Can Teresa Giudice Forgive Jacqueline Laurita?


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is reacting to what happened in Vermont and the explosive fight that led to her former friend, Jacqueline Laurita, calling her a criminal.

“She’s just not the Jacqueline that I know. The Jacqueline I know didn’t act that way,” Teresa told the Daily Dish. “I heard of her acting that way, I’ve never seen that side of her. And now I did and she looks like a stranger to me. It’s not somebody that I want to be around. I really don’t. I have a lot going on and I want to stay away from negative people that don’t want good for me. Why would I want to be around someone like that?”

During the episode Melissa explained that she believed Jac was jealous of her relationship with Teresa. Does Teresa agree? “Yeah, sort of, yes. I mean, I can get more into it, but yes [I agree],” Teresa said on Watch What Happens Live about that point from her sister-in-law. “Jacqueline wanted Melissa to take her side and when she didn’t, that’s when it all backfired. Like, before I came home.”

So, does Teresa think she can ever repair the damage that’s been done to her relationship with Jac? “I guess time will tell. Right now she’s not someone I want to be around. You don’t treat people that way you really don’t.” She added that she’s also waiting to see how becoming a grandma might change Jacqueline. “I guess time will tell.”

Giudice also added that Jacqueline has a lot of explaining to do when the ladies sit down this week to film the reunion. “Hello? Did you watch tonight’s episode? The grandma!” she said. “Watch the reunion and then you’ll see [what I have to say].”

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Jaqueline amped it up on the bus about Rosie and whats-her-name, and she wasn’t even THERE. It is truly none of her business. She can be close to them all without speaking ill of anyone. That is what adult, sober people do. Dorinda from NY has the propensity also to tell OTHERS how THEY FEEL, then assuming those feelings and reasons for things are a fact, react and go on as if that is the truth. Getting out the phone to call Kim D., about something from 4 years ago, is to start trouble, simple. I understand Chris backs his… Read more »

Well let’s see T.. Can your viewers forgive you for your not repaying millions to your creditors? Guess if they can do that you need to give it up, be humble and get the F over thinking your great. You pled ignorance to your dealings. And sorry… But that does not fly. Get the F over yourself and check into reality. Earn an honest living and spend within your means so you don’t have to file bankruptcy then your stupidly of being dishonest won’t get you locked up.

Amy. BAM! There’s the truth Ruth! Any questions?

Oh god get over that already i’m sure you’re really perfect and haven’t done anything wrong in your life

One thing I have NOT done and will NOT do is rack up millions of debt and not repay it then plead ignorance..

Teresa desperately wants everyone to forgive her of her past sins, but yet, She cannot genuinely forgive Jacqueline, Rosie,& Kathy of their past discretions against her.
What Teresa did to Jacqueline on this past episode was despicable.

Teresa is the queen of double standards,& holding onto grudges.

You nailed it

When did Tre ever want people to forgive her ?

I’m an honest person. I pay my bills and taxes and I live within my means. I’d like to bitch slap this chick for her ignorance. I seriously feel sorry for her kids. She most likely thinks every kid should get a ribbon.

Amy. Amen. She needs a good slap, & just maybe she will snap out of it.

I’m not team anyone, and I’d rather look at each circumstance as they come up but I’m getting tired of hearing about Jac’s punching Caroline in the face, as if that’s a pattern. On season one they talked about an incident with Caroline when CJ WAS BORN…how many years ago was that now?? I don’t know that Caroline said “punch” or slap and that’s never ok, but it keeps being brought up every season as if it were fresh during the NJ housewives, and as if it proves Jac’s will physically attack. Don’t get me wrong, Jac’s freak outs this… Read more »

Agreed. We can all look stunning with a glam squad.

You are right, I guess we all could with a glam squad, but I know I would need some serious spanx. lol.

Me also but don’t think think these women don’t wear them 🙂

Freedom girl. Neither am I. For anyone, especially “Namaste Teresa,” to keep putting that out there is beyond laughable. Remember table flip; Chasing Danielle thru a Country Club; Getting physical with Andy at the reunion. Ring a bell? There is a pattern of violence.

Hey, freedom. I think that got brought up because Jaq kept saying she felt “threatened” and then others repeated it. I believe some of it was a pronouncement that Jaq can defend herself, more than what she did. Jaqueline started yelling as soon as she sat down. She was aching for a fight, and she didn’t get the one she wanted, between Theresa and Melissa. I believe the two S-I-L are trying as hard as they can to leave the past in the past, where it belongs. They didn’t buy in at all, and for once I was proud of… Read more »

Wtf are these women so afraid of? Why do they let her treat others in such a poor manner?? Who is she and why are they afraid of this C?! Grow some serious balls girls. She is a crook and criminal and don’t let her treat you poorly.

I had to work 3 jobs to pay off medical bills so I didn’t have to file bankruptcy. My debt was from medical bills!! And I had insurance. no mercy for this stupid bitch.

Amy. Bless your heart. You gotta love what life/ God throws at us.
Hope that you are all well,& out of that nightmare.
Hang in there. 🙂

Thank you Plaid. Real people do what we have to do Instead of taking easy way out. I’d gladly be the first one In line to slap some sense into this silly bitch.

Tre did her time. Jac started the trouble tonite. She wanted Tre to her self she’s so jealous of Mellisa. I’m disappointed in the way Ziggy acted about the situation. I guess she’s closer to Kathy ,Rosey,& Jac. I’m team Teresa’s all the way.

Me too. I didn’t see her asking forgiveness form anyone, or telling anyone they should. She didn’t say she didn’t forgive Rosie, she said she needed to keep to herself. I was the one who said I forgave her. She owes me nothing. The debt to society, she paid. The money, she paid, and is paying. If there was this much racket for all the congressmen who are stealing from us, we might actually accomplish something.

Just watched the show again. ziggy is fed up with Jac also. So I’m not disappointed in her. Is that why they brought Ziggy on to repair they’re friendship. Jac and her daughter are boring.

Are you kidding me?????? Melissa and Theresa were completely wrong!!!!! Melissa lied about Jac didn’t warn her about the stripper rumores! And Theresa you need to stop this poor party! I don’t agree with a lot of the things says……but this time in Vermont Theresa and Melissa were 200% WRONG!

Nope, not kidding. Jaq brought up something from FOUR years ago. Maybe the Rx benzos made her forget that FOUR YEARS has past, years where Tre and Melissa are trying to repair their FAMILY. They are FAMILY. Jaq is a jealous over botoxed, over liposucked, over coddled bitch. She should worry about her own kids, and maybe not forget she has TWO sons. Jaq was the one screaming and pointing in Melissa’s face, Melissa and Theresa spoke in a normal tone one would expect from a group of adults in a restaurant, camera’s or not. Oh, I just realized something!!!… Read more »

Good point 3Ds . I almost. Always agree with what you say. What do you think of Kelly promoted to Boson. I think he’s doing a great job. I love to watch Below Deck.

Me too, you, Rusty. My brothers had a friend when I was little and his name, his REAL name, was Rusty Bolt! I kid you not, I wonder what his folks did that for? Anyway, I can’t figure how Theresa is supposed to pay back the money if she isn’t working. She works an honest job. Even before prison, she could never have worked a “regular” job. People would either have wanted a pic, or to bash her. She would never have been able to get her work done! I guess whatever her or her kids ever do, it will… Read more »

They brought Wacko Jacqo back to dredge up the past and cause conflict. So fucking annoying to watch!