true and now move on already. Uuuugggh!!!

Wow, so Kyle thinks by Lisa and Ken leaving that it confirms her pathetic attack. You should be ashamed! Who on earth would want you as a friend when you are so quick to orchestrate an attack, then act so shocked by their departure?

Kim. . . It makes me so sad, because I do like her. But to watch her say those things about both Ken and Lisa is difficult for me to hear. I obviously don’t know their personal history, but I know her grievances could have been handled much better.

Sorry but this was truly a sad moment for me. . . Lisa had called me from Puerto Rico devastated. I saw her when she got back but what is obviously seen and subsequently told by Lisa is awful. There is nothing else I can add to that. She was distraught and shaken and truly never saw this coming. I cynically think its interesting that I was uninvited, maybe a ploy. Sharks in a bloodied waters, It made my heart hurt for her.”

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13 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia Defends Lisa Vanderpump: She Was Distraught And Shaken”

  1. I truly hope it is true that Carlton has been fired. She has hated Kyle and Joyce from day one and is one very evil witch.

    1. Yes–Carlton has been getting Kyle’s negativity from day one but Brandi is the one who hates on Joyce–not Carlton!

  2. Shut up, Carlton, and go away. You’ve had it in for Kyle from the moment you came on the show. I hope the rumors are true that you’re not back next season.

  3. I’m so glad “she” isn’t coming back for another season, and it’s a shocker her whole blog was a Kyle bashing session! For someone who spends the entire season being appalled by Kyle and Joyce’s behavior she sure loves to label and talk trash!

  4. Carlton is a joke she realizes this that’s why she is siding with Lisa and taking a huge risk de-friending Brandi because of the viewers disliking Brandi this season. Its a bit too late that Carlton is taking the right team (Lisa).
    More importantly, Carlton IS GONE!!!!! 98% dislike her (and I’m being generous) truth be told.

  5. I think Kyle is always stirring crap
    !! Lisa has answered Kyle’s question several times, but she keeps bringing it up every chance she van. You got your answer, now let it rest. Kyle is always stirring the pot, shame on u. I think she is jealous of Lisa. Luv Lisa and Ken. Kyle, back off and get a grip.

  6. Amen Carlton! The whole situation was stupid. I normly do not agree with Carlton, but she hit the nail on the head on this one. The ladies certainly plotted the attach on Lisa. The all had their gossip fest one time or another about Lisa and simply grouped together to “confront” Lisa. The one who irritates me the most is Yolanda. She was just stirring the pot with her witches broom that one. Who’s he master minulitator? Hummmmmmmmm
    I agree Kyle that it is unfortunate about the stories in the tabloids, but come on! The entire season about it is quite enough. You and your family should move on for heavens sake.

  7. I just watched tonight’s episode and was disgusted again. They all ganged up on Lisa and Brandi is playing the big victim. How can these supposedly intelligent woman believe anything that Brandi says or does. The second victim in Yolanda. I am sick and tired of Lyme Disease. How the hell did she get it? Was she bit by a deer tick? This whole show is an embarrassment to watch. I am done with it.

  8. Carlton is absolutely right. Brandi was at her most horrific, which is a feat. And Yolanda seemed to be the one in charge of bringing as much misery to Lisa as she could find. Her pettiness comes from having nothing to do in life but idolize the “genius” and putter around her property. Her targeting Lisa was a BAD mistake this year, if she wants to be liked or respected. Kyle should have nipped it in the bud, but she likes being a victim if she thinks she can make Lisa look bad.

  9. Finally! Someone shows some courage. Thank you Carlton. Brandi was a one hit wonder this season. She hit the one wonder (Lisa) that EVER stood by her side. Now that she has the mouthpiece (Yolanda) on her side she feels she can say and do anything to anyone and get by with it? If I were Ken and Lisa I would never trust her again! I say get rid of her! She concocted all this just to cement her another season. If Brandi stays and Carlton goes it will be a huge mistake. She’s nothing but a drunk. Lisa has tried to help her keep her kids. Which by the way I don’t understand why they haven’t been taken by now. There is enough bad footage to bar her for the rest of their lives. She should not be allowed to influence an animal nor child.
    Yolanda is a BULLY!! Joyce should stand up to her. I say get rid of Yolanda. She kept telling Joyce to stay out of the attacks during the reunion but felt free to put her two cents in. Who ask her.
    The Richards sisters? Time for both to go! As Carlton says, if you know the tabloids are lying then laugh it off and keep going. I thought what Lisa said to Mauricio about seeing who the other woman is (Portia) was really cute. Good for a laugh. Lighten up.
    How dare Brandi and Kyle smear Lisa and Ken’s name and then want to still be friends? Get over yourselves. Go have lunch with the “Lemon” queen!! This was a “sing for your life” season for the Richards girls, Brandi and Yo yo do do. Keep Carlton and get rid of the bloody riff raff quartet!

  10. No, you weren’t uninvited because they wanted to attack Lisa. You were never invited because they were going where there were beaches and beauty. You brought ugly with you everywhere you went. Talk about a phony bitch. That dinner at Joyce’s Palm desert vacation was such an ugly display of drunken mean girls no one in their right mind wanted you anywhere else with them. Besides they were going to be wearing bathing suits and being seen.

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