Carlton Gebbia Believes Joyce Acted Self-Righteous, Discusses Her Tattoos


Carlton Gebbia is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Carlton could not believe Joyce Giraud’s behavior at SUR, she says her behavior was self-righteoius. Calton also discusses her tattoos and why she was able to get along with Kyle Richards for one night.

Carlton writes, “So the tail end of the SUR dinner was sad to see Brandi so distressed after having to deal with the tag team of Joyce and her husband both going at her simultaneously. I think there’s a word for that. But I will say that Yolanda handled it in such an admirable way getting Brandi out of a potentially uglier situation.

This was also quite amusing and revealing. Joyce’s self-righteous talking head, “If god could forgive what humanity did to his son who am I not to forgive Brandi for being such a stupid little bitch!” You are off your sanctimonious rocker lady. Did you just compare yourself to God? Talk about delusions of grandeur!

And thank god I wasn’t there I would much rather be with my magiclal family. I honestly have the best time with my children. They are so healing. Our children are funny and kind of heart and soul. They are my life. We are a very close family. We always have been and as wild or inappropriate as some may think I am. My children are proof that you can be both. They are grounded, polite, and soulful. I refuse to lose my spirit just because some don’t agree with my language or whatever. I live for myself and my family and no one else’s negative opinion of me will effect or will change me.

Oooh golf looked fun. . .I’d probably play in platforms too.

Dan Sartor is a talented tattoo artist and an artist who we have known for years. David and I both decided to get tattoos to celebrate the birth of our son Cross, we already have tattoos with our girls’ names.

For a gift last year David had a surprise pentagram necklace made for me by “King Baby” with our children’s names engraved on it. Sometimes with silver jewelry it has no substance to it, it’s flimsy, but ‘King Baby’ jewelry has some real weight. It’s a solid gorgeous piece of jewelry. Dan loosely based his design around it. Yes, I know some may have an aversion to tattoos — but again not really doing it for them now. Mine are all very symbolic and they make me happy.

I wanted a pentagram with my children’s names around it. A pentagram is a five-pointed star which represents the elements — Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit being the goddess Mother Earth the top point. For me having this on my body sort of serves as a protective talisman deflecting negative energy and protecting my family.

Dan said if my girls wrote their names he could transfer their handwriting onto my tattoo. I was so excited to hear that. I couldn’t imagine anything better than that! My babies with their permanent personally handwritten names on me forever! I f—ing love it. They were so excited to do it too. I’m not sure if I will get anymore, but one thing I have learned recently is never say never.

David’s tattoo came out amazing too. He got a gorgeous cross on his right forearm with the names of his son, daughters, and me. It is so sexy on him.

I adore Lisa, but I do agree with Ken regarding Joyce’s husband staying out of it. It definitely didn’t look like Joyce needed back up — she certainly wasn’t at a loss for words. No man should be getting in two woman having a verbal argument.

Kyle’s event at her shop benefiting the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is an amazing charity. I think anytime a person can afford and is in a position to donate to a charity makes such a difference. And if it can’t be financial, then a donation of time is of equal importance to that charity too.

So yes, Kyle and I haven’t seen eye-to-eye recently which she is very aware of. But my husband and I were there in support of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and of course I’m going to be bloody cordial. It’s absurd to think otherwise. It’s not about her and I at that moment — it’s about a charity with children with real issues.

It was great seeing Brandi with Etrisa and Adrienne, her gorgeous long time model friends. I wonder if Joyce noticed anything striking about beautiful Etrisa. Seeing Adrienne and Etrisa and Brandi do their thing was like watching mercury. When a model is in her zone, she is so fluid and so graceful. It’s beautiful to watch. When I was younger I was obsessed with Thierry Mugler and would watch his fashion shows, which were mesmerizing. His models had this air about them — certainly not unhappy or mean, just in control.

Definitely the sweetest moment of the night for me though was watching Kyle’s beautiful daughters Sophia and Alexia be part of this affair. They were wonderful. It was so endearing to watch and it made me think of our gorgeous girls, knowing Destiny would have wanted to be right up there.

Yes! Next week is my pole dancing class with girlfriends and tequila. In my opinion they do mix. Isn’t it about time I let my hair down and had fun!?!”

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  • getreal

    Don’t you just love it when a HW is so one-sided and myopic in their blog? Carlton (and Brandi for that matter) conveniently neglects to mention how Brandi was the instigator in that ugly scene at the restaurant, yet somehow, Carlton is offended that Joyce and her husband fought back. How dare they?!? Isn’t Brandi always saying to “bring it”? Yet when they do, she cries and plays victim. Sorry Carlton, your interpretation of events might as well have come out of your ass. I’m glad, however, that she mentioned other peoples’ “negative opinion” of her — at least she realizes that she is generally disliked not just by a few fellow castmates, but by a large portion of the audience as well. It might do her some good to do some soul searching as to why that would be.

    • Frances

      I totally agree with “getreal”. Tired of Carlton already. All she does is suck up to Brandi and hate on the other women. If I have to see her one more time say how “hot” Brandi is, I am going to barf. She is a wreck. No hotness involved! Carlton needs to go. Cannot stand her! Bad choice And Cohen. She is too bitchy and weird for this series.

  • yaya

    I too agree 100% with Getreal. I co-sign!

    I couldn’t fully finish reading this chicks’ blog above, I feel like falling asleep everytime I attempt to read her blogs! Seriously! Bravo, for the love of God, please send this worn-out-leather-looking-shoe of a woman PACKING! She’s USELESS! Bravo, spare us!!

  • SoniRay

    Could not have said it better myself Getreal. I also loved Joyce’s husband for sticking up for his wife. It was completely appropriate. Interesting how Brandi is doing the same thing to Joyce that was done to her when she was being targeted by the likes of Kyle, Kim and others a while ago. What an utter disappointment. I’m enjoying her about as much as Faye ‘Arsenic’ and her compatriot Ms Malouf…..NOT!!

  • Cin

    Bad choice Andy…. She could have been a interesting add to the show…. but – didn’t happen.

  • Cathy

    I totally agree w/all these previous posted comments initiated by get real and finished by Cin. This is one of the poorest choices Bravo has made to date. Its not about any story lines, drama, money, etc. This woman is uncomfortable to watch and a total turn off. The “energy” she brings is so negative and she uses it as some platform to promote her foul mouth, wicca religion and sex!!!! I’m so tired of her jumping down Kyle’s throat over her religion and so damn defensive about being asked about it and tatoos. I loved Joyce’s response to her the other day. No spell casts by carlton, by a witch carlton is offended to be called, but totally gets into, can be stronger than Joyce’s Higher GOD, my GOD!!!!!!!!! Kyle needs to battle carlton on the same grounds. Judaism, Catholic, Christians and Islam believes in GOD. The show is not a platform for religion and politics. Its suppose to be about rich ladies, mothers, wives and their daily lives, drama and struggles. The cat fights get a little ugly sometimes, but the ridiculous and offensive from carlton, is nausiating. Not because she believes in wicca, but how she is on the whole. A very offensive woman. No pedistool to fall off on this one!!! F this, F that, FFFFFFFFFF is all she bloody has!!!