Carlton Gebbia Calls Kyle Richards A “Moron”


Carlton Gebbia appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Making her Clubhouse debut, Carlton did not hold back when it was time to reveal her feelings about Kyle Richards. When asked why she was not insulted when Brandi Glanville called her the c-word but was offended when Kyle was asking questions about her religion, Carlton explained, “Because with Brandi I understand her and we have a friendship. So, her calling me the c-word is coming from, I think, a place of friendship, which I do have with her. And then with K… who was it again? (Carlton pretends not to remember Kyle’s name) Oh Kyle. Because up until that point there had been many little innuendoes and digs that were passive aggressive and real toxic. So, I don’t have patience for morons.”

Carlton also called Kyle and Joyce Giraud “bloody ignorant” when asked how she feels her co-stars accept her religion.

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16 Replies to “Carlton Gebbia Calls Kyle Richards A “Moron””

  1. Kyle needs to know that money does not buy respectability. Yes she is passive aggressive, mean spirited and ill mannered. A very toxic person

    1. Really! You call Kyle ill mannered? Kyle is normal. Now Brandi the one with absolutely to manners, she is a train wreck when it comes to attending dinner parties, or any occasion for that matter. Carlton is just plain rude and a joke. She has so many double standards; it’s rediculas. Too many to mention.

  2. I have one word to describe Carlton….. “BIGOT”
    Main Entry: big·ot
    Pronunciation: \ˈbi-gət\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: FRENCH: hypocrite, bigot
    Date: 1660
    : a person who is or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices ; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance
    — big·ot·ed \-gə-təd\ adjective
    — big·ot·ed·ly adverb

    Well that pretty much sums it up!!

  3. I bet Kyle or Joyce does not loss any sleep over Carlton not liking them. As for her and Brandi to sleazy B*****s are just a like and can poll dance for each other and show each other their vj’s and tong kiss all they want. Maybe Yolanda will want to watch since Brandi can do no wrong in her eyes, and Lisa and Ken must have got enough of Brandi’s sugar or maybe she was just a prick teaser lol.
    Back to nasty Carlton I bet if Kyle or Joyce never saw her again they would not care. But than again Kyle acts like everyone on earth has to like her,,so I will have to wait and see if Kyle tries the dark side.

  4. Carlton I’m quite certain your MIL can’t stand you but tolerates you bc of her son which btw looks like a doofus. Kyle by far has a good healthy loving family, you in the other hand is boinking the nanny and quite frankly, your son is way too grown to have a nanny, you’re a liar and a vicious blackhearted witch.

    Team Kyle & her family.

  5. once again Carlton shows just how shallow she is…on one hand she is calling Kyle and Joyce “morons and ignorant”…then in this last episode her own daughters wanted to kill the spiders…teach your own children your religious beliefs so they are not so “ignorant” of your save the bugs stand….I gave it one last chance to watch your segment “boring”…I will begin again to fast-forward your segment…..

  6. Brandi is so immature. If she has some problems or depression of some sort inher life then she should tackle / handle like any grown mother/ decent lady would/ should. It doesn’t mean, she can go on rampage and snap on friends or anybody on general. Funny part is that Yolanda and Lisa making excuses for Brandi’s actions . They both sound so ridiculous and stupid by doing so. Carlton is another basket case. God knows what planet she lives on. What civilization she belongs to…… She thinks she is above all. She is nothing but just mere RICH UGLY WITCH moraless junky. Yolanda do not follow what she preaches. She also thinks her shit don’t stink. She’s been through couple of marriages so she needs to shut up.. She has no room to preach. She should teach herself first. Money do not give you wisdom. So Yolanda should keep her wisdom in her fake ugly wide mouth. Peace

  7. I’m not one to leave comments, but I’ve had enough of Carlton, she’s so boring that I fast forward every one of her segments. She’s a freak. I honestly don’t have a problem with anyone else, women will be women, any catty behavior always stems from insecurity.

  8. Yeaaah, because we all call our good girlfriends “cunt” right? So by those standards, why isn’t Carlton calling Brandi a “cunt” back? If its said from the heart, its all good right? Or is Carlton actually faking her friendship with her since the beginning? It has to be one or the other right? uuUuuggghhh!

    1. It’s sad to me Morgan that Brandi and Carlton are your role models on the show and your choice of entertainment. 🙁

  9. Carlton is too over the top, even for the RH franchise. She needs to be gone before the next season starts. She is disgusting enough alone, but when you throw Brandi into the mix, I have to FF through all of that crap.

    As far as her calling Kyle a moron…you know who would never say show so little class as to say something like that about another cast member? Kyle.

  10. Carlton was being a BITCH to Kyle at the men’s recent birthday party well before Kyle made the mistake of referring to Carlton’s latest tattoo as the Star of David. Now Carlton wants to pretend that Kyle is racist for sarcastically saying that Carlton is an anti-Semite. It was obviously sarcasm on Kyle’s part, after many heated comments had already been spoken. Kyle tried to avoid the “fight” by saying it was her husban’ds (& Ken’s) birthday party, but Carlton was determined to fight about….what??? Then Carlton tried to make that sarcastic anti-Semite comment the focus of their fight when Carlton had started it the minute she started speaking to Kyle about ridiculous “feelings”…I believe that Kyle has been talking about me behind my back…?? Really, Carlton? You act as if you are so above the cattiness, and you are the cause of much of it. Belive it or not, not EVERYONE IN THE WORLD has a clue about wickin

  11. I never did understand why all the girls didn’t shut Brandy up when she wouldn’t leave Joyce alone at her own pool party at the Palm Springs get away. Yolanda saying over and over “it is your party, get in the pool” What the F do they care? Joyce said 5 times she was enjoying not swimming, even if it was to keep her hair dry as Yo suggested in her interview. Joyce was just loving being in the Sun and relaxing. I was disappointed when they all just let that shit go on. Then for Caltoo to jump on while the as usual, the ugly drunk BG acts like the witch she is toward everyone. At the dinner all of them making Joyce and Kyle as uncomfortable as possible. And Kim as usual allowing everyone to be cruel to Kyle. Only when Lisa got in it, then she gets angry. After watching the seasons, if I was Kyle I would leave her out of my life. She could have a perfectly fine relationship with her nieces and nephew. I have done it. If anyone in the world knows why, it is the kids, having to be the target of Kim’s mean streak all their lives. Carlton and Brandy make the perfect team, 3somes, nannies for when they get falling down drunk, another thing that smacks of hypocrisy with her attitude of anyone else who ever had an affair while married, it’s all good, just keep it off housewives.

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