Can Porsha Stewart & Kenya Moore Ever Be Friends? Their RHOA Feud!

Porsha Stewart

Porsha Stewart appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after Sunday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, and of course there was a lot of talk about her ongoing feud with co-star Kenya Moore. Especially after the two had a huge fight in Anguilla on the episode that just aired! On the WWHL After Show, a viewer asked Porsha if she thinks she could ever be friends with Kenya, and move past their differences?

Porsha replied that she would never rule out “agreeing to disagree,” with Kenya. Then she kind of giggled, and said that her mom always told her, “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

We just wonder what Kenya’s response to this question would be?

Here’s the video of their big fight in Anguilla!

Tell Us- Do you think Porsha and Kenya can ever be friends?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a question, it’s a comment. I want to defend Kenya on the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha was dead wrong. She has continuously disrespected Kenya’s title as Ms. USA. The first time she called her the wrong title was understandable, but it seems now that every chance she gets, she is focusing on the fact that Kenya’s accomplishment was years ago and Kenya is old. The bottom line is that even though Kenya is making a fool of herself looking desperate to get married and doing many things that are inappropriate and questionable, Kenya is better looking than Porsha and in just as good of shape even with the 10 year age difference. Porsha has been no innocent victim in their arguments. With the last argument, once Kenya said she didn’t want to discuss the issue, Porsha called her a nonfactor which started the argument. Porsha is living off of her husband and grandfather’s legacy just as Kenya stated and Kenya earned hers, and Porsha needs to take a backseat and respect her title. If Porsha wants to argue with Kenya, she needs to stop belittling her accomplishments because she earned them and deserves for them to be respected.

  • Kittey

    Soooo true. I’m not the biggest fan of Kenya’s but I’m glad you addressed the fact that Porsha started the argument by calling her a non-factor. She also took several digs. She did not just “recap” she was checking Kenya!

  • Porsha is not smart enough to be friends with Kenya